Lucas CAV DPA fuel pulsation damper (later type)


Item 37 in the exploded diagram. Please check the image is correct for your pump as there are variants to these depending on your application. NB. This is for DPA pumps not DPS pumps. We also stock the DPS dampers HERE

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This is the damper for DPA pumps mounted on the advance housing usually at the bottom of the pump, commonly fitted to Perkins engines. These can leak diesel if the internal parts fracture due to age.

Dampers are sometimes fitted to certain injection pump fuel outlet galleries. The circular metal diaphragm form of damper is is connected by screwed union to the injection pump gallery.
Following injection of fuel, when the pump ends the injection phase, the high pressure fuel can be released back into the pump. This release causes an increase in gallery pressure but is followed by a rapid fall in pressure.
This pressure increase after injection may be high enough to lift the delivery valve off its seat, i.e. when by-pass delivery valves are fitted high peak pressures cause increased fuel delivery.
The object of the damper is to prevent the gallery pressure rising too high and to prevent it falling too low.
When injection ends and fuel spills back into the gallery, the metal diaphragm of the damper deflects to increase the effective gallery volume. This volume increase reduces the peak pressure. When the diaphragm moves back towards its original position, the gallery pressure is prevented from falling too low.

Equivalent to:

PERKINS 26430434, I.H.C. 3025573R1, RENAULT 5044133

The earlier type DPA damper is also available HERE

Fits the following DPA (B) pumps:

3262618, 3262628, 3262638, 3262748, 3262968, 3262978, 3262998, 3262F968, 3263000, 3263010, 3263030, 3263040, 3263090, 3263091, 3263170, 3263171, 3263180, 3263181, 3263190, 3263191, 3263260, 3263320, 3263650, 3263990, 3263F030, 3263F040, 3263F650, 3263F990, 3266416B, 3266418C, 3266426B, 3266428C, 3266446B, 3266448C, 3266D418, 3266D428, 3266D448, 3266D608, 3266D618, 3266D658, 3266D678, 3266D688, 3266F418, 3266F428, 3266F448, 3266F608, 3266F618, 3266F658, 3266F678, 3266F688, 3266F728, 3266F758, 3266F778, 3266F798, 3268010, 3268220, 3268270, 3268320, 3268370, 3268380, 3268580, 3268700, 3268F010, 3268F011, 3268F220, 3268F270, 3268F271, 3268F320, 3268F321, 3268F370, 3268F371, 3268F380, 3268F570, 3268F571, 3268F572, 3268F580, 3268F581, 3268F600, 3268F601, 3268F640, 3268F650, 3268F651, 3268F700, 3268F701, 3268F720, 3268F721, 3268F740, 3268F750, 3268F751, 3268F760, 3268F870, 3268F960, 3268F970, 3268F971, 3268F972, 3268F990, 3269F140, 3269F141, 3269F180, 3269F360, 3269F361, 3269F460, 3269F461, 3269F480, 3269F481, 3269F530, 3269F531, 3269F570, 3269F571, 3269F572, 3269F580, 3269F581, 3269F590, 3269F591, 3269F600, 3269F610, 3269F620, 3269F640, 3269F670, 3269F680, 3269F730, 3269F790, 3269F791, 3269F820, 3269F821, 3269F830, 3269F840, 3269F841, 3269F850, 3269F860, 3269F890, 3269F900, 3269F910, 3269F911, 3269F912, 3269F913, 3269F914, 3269F920, 3269F921, 3269F930, 3269F940, 3269F941, 3269F942, 3269F950, 3269F951, 3269F952, 3269F953, 3269F954, 3269F960, 3269F961, 3269F962, 3269F963, 3269F964, 3269F970, 3269F971, 3269F972, 3269F973, 3269F980, 3269F981, 3269F982, 3269F983, 3362F010, 3362F012, 3362F013, 3362F014, 3362F020, 3362F021, 3362F022, 3362F023, 3362F040, 3362F041, 3362F042, 3362F043, 3362F050, 3362F051, 3362F052, 3362F053, 3362F070, 3362F071, 3362F072, 3362F073, 3362F130, 3362F131, 3362F141, 3362F142, 3362F150, 3362F151, 3362F160, 3362F161, 3362F162, 3362F210, 3362F211, 3362F212, 3362F213, 3362F240, 3362F241, 3362F242, 3362F243, 3362F280, 3362F281, 3362F283, 3362F290, 3362F291, 3362F293, 3362F300, 3362F302, 3362F310, 3362F311, 3362F312, 3362F320, 3362F330, 3362F350, 3362F351, 3362F352, 3362F353, 3362F360, 3362F361, 3362F362, 3362F370, 3362F371, 3362F372, 3362F380, 3362F381, 3362F382, 3362F390, 3362F391, 3362F410, 3362F411, 3362F420, 3362F421, 3362F430, 3362F431, 3362F440, 3362F441, 3362F442, 3362F450, 3362F451, 3362F452, 3362F460, 3362F461, 3362F480, 3362F481, 3362F482, 3362F490, 3362F491, 3362F500, 3362F501, 3362F502, 3362F510, 3362F511, 3362F530, 3362F531, 3362F532, 3362F570, 3362F580, 3362F590, 3362F650, 3362F671, 3362F672, 3362F680, 3362F690, 3362F691, 3362F692, 3362F700, 3362F732, 3362F733, 3362F734, 3362F735, 3362F741, 3362F742, 3362F743, 3362F752, 3362F753, 3362F754, 3362F760, 3362F761, 3362F762, 3362F763, 3362F764, 3362F765, 3362F780, 3362F781, 3362F782, 3362F783, 3362F784, 3362F800, 3362F801, 3362F820, 3362F821, 3362F822, 3362F823, 3362F824, 3362F830, 3362F831, 3362F832, 3362F833, 3362F834, 3362F840, 3362F841, 3362F860, 3362F863, 3362F864, 3362F865, 3362F870, 3362F871, 3362F872, 3362F880, 3362F881, 3362F890, 3362F891, 3362F920, 3362F921, 3362F930, 3362F931, 3362F981, 3363F000, 3363F001, 3363F002, 3363F050, 3363F051, 3363F052, 3363F060, 3363F061, 3363F062, 3363F070, 3363F071, 3363F080, 3363F081, 3363F090, 3363F091, 3363F100, 3363F101, 3363F130, 3363F131, 3363F140, 3363F141, 3363F142, 3363F150, 3363F151, 3363F152, 3363F153, 3363F154, 3363F170, 3363F171, 3363F172, 3363F190, 3363F191, 3363F210, 3363F211, 3363F220, 3363F221, 3363F230, 3363F231, 3363F250, 3363F251, 3363F260, 3363F261, 3363F280, 3363F281, 3363F282, 3363F300, 3363F310, 3363F330, 3363F331, 3363F340, 3363F341, 3363F342, 3363F350, 3363F351, 3363F352, 3363F360, 3363F361, 3363F370, 3363F371, 3363F380, 3363F381, 3363F410, 3363F411, 3363F460, 3363F461, 3363F462, 3363F580, 3363F581, 3363F600, 3363F700, 3363F750, 3363F760, 3363F761, 3363F780, 3363F930, 3363F940, 3363F950, 3363F951, 3363F960, 3363F961, 3363F970, 3363F971, 3363F980, 3363F981, 3369F120, 3369F180X, 3369F181X, 3369F182X, 3369F183X, 3369F184X, 3369F185W, 3369F240, 3369F250, 3369F251, 3369F260T, 3369F261G, 3562F240, 3562F340, 3562F350, 3562F360, 3562F361, 3562F370, 3562F380, 3562F390, 3662F223, 3662F224, 3662F310, 3662F311, 3662F430, 3662F431, 3662F440, 3662F441, 3662F470, 3662F471, 3662F472, 3662F480, 3662F481, 3662F490, 3662F491, 3662F500, 3662F501, 3662F510, 3662F520, 3662F540, 3662F541, 3662F542W, 3662F580, 3662F581, 3662F610, 3662F611, 3662F620, 3662F630, 3662F730, 3662F731, 3662F740, 3662F741, 3662F790, 3662F801, 3662F810, 3662F830, 3662F840, 3662F850, 3662F880, 3663FO30W, 3663F040W, 3663FO50W, 3942F060, 3942F061, 3942F062, 8861A010, 8861A011, 8861A020, 8861A021, C3268F440, C3268F760, C3269F570, C3269F910, C3362F010, C3362F050, P3269F971, V3268F010, V3269F570, V3269F911, V3269F950, V3269F970, V3269F980

Fits the following DPA (C) pumps:

3233F590, 3260F388, 3260F398, 3262098, 3262148, 3262238, 3262248, 3262258, 3262328, 3262378, 3262398, 3262408, 3262448, 3262458, 3262468, 3262478, 3262488, 3262528, 3262548, 3262568, 3262578, 3262588, 3262598, 3262678, 3262688, 3262698, 3262718, 3262728, 3262738, 3262758, 3262768, 3262818, 3262858, 3262868, 3262878, 3262888, 3262908, 3262928, 3262948, 3262F148, 3262F448, 3262F468, 3262F478, 3262F548, 3262F568, 3262F578, 3262F588, 3262F598, 3262F678, 3262F688, 3262F698, 3262F718, 3262F728, 3262F758, 3262F768, 3262F818, 3262F858, 3262F868, 3262F878, 3262F879, 3262F888, 3262F889, 3262F898, 3262F908, 3262F928, 3262F948, 3263140, 3263141C, 3263150, 3263151, 3263152, 3263153, 3263210, 3263211, 3263240, 3263281, 3263311, 3263351, 3263352, 3263451, 3263452, 3263520, 3263521, 3263590, 3263591, 3263621, 3263670, 3263680, 3263690, 3263700, 3263720, 3263730, 3263740, 3263750, 3263780, 3263800, 3263810, 3263860, 3263880, 3263890, 3263900, 3263950, 3263960, 3263970, 3263980, 3263F141, 3263F152, 3263F153, 3263F211, 3263F212, 3263F281, 3263F311, 3263F351, 3263F352, 3263F451, 3263F452, 3263F521, 3263F590, 3263F591, 3263F600, 3263F621, 3263F670, 3263F680, 3263F690, 3263F700, 3263F720, 3263F730, 3263F740, 3263F750, 3263F780, 3263F800, 3263F810, 3263F860, 3263F880, 3263F890, 3263F900, 3263F901, 3263F950, 3263F960, 3263F970, 3263F980, 3263F981, 3266196В, 3266216В, 3266226В, 3266236В, 3266238С, 3266246В, 3266256В, 3266286В, 3266296В, 3266306В, 3266326В, 3266366В, 3266368С, 3266386В, 3266396В, 3266D148, 3266D218, 3266D238, 3266D288, 3266D368, 3266D388, 3266D398, 3266D508, 3266D538, 3266D598, 3266D628, 3266D638, 3266D668, 3266F148, 3266F218, 3266F226, 3266F238, 3266F288, 3266F368, 3266F388, 3266F398, 3266F508, 3266F538, 3266F628, 3266F638, 3266F668, 3266F768, 3266F788, 3267F020, 3268020, 3268030, 3268040, 3268070, 3268080, 3268090, 3268100, 3268110, 3268120, 3268130, 3268140, 3268150, 3268170, 3268200, 3268210, 3268230, 3268240, 3268260, 3268280, 3268281, 3268290, 3268291, 3268300, 3268301, 3268F020, 3268F030, 3268F040, 3268F070, 3268F080, 3268F090, 3268F091, 3268F100, 3268F110, 3268F120, 3268F130, 3268F140, 3268F150, 3268F151, 3268F170, 3268F180, 3268F200, 3268F210, 3268F211, 3268F230, 3268F260, 3268F280, 3268F281, 3268F282, 3268F283, 3268F290, 3268F291, 3268F292, 3268F300, 3268F301, 3268F302, 3268F310, 3268F311, 3268F330, 3268F340, 3268F470, 3268F471, 3268F480, 3268F481, 3268F490, 3268F590, 3268F690, 3268F730, 3268F820, 3268F821, 3268F850, 3268F940, 3268F941, 3268F950, 3269F150, 3269F160, 3269F161, 3269F170, 3269F331, 3269F430, 32G9F470, 3269F650, 3269F652, 3269F660, 3269F990, 3362F000, 3362F060, 3362F061, 3362F190, 3362F191, 3363F030, 3363F031, 3363F200, 3363F320, 3562F230, 3562F250, 3562F280, 3566E030, C3262F868, C3262F888, C3269F150, V3262F888, V3269F160


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