Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 502130


Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 502130

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Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 502130

Item number 17 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:

503184, 503779, LEYLAND 831438 FORD, C5NE9C559B , 502130-F

Fits the following pumps:

P4768-2, P4799-3, P4768-4, P4768-5, P4768-6, P4768-7, P4794, P4794-A, P4794-9, P4794-C, P4799, P4799-A, P4799-9, P4799-C, P4902, P4902-A, P4902-9, P4902-C, P4903, P4903-A, P4903-9, P4903-C, P4904, P4904-A, P4904-9, P4904-C, P4999, P4999-1, P4999-1A, P4999-19, P4999-1C, P4999-A, P4999-9, P4966-C, P4867, P4867-1, P4867-1A, P4867-1B, P4867-1C, P4867-A, P4867-B, P4867-C, P4868, P4868-1, P4868-1A, P4868-1B, P4868-1C, P4868-A, P4868-B, P4868-C, P4869, P4869-1, P4869-1A, P4869-1B, P4869-1C, P4869-A, P4869-B, P4869-C, P4870, P4870-1, P4870-1A, P4870-1B, P4870-1C, P4870-A, P4870-B, P4870-C, P5091, P4665-1, P4665-1A, P4666-1, P4753, P4753-1, P4753-2, P4753-3, P4754-1, P4754-2, P4758, P4758-1, P4758-1C, P4758-C, P4759, P4759-1, P4759-1C, P4759-C, P4760, P4760-1, P4760-1C, P4760-C, P4761, P4761-1, P4761-1C, P4761-C, P4762, P4762-1 , P4762-1C, P4762-C, P4777, P4790, P4872, P4872-A, P4872-B, P4872-C, P4873, P4873-A, P4875, P4876, P4877, P4878, P4879, P5022


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