Simms Majormec gasket 513898


Simms Majormec servo housing gasket 513898


Simms Majormec servo housing gasket 513898

Item 185R in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:


Commonly fitted to some Dorman and Rolls Royce engines during the 1950’s/60’s

Fits the following pumps:

P5440, P5440-1, P5440-2, P5444, P5444-1, P5445, P5445-1, P5446, P5465, P5465-1, P5465-2, P5476, P5476-1, P5489, P5489-A, P5508, P5508-1, P5530, P5534, P5534-A, P5534-B, P5570, P5570-A, P5571, P5571-1, P5571-1A, P5571-A, P5571-B, P5572, P5573, P5573-G, P5574, P5574-1, P5423, P5423-1, P5423-2, P5472, P5472-1, P5482, P5482-1, P5497-1, P5497-2A, P5497-2B, P5497-3A, P5497-3B

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