Lucas CAV DPA governor spring 7123-898X


Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA pumps 7123-898X

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Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA pumps 7123-898X

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3042F380, 3042F381, 3042F382, 3042F383, 3042F384, 3042F390, 3042F390P, 3042F391P, 3042F392P, 3042F393P, 3042F394P, 3042F440, 3042F441, 3042F442, 3042F443, 3042F450, 3042F451, 3042F452, 3062F090, 3062F091, 3062F092, 3062F190, 3062F200, 3062F210, 3062F220, 3062F300, 3062F301, 3062F302, 3062F303, 3062F304, 3062F305, 3062F310, 3062F311, 3062F311P, 3062F312, 3062F313, 3062F400, 3062F401, 3062F402, 3062F403, 3062F430, 3062F431, 3062F431P, 3062F431R, 3062F432P, 3062F433P, 3062F434P, 3062F435P, 3062F450, 3062F510, 3062F511, 3062F512, 3062F530, 3062F540, 3062F541, 3062F542, 3062F543, 3062F544, 3062F545, 3062F550, 3062F551, 3062F552, 3062F553, 3062F554, 3230010, 3230030, 3230210, 3230310, 3230F030, 3230F210, 3230F310, 3230F520, 32327SSA, 3232S3SA, 3232F788, 3233370, 3233F370, 3233F480, 3233F550, 3233F930, 3233F931, 3238F360, 3240588, 3240928, 3240F588, 3240F928, 3243830^, 3243F830, 3248860, 3248F860, 3249090, 3249F090, 3249F091, 3249F092, 3249F720, 3260328, 3260F328, 3263840, 3263940, 3263F840, 3263F940, 3263F941, 3263F942, 3268F920, 3269F090, 3269F260, 3340F340G, 3340F341G, 3342F250, 3342F260, 3342F261, 3342F320, 3343F400, 3343F401, 3343F510, 3343F530, 3343F540, 3343F800, 3343F850, 3343F910, 3343F920, 3343F970, 3343F990, 3343F991, 3343F992, 3343F993, 3343F993G, 3348F310, 3348F311, 3348F491, 3348F940G, 3348F940T, 3349F110X, 3349F111X, 3349F112W, 3349F112X, 3349F113W, 3349F120X, 3349F121X, 3349F122W, 3349F122X, 3349F123W, 3349F200X, 3349F201W, 3349F201X, 3349F202W, 3349F210X, 3362F190, 3362F191, 3362F182, 3362F250, 3362F940, 3363F110, 3363F240, 3363F400, 3363F470, 3363F480, 3363F490, 3363F500, 3363F540, 3363F550, 3363F560, 3363F570, 3369F330P, 3369F330R, 3369F33CK, 3369F331P, 3369F331W, 3369F332P, 3369F332W, 3449F210, 3460030, 3460F030, 3522F020, 3532F040, 3541F020, 3542F150, 3542F360, 3542F640, 3542F760, 3562F210, 3632F120, 3632F200, 3632F270W1, 3632F290W1, 3640F010, 3640F260, 3640F261, 3640F262, 3640F300, 3640F301, 3640F350, 3642F090, 3642F101, 3642F110, 3642F350, 3642F351, 3642F720W, 3642F850W, 3662F240, 3662F330, 3662F350, 3662F351, 3662F352, 3662F530, 3662F531, 3662F600, 3662F601, 3662F780, 3662F920, 3942F011, 3962F030, 3962F031, 3962F033, 8861A011, 8861A130W, 8861A140W, 8861A1 S0W, C3230F030, C3243F830, R3448F210, V3230F030

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