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Lucas CAV DPA, DPS, DP200, DP210 and DP310 governor spring 7123-898F


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DPS, DP200, DP210 and DP310 pumps

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Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA, DPS, DP200, DP210 and DP310 pumps. 7123-898F

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8920A002T, 8920A003T, 8920A004T, 8920A004Y, 8920A005T, 8920A005Y1, 8920A006T, 8920A006Y, 8920A007T, 8920A00SG, 8920A009G, 8920A021T, 8920A030T, 8920A041P, 8920A042P, 8920A043P, 8920A044P, 8920A045P, 8920A046H, 8920A050P, 8920A051P, 8920A052P, 8920A053P, 8920A054P, 8920A055H, 8920A056H, 8920A060T, 8920A061T, 8920A062T, 8920A063T, 8920A064G, 8920A065G, 8920A140T, 8920A141T, 8920A142P, 8920A142T, 8920A143P, 8920A143T, 8920A144P, 8920A144T, 8920A145P, 8920A145T, 8920A146T, 8920A147T, 8920A1S0T, 8920A151T, 8920A152T, 8920A153T, 8920A154P, 8920A154T, 8920A155P, 8920A155T, 8920A156P, 8920A156T, 8920A157G, 8920A158G, 8920A159G, 8920A1G0P, 8920A161P, 8920A162P, 8920A163P, 8920A164P, 8920A165P, 8920A166H, 8920A167H, 8920A169H, 8920A170P, 8920A171P, 8920A172P, 8920A173P, 8920A174P, 8920A175H, 8920A175P, 8920A176H, 8920A177H, 8920A179H, 8920A240T, 8920A242T, 8920A243T, 8920A244T, 8920A245T, 8920A246T, 8920A247T, 8920A249T1 8920A560T, 8920A561T, 8920A562G, 8920A562H, 8920A562T, 8920A563H, 8920A564H, 8920A565H, 8920A566H, 8920A567H, 8921A000W, 8921A001W, 8921A002W, 8921A003W, 8921A004W, 8921A005W, 8921A00EW, 8921A007W, 8921A008W, 8921A010W, 8921A011W, 8921A012W, 8921A013W, 8921A014W, 8921A015W, 8921A016W, 8921A017W, 8921A018W, 8921A019W, 8921A030W, 8921A031W, 8921A060W, 8921A061W, 8921A062W1, 8921A063W, 8921A064W, 8921A065W, 8921A06EW, 8921A080W, 8921A081W, 8921A082W, 8921A083W, 8921A084W, 8921A085W, 8921A08EW, 8921A170W, 8921A171W, 8921A172W, 8921A173W, 8921A174W, 8921A175W, 8921A177W, 8921A178W, 8921A173W, 8921A260T, 8921A261P, 8921A261T, 8921A262P, 8921A262T, 8921A263P, 8921A263T, 8921A280P, 8921A280T, 8921A281P, 8921A281T, 8921A282P, 8921A282T, 8921A283P, 8921A283T, 8921A284G, 8921A284H, 8921A284P, 8921A284T, 8921A285G, 8921A285H, 8921A286G, 8921A286H, 8921A287G, 8921A287H, 8921A480W, 8921A481W, 8921A482W, 8921A483W, 8921A484W, 8921A485W, 8921A48EW, 8921A487W, 8921A488W, 8921A490P, 8921A490T, 8921A491P, 8921A491T, 8921A492P, 8921A492T, 8921A520P, 8921A520T, 8921A530P, 8921A530T, 8921A691W, 8921A692K, 8921A692W, 8921A693K, 8921A694K, 8921A730P, 8921A730T, 8921A731P, 8921A731T, 8921A732G, 8921A733G, 8921A734G, 8921A735G, 8921A740P, 8921A740T, 8921A741P, 8921A741T, 8921A742G, 8921A742T, 8921A743G, 8921A744G, 8921A745G, 8921A750P, 8921A750T, 8921A751G, 8921A751T, 8921A752G, 8921A753G, 8921A754G, 8921A755G, 8921A756G, 8921A780T, 8921A800W, 8921A801W, 8921A890P, 8921A890T, 8921A891G, 8921A891H, 8921A891P, 8921A891T, 8921A892G, 8921A892H, 8921A900P, 8921A900T, 8921A910P, 8921A910T, 8921A980P, 8921A981P, 8923A480Y, 8923A481Y, 8923A482Y, 8923A483Y, 8924A170W, 8924A190W, 8924A200W, 8924A201W, 8925A281G, 8925A282G, 8925A283G, 8925A291T, 8925A300H, 8925A301H, 8925A310H, 8925A311H, 8925A320T, 8925A321T, 9320A020G, 9320A030G, 9320A110G, 9320A110H, 9320A111G, 9320A111H, 9320A1S0G, 9320A1S0H, 9320A16IG, 9320A1S2G, 9320A1S2H, 9320A183G, 9320A183H, 9320A1S4G, 9320A1S4H, 9320A1S5G, 9320A1S5H, 9320A220G, 9320A221G, 9320A222G, 9320A223G, 9320A224G, 9320A225G, 9320A340G, 9320A341G, 9320A342G, 9320A343G, 9320A344G, 9320A345G, 9320A346G, 9320A390G, 9320A391G, 9320A392G, 9320A393G, 9320A394G, 9320A500G, 9320A501G, 9320A531G, 9320A531H, 9320A532G, 9320A532H, 9320A533G, 9320A533H, 9320A580G, 9320A580H, 9320A582H, 9322A040G, 9322A041G, 9322A042G, 9322A043G, 9520A000G, 9520A001G, 9520A002G, 9520A060G, 9520A150G, 9520A151G, 9520A180G, 9520A181G, 9520A190G, 9520A191G, 9520A200G, 9520A201G, 9522A000G, 9522A010G, 9522A020G, 9522A030G, 3232258, 3232328, 3232F258, 3232F328, 3240628, 3240788, 3240808, 3240888, 3240F628, 3240F788, 3240F808, 3240F988, 3241000, 3241010, 3241190, 3241F000, 3241F001, 3241F010, 3241F190, 3241F340, 3241F530, 3241F531, 3241F610, 3241F710, 3241F730, 3243010, 3243021A, 3243F021, 3248550, 3248880, 3248F550, 3248F560, 3248F980, 3260078, 3260098, 3260138, 3260268, 3260308, 3260F138, 3260F268, 3260F308, 3260F309, 3260F398, 3260F460, 3260F461, 3262238, 3262328, 3262448, 3262478, 3262718, 3262758, 3262868, 3262928, 3262F448, 3262F478, 3262F718, 3262F758, 3262F868, 3262F928, 3263040, 3263140, 3263141C, 3263170, 3263171, 3263210, 3263211, 3263311, 3263520, 3263521, 3263780, 3263F040, 3263F141, 3263F211, 3263F212, 3263F311, 3263F521, 3263F780, 3268110, 3268150, 3268F110, 3268F150, 3268F151, 3268F310, 3268F311, 3268F730, 3268F900, 3268F940, 3268F941, 3268F950, 3269F150, 3269F660, 3269F700, 3269F701, 3342F120, 3342F270, 3342F271, 3342F280, 3342F290, 3342F860, 3343F350, 3343F650, 3348F550, 3349F220K, 3349F221W, 3349F221X, 3349F222W, 3363F200, 3363F320, 3363F750, 3363F990, 3363F991, 3363F991G, 3432040, 3432F040, 3442060, 3442140, 3442141, 3442230, 3442F060, 3442F140, 3442F141, 3442F290, 3442F789, 3460010, 3460F010, 3462041Z, 3462F041Z, 3542F170, 3542F190, 3542F191, 3562F230, 3640F190, 3642F120, 3642F161, 3642F370, 3642F880W, 3663F100W, 3932F000, 3932F001, 3932F002, 3932F003, 3932F004, 3932F005, 3932F006, 3932F040, 3932F041, 3932F042, 3932F043, 3932F044, 3932F045, 3932F050, 3932F051, 3932F052, 3932F053, 3932F054, 3932F055, 3932F100, 3932F101, 3932F102, 3932F103, 3932F140, 3932F141, 3932F150, 3932F151, 3942F781, 3942F782, 3942F791, 3942F792, 3942F910, 3942F911, 3942F950, 3942F980N, 3942F990N, 3942F990X, 3942F991N, 3942F991X, 3942F992N, 3942F993N, 3942F993X, 3942F994N, 3943F000N, 3943F010N, 3943F070N, 3943F090N, 3943F121N, 3943F122N, 3943F160N, 3943F170N, 3943F180N, 3943F190N, 3943F191N, 3943F310N, 3943F350N, 8860A420K, 8860A420W, 8860A421K, 8860A421W, 8861A010, 8861A020, C3243F021, C3262F868, C3269F150, R3240628, R3240F628, R3241190, R3241F190, 8520A843A, 8520A844A, 8520A845A, 8520A853A, 8520A854A, 8520A923A, 8520A924A, 8521A880A, 8521A8810A, 8523A390A, 8523A400A, 8523A610R, 8523A611R, 8523A612R, 8523A613K, 8523A613R, 8523A620R, 8523A621R, 8523A622R, 8523A623K, 8523A623R, 8523A624K, 8524A380P, 8524A380T, 8524A381G, 8524A381T


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