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Seal repair kit for Bosch CP1K pumps with round seals. Genuine Bosch


If you require the main drive shaft seal please add this to your order separately HERE

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Our replacement seals allow you to replace the faulty seals within your Bosch CP1K fuel pump, allowing you to cure leaks. Our components allow you to replace just the components that fail, allowing you to cure this common fault without the need to purchase a complete new pump.

It is a common fault for the seals, gaskets and o rings to deteriorate within the CP1 fuel pump leading to leaks around the pump which is an MOT failure. These pumps operate at extremely high pressures so even the smallest deterioration in a seal can lead to substantial fuel leaks and associated vehicle faults. Our kit includes replacement seals – those which commonly fail. Enabling you to repair the fuel pump you have without the vast cost of a new / refurbished unit.

If you require the main drive shaft seal please add this to your order separately HERE Teardrop seal kits are available HERE and CP1H kits are also available HERE

This is a genuine Bosch kit, if you prefer a cheaper, good quality non genuine kit these are also available HERE

Fits the following pumps:

0445010009 0445010014 0445010019 0445010021 0445010028 0445010030 0445010032 0445010037 0445010038 0445010049 0445010050 0445010069 0445010070 0445010072 0445010079 0445010080 0445010092 0445010138 0445010201 0445010267 0445010270 0445010271 0445010276 0445010277 0445010278 0445010279 0445010280 0445010281 0445010282 0445010283 0445010284 0445020002 0445020006 0445020040

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