Lucas CAV DPA and DPS governor spring 7123-898Z


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps

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Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps. 7123-898Z

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3042F060, 3042F061, 3042F062, 3042F100, 3042F101, 3042F102, 3042F103, 3042F104, 3042F105, 3042F180, 3042F181, 3042F181P, 3042F18IR, 3042F182, 3042F183, 3042F184, 3042F280, 3042F281, 3042F330, 3042F331, 3042F332, 3042F333, 3042F334, 3042F335, 3042F760, 3042F810, 3042F811, 3042F812, 3062F100, 3062F101, 3062F102, 3062F103, 3062F270, 3062F270P, 3239F060, 3239F061, 3239F070, 3239F071, 3240638, 3240938, 3240968, 3240998, 3240F638, 3240F938, 3240F968, 3240F969, 3240F998, 3241030, 3241040, 3241F030, 3241F031, 3241F040, 3241F150, 3241F430, 3241F750, 3241F820, 3241F900, 3248000, 3248110A, 3248F000, 3248F110, 3249420, 3249F420, 3269F010, 3269F011, 3269F020, 3269F190, 3269F191, 3269F192 3269F280 3269F281 3269F282 3269F380 3269F381 3269F420 3269F421 3269F460 3269F461 3342F240 3342F441 3343F490 3343F491 3343F500 3343F870 3343F871 3343F880 3348F270 3348F271 3348F280 3348F281 3348F290 3348F291 3348F300 3348F301 3348F320 3348F321 3348F340 3348F341 3348F360 3348F380 3348F381 3348F382 3348F390, 3348F520, 3348F570, 3348F571, 3348F651, 3348F980X, 3348F981X, 3348F982X, 3348F991X, 3348F992X, 3348F993W, 3348F994W, 3349F010, 3349F011, 3349F020, 3349F021, 3349F030, 3349F031, 3349F040, 3349F041, 3349F050, 3349F051, 3349F060, 3349F061, 3349F070, 3349F080X, 3349F081X, 3349F082X, 3349F083W, 3349F083X, 3349F084W, 3349F090X, 3349F091X, 3349F092W, 3349F092X, 3349F093W, 3349F100X, 3349F101X, 3349F102W, 3349F102X, 3349F103W1, 3349F130X, 3349F131X, 3349F140X, 3349F141W, 3349F141X, 3349F142W, 3363F530, 3363F531, 3363F610, 3363F611, 3363F612, 3363F620, 3363F621, 3363F622, 3363F690, 3363F691, 3363F692, 3363F770, 3363F820, 3363F821, 3363F821G, 3369F000, 3369F001, 3369F002, 3369F010, 3369F011, 3369F020, 3369F021, 3369F030, 3369F031, 3369F040, 3369F041, 3369F050, 3369F141, 3369F160, 3369F161, 3432530, 3432620, 3432640, 3432650, 3432F530, 3432F620, 3432F640, 3432F650, 3432F690, 3432F700, 3432F710, 3432F720, 3432F730, 3432F740, 3432F750, 3432F760, 3432F790, 3432F800, 3432F810, 3432F820, 3432F830, 3432F860, 3432F870, 3432F880, 3432F890, 3432F900, 3432F910, 3432F940, 3432F960, 3432F970, 3433F010, 3439F010, 3439F020, 3439F030, 3439F040, 3439F050, 3440120, 3440F120, 3443280, 3443510, 3443570, 3443F280, 3443F510, 3443F570, 3443F630, 3443F640, 3443F650, 3443F690, 3443F700, 3443F950, 3443F960, 3443F970, 3443F980, 3443F990, 3448F010, 3448F020, 3448F040, 3448F050, 3448F070, 3448F080, 3448F090, 3448F100, 3448F110, 3448F140, 3448F160, 3448F180, 3448F230, 3448F260, 3448F270, 3448F280, 3448F310, 3448F390, 3449F020, 3449F030, 3449F040, 3449F050, 3449F060, 3449F070, 3482240, 3482280, 3462270, 3462280, 3462300, 3462320, 3462330, 3462340, 3462350, 3462370, 3462380, 3462380, 3462400, 3462410, 3462420, 3462430, 3462440, 3462450, 3462460, 3462470, 3462480, 3462480, 3462510, 3462520, 3462530, 3462540, 3462550, 3462560, 3462570, 3462F240, 3462F260, 3462F270, 3462F280, 3462F300, 3462F320, 3462F330, 3462F340, 3462F350, 3462F370, 3462F380, 3462F380, 3462F400, 3462F410, 3462F420, 3462F430, 3462F440, 3462F450, 3462F460, 3462F470, 3462F480, 3462F480, 3462F510, 3462F520, 3462F530, 3462F540, 3462F550, 3462F560, 3462F570, 3462F580, 3462F610, 3462F630, 3462F640, 3462F650, 3462F660, 3462F670, 3462F680, 3462F680, 3462F730, 3462F770, 3462F780, 3462F810, 3462F820, 3462F830, 3462F840, 3462F850, 3462F860, 3462F870, 3462F880, 3462F880, 3462F800, 3462F810, 3462F820, 3462F930, 3462F940, 3462F960, 3462F980, 3462F990, 3469F010, 3469F020, 3469F050, 3469F060, 3532F150, 3532F180, 3540F030, 3542F900, 3542F901, 3542F920, 3543F070, 3543F080, 3543F090, 3562F430, 3562F460, 3562F500, 3562F690, 3562F700, 3632F110, 3640F210, 3640F211, 3640F220, 3640F221, 3640F290, 3642F591, 3642F680, 3642F800G, 3842F920W, 3662F121, 3662F122, 3662F300, 3662F301, 3662F320, 3662F321, 3662F610, 3962F050, 3962F060, 3962F061, 3962F062, SS60A050W, SS60A060, SS60A230W, 8860A231W, 8860A270W, 8860A271W, 8860A280W, 8860A281W, 8860A330K, 8860A340K, 8881A080, 8861A110, 8861A111, 8861A260K, 8861A260W, 8861A270K, 8861A270W, C3233F260, C3233F261, C3432F530, C3432F690, C3432F700, C3432F710, C3432F720, C3432F730, C3432F790, C3432F810, C3432F830, C3443F630, C3443F640, C3443F950, C3443F970, C3443F980, C3448F040, C3462F240, C3462F340, C3462F400, C3462F510, C3462F630, C3462F690, C3462F730, C3482F900, R3240988, R3240F968, R3241040, R3241F040, R3432F730, R3432F790, R3432F800, R3432F810, R3432F820, R3432F830, R3432F900, R3432F960, R3432F970, R3433F010, R3439F010, R3439F020, R3439F030, R3439F040, R3439F050, R3443F570, R3443F640, R3443F910, R3443F950, R3443F970, R3443F980, R3448F040, R3448F180, R3448F220, R3448F230, R3448F260, R3448F280, R3448F310, R3448F390, R3449F020, R3449F030, R3449F040, R3449F050, R3449F060, R3449F070, R3462F280, R3462F350, R3462F630, R3462F640, R3462F690, R3462F840, R3462F920, R3462F940, R3462F980, R3462F990, R3469F010, R3469F020, R3469F050, R3469F060, 8550A420A



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