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Lucas DPC top governor cover. Genuine Delphi 9100-859A USED


Lucas DPC top cover 9100-859A

This is a serviceable USED part

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This is the top governor cover for DPC pumps – sometimes this needs to be replaced to fix leaks from the throttle shaft spindle

Item 11 in the exploded diagram

This is a serviceable USED part

Removed from pump 8448B310A

Fits the following pumps:

8448B043C, 8448B060A, 8448B070A, 8448B071B, 8448B072B, 8448B100A, 8448B101A, 8448B250A, 8448B251A, 8448B311A, 8448B320A, 8448B011B, 8448B012B, 8448B041B, 8448B042C, 8448B061B, I8448B310, 8448B321A, 8448B013B

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