Lucas CAV DPA and DPS governor spring 7123-898L


Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps

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Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps. 7123-898L This is a genuine OEM Delphi part

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3220000, 3220F000, 3240F097, 3241F780, 3243840, 3243F840, 3249180, 3249F180, 3263810, 3263F810, 3268030, 3268F030, 3268F690, 3282030, 3282F030, 3342F010, 3342F300, 3342F670, 3342F700, 3343F300, 3343F370, 3343F371, 3343F390, 3343F391, 3343F520, 3343F521, 3343F820, 3348F120, 3348F130, 3348F140, 3348F240, 3348F260, 3348F2G1, 3348F330, 3348F331, 3348F400, 3349F180T, 3349F181T, 3363F440, 3363F510, 3363F590, 3363F760, 3363F761, 3363F840, 3363F841, 3363F841E, 3363F841G, 3363F850, 3363F851, 3363F851G, 3363F910, 3363F911, 3369F200H, 3369F200P, 3369F270G, 3369F270T, 3369F280G, 3369F280H, 3369F280P, 3369F280T, 3369F290G, 3369F290T, 3369F360E, 3432430, 3432440, 3432460, 3432470, 3432480, 3432490, 3432500, 3432510, 3432520, 3432560, 3432570, 3432580, 3432590, 3432600, 3432630, 3432660, 3432F430, 3432F440, 3432F460, 3432F470, 3432F480, 3432F490, 3432F500, 3432F510, 3432F520, 3432F560, 3432F570, 3432F580, 3432F590, 3432F600, 3432F630, 3432F660, 3432F780, 3442020, 3442120, 3442121, 3442122, 3442990, 3442F020, 3442F120, 3442F121, 3442F122, 3443030, 3443140, 3443150, 3443160, 3443170, 3443180, 3443190, 3443270, 3443290, 3443300, 3443310, 3443330, 3443340, 3443350, 3443520, 3443F030, 3443F140, 3443F140A, 3443F150, 3443F150A, 3443F160, 3443F160A, 3443F170, 3443F180, 3443F190, 3443F270, 3443F290, 3443F300, 3443F310, 3443F330, 3443F340, 3443F350, 3443F520, 3443F680, 3443F710, 3443F910, 3448F220, 3462030, 3462031Z, 3462090, 3462F030, 3462F031Z, 3462F090, 3462F092, 3532F060, 3662F120, 3662F340, 3662F341, 3662F342, 3662F750, 3663F090G, 3663F090T, 3942F690, 3942F691, 3942F720, 3942F730, 3942F860, 3942F861, 3942F870, 3942F871, 3942F880, 3942F881, 3942F930, 3942F931, 3942F932, 3942F933, 3942F940, 3942F941, 3942F942, 3942F943, 3942F960, 3942F961, 3942F970, 3943F020N, 3943F030N, 3943F040N, 3943F041N, 3943F060N, 3943F080N, 3943F081N, 3943F100N, 3943F130N, 3943F140N, 8861A050, 8861A080, 8861A280W, C3432F480, C3443F140, C3443F150, C3443F680, C3443F910, C3448F220, R3432F430, R3432F490, R3432F500, R3432F580, R3442F990, R3443140-MODA, R344315Q-MODA, R3443160-MODA, R3443170-MODA, R3443180-MODA, R3443190-MODA, V3343F520

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8521A030A, 8521A535A, 8521A536A, 8521A550A, 8521A730A, 8521A731 A, 8521A732H, 8521A935A, 8521A936A, 8524A420T


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