Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 504660


Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 504660


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Delivery valve for Simms Minimec pumps 504660

Item number 17 in the exploded diagram

Please check yours looks exactly like the one pictured before ordering

Fits the following pumps:

P5106-1, P5164, P51G4-1, P51G4-1A, P51G4-1B, P5164-1C, P5164-A, P5164-B, P5164-C, P5172, P5172-1, P5172-A, P5172-B, P5172-C, P4662-4, P4662-5, P4801-4, P4801-5, P4824-3, P4824-4, P5000-2, P5000-3, P5014-2, P5014-3, P5066-1, P5066-2, P5075, P5075-1, P5075-2, P5075-3, P5084-2A, P5084-A, P5085-2B, P5085-B, P5085-C, P5127, P5127-1, P5127-2, P5128-1, P5128-2, P5128-3, Р5129, P5129-1, Р512Э-2, P5130-1, P5130-2, P5130-3, P51G2-1, P5168, P5168-1, P5184, P5184-A, P5184-B, P5184-C

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