Plunger and element for Simms Minimec pumps 512505-54


Plunger and element for Simms Minimec


Plunger and element for Simms Minimec

Size: 8.5mm RH

Equivalent to: 503240

Item number 20 in the exploded diagram

Please check for a stamped identification on the original element for comparison, also if you are unsure if yours is a left or right handed helix or where to find the stamping, see the PUMPS section under the TECHNICAL menu above.

Fits the following pumps:

P5164, P5164-1, P5164-1A, P5164-1B, P5164-1C, P5164-A, P5164-B, P5164-C, P5172, P5172-1, P5172-A, P5172-B, P5172-C, P5291, P5292, P5292-A, P5292-B, Р5292-С, P5293, P5293-A, P5293-B, P5293-С, P4662-5, P4766, P5011-2, P5052, P5052-1, P5052-1 В, Р5052-1С, Р5052-2, Р5052-2В, Р5052-2С, Р5052-ЗВ, Р5052-ЗС, Р5052-ЗЕ, P5052-3F, Р5052-В, Р5052-С, Р5053-1 В, Р5053-1С, Р5053-2, Р5053-2В, Р5053-2С, P5053-3B, P5053-3C, P5053-3E, P5053-3F, Р5053-В, Р5053-С, P5054-1 В, P5054-1C, P5054-2, P5054-2B, P5054-2C, P5054-3B, P5054-3C, P5054-3E, P5054-3F, P5054-B, P5054-С, P5066, P5066-1, P5066-2, P5075, P5075-1, P5075-2, P5075-3, P5075-4, P5079, P5079-1, P5080, P5080-1, P5080-1A, P5080-2, P5080-2A, P5080-A, P5084-1 A, P5084-2A, P5084-2B, P5084-3A, P5084-3B, P5084-4В, P5084-4C, P5084-4D, P5084-A, P5085-1B, P5085-1C, P5085-2B, P5085-2C, P5085-3B, P5085-3C, P5085-4C, P5085-5B, P5085-5C, P5085-5D, P5085-5E, P5085-B, P5085-С, P5086, P5086-1, P5086-2, P5086-3, P5086-4, P5087, P5087-1, P5087-2, P5087-3, P5087-3A, P5088, P5088-1, P5088-1A, P5088-2, P5088-2A, P5088-3, P5088-3A, P5088-3B, P5088-3C, P5088-A, P5089, P5089-1, P5089-2, P5089-3, P5089-4, P50894B, P5128, P5128-1, P5128-2, P5128-3, P51284, P51284A, P5130, P5130-1, P5130-2, P5130-3, P51304, P51304B, P5186, P5186-1, P5186-2, P5186-3, P5186-3A, P5186-3B, P5337, P5337-1, P5337-1A, P5337-A, P5366, P5541, P5547

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