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Lucas Delphi DP200 and DPS top cover seal 7185-950HB


Top cover seal fitted to some Lucas DP200 pumps

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Top cover seal fitted to some Lucas DPS pumps and some DP200 pumps 7185-950HB

Item 294A in the exploded diagram

These are no longer supplied pre-formed

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8520A060A, 8520A061A, 8520A150A, 8520A300A, 8520A301A, 8520A302A, 8520A303A, 8520A310A, 8520A370A, 8520A371A, 8550A151A, 8561A020G, 8561A020T

Fits the following DP200 pumps:

8920A001T, 8920A002T, 8920A003T, 8920A004T, 8920A004Y, 8920A005T, 8920A005T, 8920A008T, 8920A00EY, 8920A007T, 8920A0086, 8920A0096, 8920A010T, 8920A012T, 8920A013T, 8920A014T, 8920A015T, 8920A021T, 8920A022T, 8920A023T, 8920A024T, 8920A025T, 8920A0286, 8920A0286, 8920A030T, 8920A032T, 8920A033T, 8920A033Y, 8920A034T, 8920A034Y, 8920A035T, 8920A035Y, 8920A041P, 8920A042P, 8920A043P, 8920A044P, 8920A045P, 8920A050P, 8920A051P, 8920A052P, 8920A053P, 8920A054P, 8920A080T, 8920A061T, 8920A062T, 8920A063T, 8920A090W, 8920A091W, 8920A092W, 8920A093W, 8920A110W, 8920A111W, 8920A112W, 8920A113W, 8920A120W, 8920A121W, 8920A122W, 8920A123W, 8920A130T, 8920A131T, 8920A132T, 8920A133T, 8920A140T, 8920A141T, 8920A142P, 8920A142T, 8920A143P, 8920A143T, 8920A144P, 8920A144T, 8920A150T, 8920A151T, 8920A152T, 8920A153T, 8920A154P, 8920A154T, 8920A155P, 8920A155T, 8920A160P, 8920A161P, 8920A162P, 8920A163P, 8920A164P, 8920A170P, 8920A171P, 8920A172P, 8920A173P, 8920A174P, 8920A150W, 8920A181W, 8920A182W, 8920A183W, 8920A184W, 8920A190R, 8920A190W, 8920A191R, 8920A191W, 8920A192R, 8920A192W, 8920A193R, 8920A193W, 8920A194R, 8920A194W, 8920A200R, 8920A200W, 8920A201R, 8920A201W, 8920A202R, 8920A202W, 8920A203R, 8920A203W, 8920A204R, 8920A204W, 8920A210W, 8920A211W, 8920A212W, 8920A213W, 8920A214W, 8920A230W, 8920A231W, 8920A232W, 8920A233W, 8920A240T, 8920A242T, 8920A243T, 8920A244T, 8920A250W, 8920A251W, 8920A252W, 8920A253W, 8920A260W, 8920A281W, 8920A282W, 8920A283W, 8920A270R, 8920A270W, 8920A271R, 8920A271W, 8920A272R, 8920A272W, 8920A273R, 8920A273W, 8920A274R, 8920A274W, 8920A280R, 8920A280W, 8920A281R, 8920A281W, 8920A282R, 8920A282W, 8920A290W, 8920A300W, 8920A310W, 8920A320W, 8920A330T, 8920A331P, 8920A331T, 8920A332P, 8920A332T, 8920A333P, 8920A333T, 8920A334P, 8920A334T, 8920A340T, 8920A341T, 8920A342T, 8920A343P, 8920A343T, 8920A344P, 8920A344T, 8920A360W, 8920A381W, 8920A362W, 8920A370T, 8920A371P, 8920A371T, 8920A372P, 8920A372T, 8920A380T, 8920A381P, 8920A381T, 8920A382P, 8920A382T, 8920A383P, 8920A390T, 8920A391P, 8920A391T, 8920A392P, 8920A392T, 8920A400W, 8920A410W, 8920A420W, 8920A421W, 8920A422W, 8920A430W, 8920A431W, 8920A432W, 8920A440T, 8920A441T, 8920A442T, 8920A450T, 8920A451P, 8920A451T, 8920A460T, 8920A461T, 8920A461W, 8920A482W, 8920A470T, 8920A471T, 8920A472P, 8920A472T, 8920A473P, 8920A473T, 8920A480T, 8920A481T, 8920A482P, 8920A482T, 8920A483P, 8920A483T, 8920A484P, 8920A484T, 8920A490T, 8920A491T, 8920A500T, 8920A501P 8920A501T 8920A502P 8920A502T 8920A510T 8920A511P 8920A511T 8920A512P 8920A512T 8920A520T 8920A521S 8920A521T 8920A522S 8920A530T 8920A531P 8920A531T 8920A532T 8920A540T 8920A541T 8920A542P 8920A542T 8920A543T 8920A550T 8920A551T 8920A552P 8920A552T 8920A553T 8920A560T 8920A561T, 8920A570T, 8920A571T, 8920A580T, 8920A581T, 8920A590T, 8920A591T, 8920A610P, 8920A610T, 8920A820P, 8920A620T, 8920A830P, 8920A630T, 8920A840P, 8920A640T, 8920A850P, 8920A650T, 8920A880P, 8920A660T, 8920A670W, 8920A871W, 8920A680W, 8920A881W, 8920A890T, 8920A691T, 8920A700W, 8920A701W, 8920A702W, 8920A703W, 8920A710W, 8920A711W, 8920A720W, 8920A721W, 8920A770W, 8920A771W, 8920A780W, 8920A781W, 8920A790P, 8920A790T, 8920A791P, 8920A791T, 8920A792P, 8920A792T, 8920A800P, 8920A800T, 8920A801P, 8920A801T, 8920A802P, 8920A802T, 8920A810P, 8920A810T, 8920A811P, 8920A811T, 8920A812P, 8920A812T, 8920A8136, 8920A820P 8920A820T 8920A821P 8920A821T 8920A822P 8920A822T 8920A840P 8920A840T 8920A850P 8920A850T 8920A880P 8920A880T 8920A870P 8920A870T 8920A871P 8920A871T 8920A880P 8920A880T 8920A881T 8920A890P 8920A890T 8920A891P 8920A891T 8920A900P 8920A900T 8920A910P 8920A910T 8920A920P 8920A920T, 8920A930P, 8920A930T, 8920A940P, 8920A940T, 8920A950P, 8920A950T, 8920A970T, 8920A971T, 8921A000W, 8921A001W, 8921A002W, 8921A003W, 8921A004W, 8921A005W, 8921A010W, 8921A011W, 8921A012W, 8921A013W, 8921A014W, 8921A015W, 8921A01EW, 8921A020W, 8921A021W, 8921A030W, 8921A031W, 8921A050W, 8921A051W, 8921A052W, 8921A053W, 8921A060W, 8921A081W, 8921A062W, 8921A063W, 8921A070W, 8921A080W, 8921A081W, 8921A082W, 8921A083W, 8921A090W, 8921A091W, 8921A092W, 8921A093W, 8921A100W, 8921A101W, 8921A102W, 8921A103W, 8921A110W, 8921A111W, 8921A112W, 8921A113W, 8921A120W, 8921A121W, 8921A122W, 8921A123W, 8921A130R, 8921A130W, 8921A131R, 8921A131W, 8921A132R, 8921A132W, 8921A133R, 8921A133W, 8921A134R, 8921A134W, 8921A140R, 8921A140W, 8921A141R, 8921A141W, 8921A142R, 8921A142W, 8921A143R, 8921A143W, 8921A144R, 8921A144W, 8921A145R, 8921A145W, 8921A150R, 8921A150W, 8921A151R, 8921A151W, 8921A152R, 8921A152W, 8921A153R, 8921A153W, 8921A154R, 8921A154W, 8921A170W, 8921A171W, 8921A172W, 8921A173W, 8921A174W, 8921A175W, 8921A190W, 8921A191W, 8921A192W, 8921A193W, 8921A194W, 8921A200W, 8921A201W, 8921A202W, 8921A203W, 8921A204W, 8921A210W, 8921A211W, 8921A212W, 8921A213W, 8921A214W, 8921A220W, 8921A221W, 8921A222W, 8921A223W, 8921A230W, 8921A231W, 8921A232W, 8921A233W, 8921A240W, 8921A241W, 8921A242W, 8921A243W, 8921A250P, 8921A251P, 8921A252P, 8921A260T, 8921A261P, 8921A281T, 8921A282P, 8921A262T, 8921A263P, 8921A263T, 8921A270T, 8921A271P, 8921A271T, 8921A272P, 8921A272T, 8921A273P, 8921A273T, 8921A280P, 8921A280T, 8921A281P, 8921A281T, 8921A282P, 8921A282T, 8921A290T, 8921A291T, 8921A292T, 8921A293T, 8921A300R, 8921A300W, 8921A301R, 8921A301W, 8921A302R, 8921A302W, 8921A303R, 8921A303W, 8921A304R, 8921A304W, 8921A320R, 8921A320W, 8921A321R, 8921A321W, 8921A322R, 8921A322W, 8921A330W, 8921A331W, 8921A340W, 8921A350W, 8921A360W, 8921A380W, 8921A400T, 8921A401T, 8921A402T, 8921A403P, 8921A403T, 8921A410T, 8921A411P, 8921A411T, 8921A412P, 8921A412T, 8921A413P, 8921A413T, 8921A420W, 8921A440W, 8921A450W, 8921A460W, 8921A470W, 8921A480W, 8921A481W, 8921A482W, 8921A490P, 8921A490T, 8921A491P, 8921A491T, 8921A492P, 8921A492T, 8921A500T, 8921A501T 8921A510P 8921A510T 8921A511P 8921A511T 8921A520P 8921A520T 8921A530P 8921A530T 8921A540P 8921A540T 8921A550P 8921A550T 8921A560P 8921A560T 8921A570P 8921A570T 8921A571P 8921A571T 8921A580P 8921A580T 8921A581P 8921A581T 8921A590P 8921A590T 8921A591P 8921A591T 8921A600T 8921A601T, 8921A650W, 8921A851W, 8921A652W, 8921A660W, 8921A881W, 8921A670W, 8921A871W, 8921A680W, 8921A881W, 8921A690W, 8921A891W, 8921A700W, 8921A701W, 8921A702W, 8921A730P, 8921A730T, 8921A740P, 8921A740T, 8921A750P, 8921A750T, 8921A760P, 8921A770T, 8921A780T, 8921A790W, 8921A800W, 8921A810W, 8921A820W, 8921A830T, 8921A840W, 8921A841W, 8921A850W, 8921A880T, 8921A890T, 8921A980P, 8922A000T, 8922A000Y, 8922A001T, 8922A001Y, 8922A002T, 8922A002Y, 8922A003T, 8922A003Y, 8922A004T, 8922A004Y, 8922A060T, 8922A061T, 8922A062T, 8922A063T, 8922A064T, 8922A065T, 8922A066T, 8922A071T, 8922A072T, 8922A073T, 8922A074T, 8922A075T, 8922A120T, 8922A121T, 8922A122T, 8922A130T, 8922A131T, 8922A132T, 8922A140T, 8922A141T, 8922A150T, 8922A151T, 8922A160T, 8922A181T, 8922A170T, 8922A171T, 8922A150W, 8922A181W, 8922A190W, 8922A191W, 8922A200W, 8922A201W, 8922A210W, 8922A211W, 8922A220W, 8922A221W, 8922A230T, 8922A231T, 8922A240T, 8922A250T, 8923A030T, 8923A040T, 8923A050T, 8923A060P, 8923A060T, 8923A070T, 8923A071T, 8923A080T, 8923A081T, 8923A090T, 8923A1D0T, 8923A10I6, 8923A110P, 8923A110T, 8923A111P, 8923A111T, 8923A120P, 8923A120T, 8923A130P, 8923A130T, 8923A140P, 8923A140T, 8923A141P, 8923A141T, 8923A150P, 8923A1S0T, 8923A160P, 8923A160T, 8923A170P, 8923A170T, 8923A150P, 8923A150T, 8923A181T, 8923A190P, 8923A190T, 8923A200P, 8923A200T, 8923A280T, 8923A290T, 8923A300T, 8923A310W, 8923A320T, 8923A330T, 8923A340T, 8923A390T, 8923A400T, 8923A420S, 8923A430S, 8923A480W, 8923A470W, 8923A510W, 8924A010W, 8924A020W, 8924A040W, 8924A050W, 8920A070W, 8920A071W, 8920A072W, 8920A073W, 8920A080W, 8920A081W, 8920A082W, 8920A083W, 8920A100W, 8920A101W, 8920A102W, 8920A108W, 8920A220W, 8920A221W, 8920A222W, 8920A228W, 8920A224W, 8922A01 0W, 8922A011W, 8922A012W, 8922A013W, 8922A020W, 8922A021W, 8922A022W, 8922A023W1, 8922A030W, 8922A031W, 8922A032W, 8922A033W, 8922A040W, 8922A041W, 8922A042W, 8922A043W, 8922A044W, 8922A050W, 8922A051W, 8922A052W, 8922A053W, 8922A080W, 8922A081W, 8922A082W, 8922A083W, 8922A090W, 8922A091W, 8922A092W, 8922A093W, 8922A100W, 8922A101W, 8922A102W, 8922A103W, 8922A110W, 8922A111W, 8922A112W, 8922A113W, 8961A010W, 8961A020W

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