Lift pump repair kit BD17


Diaphragm and repair kit for lift pump type MD,YD,YJ

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Diaphragm and repair kit for AC lift pumps

Please check your diaphragm looks exactly like the image before purchase. The diaphragm is also available separately HERE

Fits the following:

Feed pump type MD,YD,YJ

465/26 7950812

Albion CH-3A; CH-3B; CH-7TR; CL-3A; CL5A; NS3A; VT15A; VT-17BL; VT-19A; VT-19B; with AC Pump 1960-70

Albion Trucks Nimbus H1; H2; H4; H5 EN250; with AC Pump

Albion Trucks Chieftan EN335 with AC Pump 1963-65

Allis Chalmers Tractors ED40; with 4 Cyl Diesel with AC Pump 1960-68

Austin A30; A35; with AC Pump 1955-63

Austin A40 Farina; Sprite; Countryman with AC Pump 1958-67

Austin Healey Sprite Mk I; Mk II; A Series with AC Pump 1958-63

Bedford HAE; HAV; 1.1L; 1.2L with AC Pump 1964-67

Bedford CF Diesel with Ac Pump 1970-75

Bedford TD; TJ; TK; 200, 220 C.I. engine with AC Pump 1957-66

Citroen 2CV with English AC Pump 1956-59

Bramley Cut-off Saw Goss Pump

Brobo Cut-off Saw Goss Pump

Brouwer Cut-off Saw Goss Pump

Chamberlain Tractors 236 Mk III Series10 wiyth 4 Cyl Perkins Engine with AC Pump 5 hole Diaphragm

Commer Cob Van 1956-58

Coventry Climax Engines ASM 1945-53 FSM; CSM; Z; 1940-53

Coventry Climax Engines FWE 1956-62

Coventry Climax Engines FWMB 1961

Coventry Climax 750cc FWMF engines

David Brown Model 2D with AC type YD pump

David Brown Aircraft Tow Unit 301C; 301D; Taskmaster; 1952-56

Ford Anglia; Prefect; Escort; Squire; with AC type YD pump 1956-59

Ford Anglia 105E; 1960-61

Ford 5 Cwt Van 1932-41 with Goss Pump

Ford 300E with AC Pump 1954-64

Ford 7 Cwt Van 1955-60

Ford 10 Cwt Van 1938-40 with Goss Pump

Ford 100E Prefect 1953-59 with AC Pump

Ford eight 7Y 1937-38 with Goss Pump

Ford Popular 100E 1959-62 with AC Pump

Ford Prefect 100E 1939-41 with Goss Pump

Fordson Tractor Dexta Diesel ; New Major 4 Cyl. 3.6L with AC Pump

Ford Thames 500E 4 and 6 Cyl. with AC Pump 1957-62

Hillman Husky Series I 1.3L 1955-57

Hillman Imp GT Series I; II; III; 900cc. with AC Pump 1963-69

Hillman Minx Mk IV; V; VI; VII; VIII; inc. Californian; Special and Estate 1949-56 with AC Pump

International Tractors A414; B250; B414; 354; 374; 384; 434; 444; Perkins Diesel with AC Pump 1958-68

International Engines Diesel BC144; BC264 Petrol; BD144; BD154; BD281 with AC Pump

John Deere Tractors 303; 305; 4 Cyl. 1960 On

Karrier Bantam Mk IV; FAD; light Diesel with AC Pump 1959-700

Leyland Commercial Most Applications

Leyland Mini A Series 1, 1.1, 1.3L with Goss Pump 1973-78

Leyland Trucks Petrol FG; WF; 2.2, 4L 1971 on

Leyland Vans 20 Cwt. 4 Cyl. with AC Pump 1963-70

Lister Engines 2 and 3 Cyl. with AC Pump 1957 on

Lotus Elite Series I FWE Engine with AC Pump 1959-62

Lotus Seven Mk 7 with Ford SV Engine with AC Pump; with BMC A Series Engine with AC Pump

Lotus with Coventry Climax 1216cc. engine; 1963-64

Massey Ferguson Tractor Various TF20; MF35; MF135; MF148; MF230; MF240; MF254; MF353; 3cyl & 4cyl. with AC Pumps. includes those with Perkins engines

MG Midget Mk I 1960-63

Morgan 4-4 Series I; Series II; Series III with Standard and Ford SV and OHV engines with AC Pumps

Morris All with 5 hole Diaphragm and caged valves

Morris 850; 1100; 1959-69 with Goss Pump

Mini Clubman 1971-73 with Goss Pump

Mini DeLuxe 1965-67 with Goss G195 Pump

Mini Moke; with Goss pump

New Holland with Wisconsin TFD engine

Perkins Diesel Engines with 5 Hole Diaphragm Pumps; Type YD; YJ.

Petter Engines 1 Cyl. with AC Pumps 1967-86

Renault 4CV R1062, 750cc. R1060 760cc. 1947-61

Renault 750; 760; Dauphine; with English pumps; 1956-62

Renault Caravelle R1131; R1133; English pump; 1963-67

Renault Dauphine and Gordini R1090; R1091; English pump; 1957-62

Renault Floride R1092; R1131; R1133; English pump; 1960-62

Renault R4; English pump; 1962-67

Renault R8; R8 1100; 1100 Gordini with SEV Pump 1963-66

Simms (several models)

Singer 9 and 10 HP 1946-53 NOTE: Some of these Singers used an AC 1524285 ā€˜Yā€™ type pump with different valves

Standard 8; 10HP; 4 Cyl. SV. 1.0; 1.3L with Goss Pump 1938-48

Standard 8 and 10 HP 1954-62

Standard Pony 1963-70

Sunbeam most applications

Toyota Corolla, Sprinter wiyth Goss Pump 1967-70

Triumph Herald 1.0L; 1.1L; 1.3L with AC Pump 1959-71

Triumph Mayflower 1.2L with AC Pump 1950-53

Vauxhall Viva HA 1963-67

Vauxhall Wyvern 1.4L with AC Pump 1949-53

Villiers 270cc & 415cc engines; 1962-65

Volvo 120 Series 122; 122S; 123GT 4 Cyl. B18A; B18B; B20 Engines with AC Pump 1965-70

Volvo 142; 144; 145; with AC Pump 1967-74

Volvo P1800S 1964-70

Volvo Marine Penta MD17C Diesel with AC Pump

Wisconsin Engines TE; TEM; TF; TFD; TFM; TFT; TH; THD

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