Lift pump Yanmar 129301-52020


Low pressure mechanical lift pump which feeds diesel from the fuel tank to the injection pump.

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Lift pump Yanmar 129301-52020. This is a good quality non genuine part.

Inlet: M8 x 1.25
Outlet: M8 x 1.25

Fits the following engines:

Komatsu 3D75 3D84

Yanmar 2GM20, 2GM20VE, 2GM20B, 2GM20C, 2GM20F , 2GM20FVE, 2GM20-YEU, 2GM20C-YEU, 2GM20F-YEU, 2GM20FC-YEU, 3GM30, 3GM30VE, 3GM30B, 3GM30C, 3GM30F, 3GM30-YEU, 3GM30C-YEU, 3GM30F-YEU, 3GM30FC-YEU, 3HM35, 3HM35C, 3HM35F

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