Delivery valve holder joint for Simms Minimec pumps 503701


Delivery valve holder joint for Simms Minimec pumps


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Delivery valve joint holder for some Simms Minimec pumps

If you need the nylon seals we also stock these HERE

Item number 18 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:

FORD C7NN9C557A,  I.H.C. 3111306R1, PERKINS 26425085, FORD 703F9C557ABA, LEYLAND 831648

Fits the following pumps:

P4866-2, P4866-2A, P4866-2B, P4866-2C, P4866-3, P4866-3A, P4866-3B, P4866-3C, P4867-2, P4867-2A, P4867-2B, P4867-2C, P4867-3, P4867-3A, P4867-3B, P4867-3C, P4868-2, P4868-2A, P4868-2B, P4868-2C, P4868-3, P4868-3A, P4868-3B, P4868-3C, P4869-2, P4869-2A, P4869-2B, P4869-2C, P4869-3, P4869-3A, P4869-3B, P4869-3C, P4870-2, P4870-2A, P487D-2B, P4870-2C, P4870-3, P4870-3A, P4870-3B, P4870-3C, P4883-4A, P4883-4E, P4883-4F, P4883-5A, P4883-5E, P4883-5F, P4883-GE, P4883-6F, P4883-6J, P4883-7F, P5059-4, P5059-4A, P5059-4C, P5059-4D, P5059-4G, P5059-5, P5059-5A, P5059-5C, P5059-5D, P5059-5G, P5059-6, P5059-6A, P5059-6B, P5059-6C, P5059-6D, P5059-6G, P5061-1, P5062-2, P5062-3, P5062-4, P5067-4, P5067-4A, P5067-5, P5067-5A, P5067-6, P5067-6A, P5091-1, P5091-2, P5091-3, P5092-1, P5092-1A, P5092-2, P5092-2A, P5092-3, P5093-1, P5093-2, P5093-3, P5101, P5101-1, P5101-2, P5106-1, P5107, P5107-1, P5107-2, P5111-1, P5111-2, P5112-1, P5112-1A, P5112-1B, P5112-1C, P5124, P5124-1, P5124-1A, P5133-1, P5133-2, P5133-3, P5164, P5164-1, P5164-1A, P5164-1B, P5164-1C, P5164-A, P5164-B, P5164-C, P5172, P5172-1, P5172-1A, P5172-1B, P5172-1C, P5172-A, P5172-B, P5172-C, P5176, P5201, P5201-1, P5201-1W, P5206, P5218, P5218-1, P5218-2, P5219, P5221, P5221-A, P5221-B, P5221-C, P5221-D, P5221-E, P5221-F, P5222, P5222-A, P5222-B, P5222-C, P5222-D, P5222-E, P5222-F, P5230, P5278, P5283, P5283-A, P5328-2, P461Q-3D, P4610-3E, P4610-3F, P4610-3G, P4610-3H, P4621-4, P4621-4A, P4624-5, P4624-5A, P4624-6, P4624-6A, P4624-7A, P4658-3, P4658-4, P4658-4A, P4658-5, P4658-5A, P4662-4, P4665-2, P4665-3, P4665-3A, P4665-3B, P4665-4, P4665-4A, P46654B, P4709-2, P4709-2A, P4709-3, P4710-2, P4710-2A, P4710-3, P4748-2, P4748-2A, P4748-2D, P4748-2E, P4748-2F, P4748-2G, P4748-2H, P4777-1, P4784-1, P4784-2, P4784-2A, P4784-3, P4784-3A, P4784-4, P4784-4A, P4801-3, P4801-4, P4801-5, P4824-2, P4824-3, P4824-4, P4857-1, P4857-2, P4859-1, P4859-2, P4862-1, P4862-2, P4862-3, P4875-1, P4875-1A, P4875-1B, P4875-1C, P4875-1D, P4875-1E, P4876-1, P4876-1A, P4876-1B, P4876-1C, P4876-1D, P4876-1E, P4877-1, P4877-1A, P4877-1B, P4877-1C, P4877-1D, P4877-1E, P4878-1, P4878-1A, P4878-1B, P4878-1C, P4878-1D, P4878-1E, P4879-1, P4879-1A, P4879-1B, P4879-1C, P4879-1D, P4879-1E, P5000-1, P5000-2, P5000-3, P5009-1, P5009-2, P5009-3, P5009-4, P5011-1, P5011-2, P5014-1, P5014-2, P5014-3, P5024-1, P5024-1A, P5024-2, P5024-2A, P5024-3, P5024-3A, P5052, P5052-1, P5052-1B, P5052-1C, P5052-2, P5052-2B, P5052-2C, P5052-B, P5052-C, P5053-1B, P5053-1C, P5053-2, P5053-2B, P5053-2C, P5053-B, P5053-C, P5054-1B, P5054-1C, P5054-2, P5054-2B, P5054-2C, P5054-B, P5054-C, P5066-1, P5066-2, P5074-1, P5074-2, P5075, P5075-1, P5075-2, P5075-3, P5080-2A, P5084-1A, P5084-2A, P5084-2B, P5084-3A, P5084-3B, P5084-A, P5085-1B, P5085-1C, P5085-2B, P5085-2C, P5085-3B, P5085-3C, P5085-4C, P5085-B, P5085-C, P5086, P5086-1, P5086-2, P5086-3, P5087, P5087-1, P5087-2, P5088, P5088-1, P5088-1A, P5088-2, P5088-2A, P5088-A, P5089, P5089-1, P5089-2, P5089-3, P5096, P5096-1, P5096-1A, P5096-A, P5100, P5100-1, P5100-2, P5102-1, P5102-2, P5102-3, P5110, P5110-1, P5113-A, P5114-A, P5117-1A, P5117-A, P5119-A, P5123, P5127, P5127-1, P5127-2, P5128, P5128-1, P5128-2, P5128-3, P5129, P5129-1, P5129-2, P5130, P5130-1, P5130-2, P5130-3, P5134, P5134-2, P5134-2A, P5134-2B, P5134-2C, P5134-A, P5134-B, P5134-C, P5138, P5138-1E, P5138-A, P5138-B, P5138-C, P5139-A, P5139-B, P5139-E, P5142-A, P5142-CA, P5142-G, P5144, P5144-1, P 5144-2, P5147, P5147-1, P5147-2, P5149, P5153, P5154, P5160, P5161, P5162, P5162-1, P5165, P5165-2, P5167, P5168, P5168-1, P5169, P5169-1, P5169-1A, P5169-2, P5169-2A, P5169-A, P5177, P5177-1, P5178-1B, P5178-1C, P5178-3B, P5178-3C, P5178-4B, P5178-4C, P5179-1, P5179-2, P5179-3, P5184, P5184-A, P5184-B, P5184-C, P5185, P5186, P5188, P5188-A, P5189-1A, P5190-1A, P5194, P5194-1, P5194-2, P5195-1, P5195-2, P5204, P5205, P5211, P5212, P5213, P5213-A, P5213-B, P5213-C, P5226, P5461

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