Overhaul repair kit for 4 cylinder Denso Mitsubishi PFR injection pumps


Repair kit for Denso Mitsubishi PFR 4 cylinder diesel pumps

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Repair kit for 4 cylinder Denso Mitsubishi diesel pumps. This can often cure symptoms of diesel leaking into the engine sump.

Fits the following:

MITSUBISHI MM406930, MM406931, MM409009, MM409011, MM409012, MM406933, MM406935, MM400926, MM400958, MM409016 , MM409023

DENSO 09450-01250, 09450-01260, 09450-01530, 09450-01540, 09450-01550, 09450-01620, 09450-01680,  09450-01830, 09450-01850, 09450-01960

Includes the following:

09016-40170 Element spring X4 (20mm dia)

09013-60480  Delivery valve spring X4

09030-10060 Slotted washer X4

90802-20150 O rings X4 (14.5mm dia)

09018-30050 Bearing pin X4

09013-70130 Copper washer X4 (13.8mm dia)

M12 Protection caps X4

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