Lucas DPC top governor cover. Genuine Delphi 9100-296


Lucas DPC top cover 9100-296

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This is the top governor cover for DPC pumps – sometimes this needs to be replaced to fix leaks from the throttle shaft spindle

We need you pump number to supply this part as there are many variations of this cover

Item 11 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

8443B156B, 8443B600A, 8443B601B, 8443B254C, 8443B255D, 8443B256E, 8443B257F, 8443B342A, 8443B343B, 8444B530A, 8443B351B, 8443B351A, 8443B352C, 8443B352D, 8443B353E, 8443B353F, 8443B354E, 8443B354F, 8443B355E, 8443B355F, 8443B830A, 8443B630A, 8443B640A, 8443B263D, 8443B264F, 8443B840A, 8443B930A, 8443B931A, 8443B932A, 8443B933B, 8443B934B, 8444B030A, 8443B620A, 8443B621A, 8443B451B, 8443B452C, 8443B453D, 8443B454D, 8443B455D, 8443B456D, 8443B940A, 8443B941A, 8444B040A, 8444B041A, 8444B020A, 8444B021A, 8443B263E, 8443B264G, 8443B380A, 8443B381B, 8443B382B, 8443B383B, 8443B950A, 8443B951B, 8443B952B, 8443B953C, 8443B954D, 8443B955D, 8443B958E, 8443B980A, 8443B981B, 8444B231B, 8443B910A, 8443B273B, 8443B283B

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