Lucas DP210 and DP310 transfer pressure piston and sleeve assembly 7243-777E


Piston and sleeve fitted to some DP210 and DP310 pumps

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Transfer pressure piston and sleeve fitted to some DP210 and DP310 pumps complete 7243-777E

Item 289 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 7243-088E

Fits the following pumps:

9320A022G, 9320A023G, 3320A024G, 3320A072G, 3320A073G, 3320A074G, 3320A052G, 3320A053G, 3320A054G, 3320A032G, 3320A032H, 3320A033G, 3320A033H, 3320A182G, 3320A182H, 3320A183G, 3320A183H, 3320A184G, 3320A184H, 3320A192G, 9320A192H, 9320A193G, 9320A193H, 9320A194G, 9320A194H, 9320A202G, 9320A202H, 9320A203G, 9320A203H, 9320A212G, 9320A212H, 9320A213G, 9320A213H, 9320A214G, 9320A214H, 9320A221G, 9320A222G, 9320A231G, 9320A241G, 9320A251K, 9320A251W, 9320A252K, 9320A252W, 9320A261K, 9320A261W, 9320A262K, 9320A262W, 9320A271K, 9320A271W, 9320A272K, 9320A272W, 9320A252K, 9320A252W, 9320A253K, 9320A253W, 9320A292K, 9320A292W, 9320A293K, 9320A293W, 9320A302K, 9320A302W, 9320A303K, 9320A303W, 9320A342G, 9320A343G, 9320A351G, 9320A352G, 9320A353G, 9320A354G, 9320A350G, 9320A351G, 9320A352G, 9320A390G, 9320A391G, 9320A400G, 9320A400H, 9320A401G, 9320A401H, 9320A402G, 9320A402H, 9320A420G, 9320A421G, 9320A422G, 9320A430G, 9320A432G, 9320A440G, 9320A441G, 9320A442G, 9320A442H, 9320A452G, 9320A452H, 9320A470G, 9320A471G, 9320A450G, 9320A450H, 9320A451G, 9320A451H, 9320A452G, 9320A452H, 9320A500G, 9320A501G, 9320A531G, 9320A531H, 9320A532G, 9320A532H, 9320A541G, 9320A541H, 9320A542G, 9320A542H, 9320A550G, 9320A550H, 9320A600G, 9320A600H, 9320A601G, 9320A610G, 9320A611G, 9320A612G, 9320A620G, 9320A621G, 9320A622G, 9320A650G, 9320A651G, 9320A700E, 9320A530G, 9320A530H, 9322A021G, 9322A022G, 9322A031G, 9322A032G, 9322A041G, 9322A042G, 9322A120G, 9322A121G, 9322A150G, 9322A151G, 9322A160G


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