Lucas Delphi DP200 top cover 7185-491C


Top cover fitted to some Lucas Delphi DP200 pumps with side boost control

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Top cover fitted to some Lucas Delphi DP200 pumps with side boost control

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 4 day lead time for this part

Fits the following pumps:

8920A203R, 8920A203W, 8920A204R, 8920A204W, 8920A205K, 8920A205R, 8920A205W, 8920A2S1R, 8920A2S1W, 8920A2S2R, 8920A2S2W, 8920A2S3K, 8920A2S3R, 8920A2S3W, 8921A153R, 8921A153W, 8921A154R, 8921A154W, 8921A155W, 8921A156W, 8921A157K, 8921A157W, 8921A213W, 8921A214W, 8921A21SW, 8921A21EW, 8921A217W, 8921A243W, 8921A244W, 8921A282P, 8921A282T, 8921A283P, 8921A283T, 8921A284G, 8921A284H, 8921A284P, 8921A284T, 8921A285G, 8921A285H, 8921A286G, 8921A286H, 8921A287G, 8921A287H, 8921A321R, 8921A321W, 8921A322R, 8921A322W, 8921A323K, 8921A323W, 8921A691W, 8921A692K, 8921A692W, 8921A693K, 8921A694K, 8921A701W, 8921A702W1 8921A730P, 8921A730T, 8921A731P, 8921A731T, 8921A732G, 8921A733G, 8921A734G, 8921A735G, 8921A740P, 8921A740T, 8921A741P, 8921A741T, 8921A742G, 8921A742T, 8921A743G, 8921A744G, 8921A745G, 8921A760P, 8921A790W, 8921A791W, 8921A800W, 8921A801W, 8921A850W, 8921A860T, 8921A863G, 8921A864G, 8921A865G, 8921A870T, 8921A871G, 8921A872G, 8921A872H, 8921A873H, 8921A874H, 8921A980P, 8921A981P, 8922A201W, 8924A000T, 8924A001G, 8924A002G, 8924A005G, 8924A050W, 8561A020G, 8561A020T

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