Lucas CAV DPS latch valve seal 7185-950ET


Lucas CAV DPS latch valve seal sold individually


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Lucas CAV DPS latch valve seal 7185-950ET which fits inside latch valve 7185-080C

Item 111 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8523A630X, 8523A630Y, 8523A631W, 8523A631X, 8523A631Y, 8523A632W, 8523A632Y, 8523A640X, 8523A640Y, 8523A641W, 8523A641X, 8523A641Y, 8523A642W, 8523A642Y, 8523A650X, 8523A650Y, 8523A651W, 8523A651X, 8523A651Y, 8523A652W, 8523A652Y, 8523A700X, 8522A701W, 8523A701X, 8523A702W, 8523A710X, 8523A750W, 8523A770W, 8523A771W, 8523A772W, 8523A780W, 8523A780Y, 8523A781W, 8523A781Y, 8523A782W, 8523A790W, 8523A790Y, 8523A791W, 8523A791Y, 8523A792Y, 8523A800W, 8523A8001Y, 8522A801W, 8523A801Y, 8523A802W, 8523A802Y, 8523A803Y, 8523A810W, 8523A8101Y, 8523A811Y, 8523A812Y, 8523A840W, 8523A8401Y, 8522A841W, 8523A842W, 8523A851Y, 8523A8601Y, 8523A880W, 8522A881W, 8523A882W, 8523A888W, 8523A890Y, 8523A891Y, 8523A892Y, 8524A240X, 8524A241X, 8524A242W, 8524A243W, 8524A300X, 8524A308Y, 8524A301W, 8524A301X, 8524A301Y, 8524A310X, 8524A311W, 8524A311X, 8524A320X, 8524A321W, 8524A321X, 8524A360W, 8524A361W, 8524A430W, 8524A431W


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