Lucas DPS and DP200 throttle shaft seal kit


Lucas DPS and DP200 throttle shaft seal kit

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This kit has the top cover gasket, four steel washers for the studs that hold the cover on, and two o-rings for the throttle shaft used for fixing fuel leaks from the top cover of these pumps

The seals may be supplied non formed or pre-formed depending on stock

This kit is for solving fuel leaks from where the throttle shaft enters the top cover of the pump. These leaks tend to be more noticeable in cold weather, and can allow fuel to run back to the tank making the engine difficult to start without priming the pump. In some circumstances, the top cover itself can be badly worn and will need replacing, as no separate bush is fitted to these. We can supply this, but please ask for a quote with your pump number.

The throttle shafts are also available for these pumps HERE

Fits the following DP200 pumps:

8920A001T, 8920A002T, 8920A003T, 8920A004T, 8920A004Y, 8920A005T, 8920А005Y, 8920A006T, 8920A006Y, 8920A007T, 8920A008G, 8920A009G, 8920A010Т, 8920A012Т, 8920A01ЗТ, 8920A014Т, 8920A015Т, 8920A021Т, 8920A022T, 8920A023T, 8920A024T, 8920A025T, 8920A028G, 8920A028G, 8920A030T, 8920A032T, 8920A033T, 892ОА033У, 8920A034T, 8920A034Y, 8920A035T, 8920A035Y, 8920А041Р, 8920A042P, 8920A043P, 8920A044P, 8920A045P, 8920A050P, 8920A051P, 8920A052P, 8920A053P, 8920A054P, 8920A060T, 8920A061T, 8920A062T, 8920A063T, 8920A090W, 8920A091W, 8920A092W, 8920A093W, 8920A110W, 8920A111W, 8920A112W, 8920A113W, 8920A120W, 8920A121W, 8920A122W, 8920A123W, 8920A130T, 8920A131T, 8920A132T, 8920A133T, 8920A140T, 8920A141T, 8920A142P, 8920A142T, 8920A143P, 8920A143T, 8920A144P, 8920A144T, 8920A1S0T, 8920A151T, 8920A152T, 8920A153T, 8920A154P, 8920A154T, 8920A155P, 8920A155T, 8920A180P, 8920A161P, 8920A182P, 8920A183P, 8920A184P, 8920A170P, 8920A171P, 8920A172P, 8920A173P, 8920A174P, 8920A150W, 8920A181W, 8920A182W, 8920A183W, 8920A184W, 8920A190R, 8920A190W, 8920A191R, 8920A191W, 8920A192R, 8920A192W, 8920A193R, 8920A193W, 8920A194R, 8920A194W, 8920A200R, 8920A200W, 8920A201R, 8920A201W, 8920A202R, 8920A202W, 8920A203R, 8920A203W, 8920A204R, 8920A204W, 8920A210W, 8920A211W, 8920A212W, 8920A213W, 8920A214W, 8920A230W, 8920A231W, 8920A232W, 8920A233W, 8920A240T, 8920A242T, 8920A243T, 8920A244T, 8920A250W, 8920A251W, 8920A252W, 8920A253W, 8920A260W, 8920A261W, 8920A262W, 8920A283W, 8920A270R, 8920A270W, 8920A271R, 8920A271W, 8920A272R, 8920A272W, 8920A273R, 8920A273W, 8920A274R, 8920A274W, 8920A280R, 8920A280W, 8920A281R, 8920A281W, 8920A282R, 8920A282W, 8920A290W, 8920A300W, 8920A310W, 8920A320W, 8920A330T, 8920A331P, 8920A331T, 8920A332P, 8920A332T, 8920A333P, 8920A333T, 8920A334P, 8920A334T, 8920A340T, 8920A341T, 8920A342T, 8920A343P, 8920A343T, 8920A344P, 8920A344T, 8920A360W, 8920A381W, 8920A362W, 8920A370T, 8920A371P, 8920A371T, 8920A372P, 8920A372T, 8920A380T, 8920A381P, 8920A381T, 8920A382P, 8920A382T, 8920A383P, 8920A390T, 8920A391P, 8920A391T, 8920A392P, 8920A392T, 8920A400W, 8920A410W, 8920A420W, 8920A421W, 8920A422W, 8920A430W, 8920A431W, 8920A432W, 8920A440T, 8920A441T, 8920A442T, 8920A450T, 8920A451P, 8920A451T, 8920A460T, 8920A461T, 8920A481W, 8920A462W, 8920A470T, 8920A471T, 8920A472P, 8920A472T, 8920A473P, 8920A473T, 8920A480T, 8920A481T, 8920A482P, 8920A482T, 8920A483P, 8920A483T, 8920A484P, 8920A484T, 8920A490T, 8920A491T, 8920A500T, 8920A501P, 8920A501T, 8920A502P, 8920A502T, 8920A510Т, 8920A511P, 8920A511T, 8920A512P 8920A512T 8920A520T 8920A521S 8920A521Т 8920A522S 8920A530T 8920A531Р 8920A531Т 8920A532T 8920A540T 8920A541Т 8920A542P 8920A542T 8920A543T 8920A550T 8920A551Т 8920A552P 8920A552T 8920A553T 8920A580T 8920A561Т 8920A570T 8920A571Т 8920A580T 8920A581Т 8920A590T 8920A591Т 8920A610Р 8920A610Т 8920A820P 8920A820T 8920А630Р 8920A630T, 8920A640P, 8920A640T, 8920A650P, 8920A650T, 8920A660P, 8920A660T, 8920A670W, 8920A871W, 8920A680W, 8920A881W, 8920A690T, 8920A691T, 8920A700W, 8920A701W, 8920A702W, 8920A703W, 8920A710W, 8920A711W, 8920A720W, 8920A721W, 8920A770W, 8920A771W, 8920A780W, 8920A781W, 8920A790P, 8920A790T, 8920A791Р, 8920A791Т, 8920A792P, 8920A792T, 8920A800P, 8920А800Т, 8920A801P, 8920A801T, 8920A802P, 8920A802T, 8920A810P, 8920A81ОТ, 8920A811P, 8920A811T, 8920A812P, 8920A812T, 8920A813G, 8920A820P, 8920A820T, 8920A821P, 8920A821T, 8920A822P, 8920A822T, 8920A840P, 8920A840T, 8920A850P, 8920A850T, 8920A880P, 8920A860T, 8920A870P, 8920A870T, 8920A871P, 8920A871T, 8920A880P, 8920A880T, 8920A881T, 8920A890P, 8920A890T, 8920A891P, 8920A891T, 8920A900P, 8920A900T, 8920A910P, 8920A910Т, 8920A920P, 8920A920T, 8920A930P, 8920A930T, 8920A940P, 8920A940T, 8920A950P, 8920A950T, 8920A970T, 8920A971T, 8921A000W, 8921A001W, 8921A002W, 8921A003W, 8921A004W, 8921A005W, 8921A010W, 8921A011W, 8921A012W, 8921A013W, 8921A014W, 8921A01SW, 8921A01EW, 8921A020W, 8921A021W, 8921A030W, 8921A031W, 8921A050W, 8920A891T, 8920A900P, 8920A900T, 8920A910P, 8920A910Т, 8920A920P, 8920A920T, 8920A930P, 8920A930T, 8920A940P, 8920A940T, 8920A950P, 8920A950T, 8920A970T, 8920A971T, 8921A000W, 8921A001W, 8921A002W, 8921A003W, 8921A004W, 8921A005W, 8921A010W, 8921A011W, 8921A012W, 8921A013W, 8921A014W, 8921A015W, 8921A01EW, 8921A020W, 8921A021W, 8921A030W, 8921A031W, 8921A050W, 8921A132W, 8921A133R, 8921A133W, 8921A134R, 8921A134W, 8921A140R, 8921А140W, 8921A141R, 8921A141W, 8921A142R, 8921A142W, 8921A143R, 8921A143W, 8921A144R, 8921A144W, 8921A145R, 8921А145W, 8921A150R, 8921А150W, 8921A151R, 8921A151W, 8921A152R, 8921A152W, 8921A153R, 8921A153W, 8921A154R, 8921A154W, 8921A170W, 8921A171W, 8921A172W, 8921A173W, 8921A174W, 8921A175W, 8921A190W, 8921A191W, 8921A192W, 8921А193W, 8921A194W, 8921A200W, 8921A201W, 8921A202W, 8921A203W, 8921A204W, 8921А210W, 8921A211W, 8921A212W, 8921A213W, 8921A214W, 8921A220W, 8921A221W, 8921A222W, 8921A223W, 8921A230W, 8921A231W, 8921A232W, 8921A233W, 8921A240W, 8921A241W, 8921A242W, 8921A243W, 8921A250P, 8921A251P, 8921A252P, 8921A280T, 8921A281P, 8921A261T, 8921A262P, 8921A262T, 8921A283P, 8921A263T, 8921A270T, 8921A271P, 8921A271T, 8921A272P, 8921A272T, 8921A273P, 8921A273T, 8921A280P, 8921A280T, 8921A281P, 8921A281T, 8921A282P, 8921A282T, 8921A290T, 8921A291T, 8921A292T, 8921A293T, 8921A300R, 8921A300W, 8921A301R, 8921A301W, 8921A302R, 8921A302W, 8921A303R, 8921A303W, 8921A304R, 8921A304W, 8921A320R, 8921A320W, 8921A321R, 8921A321W, 8921A322R, 8921A322W, 8921A330W, 8921A331W, 8921A340W, 8921A350W, 8921A360W, 8921A380W, 8921A400T, 8921A401T, 8921A402T, 8921A403P, 8921A403T, 8921А410Т, 8921А411Р, 8921А411Т, 8921А412Р, 8921А412Т, 8921А413Р, 8921А413Т, 8921A420W, 8921A440W, 8921A450W, 8921A480W, 8921A470W, 8921A480W, 8921A481W, 8921A482W, 8921А490Р, 8921А490Т, 8921А491Р, 8921A491T 8921A492P 8921A492T 8921A500T 8921A501T 8921А51 0P 8921А510Т 8921A511P 8921A511T 8921A520P 8921A520T 8921A530P 8921A530T 8921A540P 8921A540T 8921A550P 8921A550T 8921A560P 8921A560T 8921A570P 8921A570T 8921A571P 8921A571T 8921A580P 8921A580T 8921A581P 8921A581T 8921A590P 8921A590T 8921A591P 8921A591T 8921A800T 8921A601T 8921A650W, 8921A651W, 8921A852W, 8921A660W, 8921A881W, 8921A670W, 8921A871W, 8921A680W, 8921A881W, 8921A690W, 8921A691W, 8921A700W, 8921A701W, 8921A702W, 8921A730P, 8921A730T, 8921A740P, 8921A740T, 8921A750P, 8921A750T, 8921A760P, 8921A770T, 8921A780T, 8921A790W, 8921A800W, 8921А810W, 8921A820W, 8921A830T, 8921A840W, 8921A841W, 8921A850W, 8921A880T, 8921A890T, 8921A980P 8922A000T 8922A00CJY 8922A001T 8922A001Y 8922A002T 8922A002Y 8922A003T 8922A003Y 8922A004T 8922A004Y 8922A060T 8922A061T 8922A062T 8922A063T 8922A064T 8922A065T 8922A066T 8922A071T 8922A072T 8922A073T 8922A074T 8922A075T 8922A120T 8922A121T 8922А122Т 8922А1ЗОТ 8922А131Т 8922А132Т 8922А140Т 8922А141Т 8922А150Т 8922А151Т 8922A160T, 8922A181T, 8922A170T, 8922A171T, 8922А150W, 8922А181W, 8922A190W, 8922A191W, 8922A200W, 8922A201W, 8922A210W, 8922A211W, 8922A220W, 8922A221W, 8922A230T, 8922A231T, 8922A240T, 8922A250T, 8923A030T, 8923A040T, 8923A050T, 8923A080P, 8923A080T, 8923A070T, 8923A071T, 8923A080T, 8923A081T, 8923A090T, 8923A100T, 8923А101G, 8923А110Р, 8923А110Т, 8923A111P, 8923A111T, 8923A120P, 8923A120T, 8923A130P, 8923А130Т, 8923А140Р, 8923А140Т, 8923А141Р, 8923А141Т, 8923А150Р, 8923А150Т, 8923А160Р, 8923А160Т, 8923А170Р, 8923А170Т, 8923А180Р, 8923А180Т, 8923А181Т, 8923А190Р, 8923А190Т, 8923А200Р, 8923А200Т, 8923А280Т, 8923А290Т, 8923А300Т, 8923A310W, 8923А320Т, 8923А330Т, 8923А340Т, 8923А390Т, 8923А400Т, 8923A420S, 8923A430S, 8923A460W, 8923A470W, 8923A510W, 8924A010W, 8924A020W, 8924A040W, 8924A050W, 8924A060W, 8920A070W, 8920A071W, 8920A072W, 8920A073W, 8920A080W, 8920A081W, 8920A082W, 8920A083W, 8920A100W, 8920A101W, 8920A102W, 8920A103W, 8920A220W, 8920A221W, 8920A222W, 8920A223W, 8920A224W, 8922A010W, 8922A011W, 8922A012W, 8922A013W, 8922A020W, 8922A021W, 8922A022W, 8922A023W, 8922A030W, 8922A031W, 8922A032W, 8922A033W, 8922A040W, 8922A041W, 8922A042W, 8922A043W, 8922A044W, 8922A050W, 8922A051W, 8922A052W, 8922A053W, 8922A080W, 8922A081W, 8922A082W, 8922A083W, 8922A090W, 8922A091W, 8922A092W, 8922A093W, 8922A100W, 8922A101W, 8922A102W, 8922A103W, 8922A110W, 8922A111W, 8922A112W, 8922A113W, 8961A010W, 8961A020W

Fits the following DPS pumps:

8520A060A, 8520A061A, 8520A150A, 8520A300A, 8520A301A, 8520A302A, 8520A303A, 8520A310A, 8520A370A, 8520A371A, 8550A151A, 8561A020G, 8561A020T

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