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Lucas CAV DP200 non return fuel return drain connection 7139-854M


Lucas DP200 long drain connection with non return valve

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This is a drain connection non return valve fitted to some DP200 pumps 7139-854M

Item 634 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A001T, 8920A002T, 8920A003T, 8920A004T, 8920A004Y, 8920A005T, 8920A005Y1, 8920A006T, 8920A006Y, 8920A007T, 8920A00SG, 8920A009G, 8920A01OT, 8920A012T, 8820A013T, 8820A014T, 8820A015T, 8820A016G, 8820A016T, 8820A017G, 8820A018G, 8820A021T, 8820A022T, 8820A023T, 8820A024T, 8820A025T, 8820A026G, 8820A027G, 8820A028G, 8820A030T, 8820A032T, 8820A033T, 8820A033Y1, 8920A034T, 8920A034Y, 8920A035T, 8920A035Y, 8920A036G, 8920A036T, 8920A037G, 8920A041P, 8920A042P, 8920A043P, 8920A044P, 8920A045P, 8920A046H, 8920A050P, 8920A051P, 8920A052P, 8920A053P, 8920A054P, 8920A055H, 8920A056H, 8920A060T, 8920A061T, 8920A062T, 8920A063T, 8920A064G, 8920A065G, 8920A130T, 8920A131T, 8920A132T, 8920A133T, 8920A134G, 8920A134T, 8920A135G, 8920A140T, 8920A150T, 8920A240T, 8920A520T, 8920A521S, 8920A521T, 8920A522S, 8921A010W, 8921A240W, 8921A241W, 8921A242W, 8921A243W, 8921A244W, 8921A250P, 8921A251P, 8921A252P, 8921A760P, 8922A000T, 8922A000Y, 8922A001T, 8922A001Y, 8922A002T, 8922A002Y, 8922A003T, 8922A003Y, 8922A004T, 8922A004Y, 8922A005G, 8922A005T, 8922A006G, 8922A060T, 8922A061T, 8922A062T, 8922A063T, 8922A064T, 8922A065T, 8922A066T, 8922A067T, 8922A068T, 8922A069T, 8922A071T, 8922A072T, 8922A073T, 8922A074T, 8922A075T, 8922A076T, 8922A391T, 8922A410W, 8923A480TY1, 8923A481Y, 8923A482Y, 8923A483Y, 8923A490Y, 8923A491Y, 8923A492Y, 8923A731G, 8923A741G, 8925A140G, 8925A141G, 8925A144G, 8925A145H, 8925A250G, 8925A252G, 8925A253G, 8925A260G, 8925A261G, 8925A262G, 8925A263G, 9322A000G, 9322A001G, 9322A003G, 8561A020G, 8561A020T

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