Lucas CAV DPS hydraulic head 7183-165L


Hydraulic head fitted to some Lucas CAV DPS pumps

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Hydraulic head fitted to some Lucas CAV DPS pumps

Rotor code: 528L

Head code: 783

Item 57 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 7182-898L

Fits the following pumps:

8520A950A, 8520A951A, 8520A952A, 8520A980A, 8520A981A, 8520A962A, 8520A963A, 8520A984A, 8520A984G, 8520A985G, 8523A140A, 8523A141A, 8523A142A, 8523A143A, 8523A143G, 8523A144G, 8523A150A, 8523A151 A, 8523A170A, 8523A171A, 8523A172A, 8523A174H, 8523A180A, 8523A181 A, 8523A181P, 8523A181T, 8523A182G, 8523A182T, 8523A183G, 8523A530P, 8523A530T, 8523A531P, 8523A531T, 8523A532G, 8523A532H, 8523A532P, 8523A533G, 8523A533H, 8523A560P, 8523A561P, 8523A562H, 8523A562P, 8523A563H, 8523A590T, 8523A591T, 8523A592T, 8523A593G, 8523A593T, 8523A594G

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