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Lift pump repair kit for Amal Gardner L2, L3, L3B, LW, LX, LXB


Complete repair kit for the Amal 120 type lift pump


Complete rebuild kit for the Amal 120 type lift pump.

Includes the following:

1x Diaphragm Set – 3120-129
1x Gasket Lift Pump to Cambox – MA210
1x Valve Seat – 120-124
1x Inlet Valve Disc – 136-024
1x Valve Seat Spring – 120-286.
1x Rubber Washer for Filter Cup – 120-025
1x Split Pin for Fulcrum Pin – 140-012
1x Fulcrum Pin – 140-010
1x Steel Ball – 120-023
2x Inlet Valve Washers – 120-036
1x Washer D-Valve Cage – 136-036
1x Large Washer for Inlet Banjo – 120-035

Fits the following applications:

Gardner L2, L3, L3B, LW, LK, LX & LXB



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