Lucas CAV DPA banjo bolt 9007-899A


This is a replacement banjo bolt to fit some DPA pumps 9007-899A

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This is a replacement banjo bolt to fit some DPA pumps 9007-899A

Commonly fitted to John Deere applications

Item 1054 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3432F140, 3432F150A, 3432F150E, 3432F160A, 3432F160E, 3432F170A, 3432F170E, 3432F180E, 3432F190, 3432F190E, 3432F260, 3432F290, 3432F291, 3432F300, 3432F310, 3432F320, 3432F330, 3432F340, 3432F350, 3432F360, 3432F430, 3432F440, 3432F460, 3432F470, 3442141, 3442200, 3442300, 3442370, 3442380, 3442400A, 3442400E, 3442410A, 3442410E, 3442420A, 3442420E, 3442510, 3442520, 3442770, 3442810, 3442820, 3442840, 3442850, 3442990, 3442F141, 3442F200, 3442F300, 3442F370, 3442F380, 3442F400A, 3442F400E, 3442F410A, 3442F410E, 3442F420A, 3442F420E, 3442F510, 3442F520, 3442F770, 3442F810, 3442F820, 3442F840, 3442F850, 3442F990, 3443030, 3443F030, 3462060, 3462061, 3462080, 3462220, 3462221, 3462240, 3462260, 3462270, 3462280, 3462300, 3462320, 3462F060, 3462F061, 3462F080, 3462F220, 3462F221, 3462F240, 3462F260, 3462F270, 3462F280, 3462F300, 3462F320, 3532F050, 3562F140, C3442F510, C3462F240, R3432F120, R3432F290, R3432F430, R3442F770, R3442F810, R3442F990, R3462F280

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