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Simms Minimec governor gasket 500378


Simms Minimec governor gasket

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Simms Minimec governor gasket 500378

Item number 79 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P4584, P4584-1, P4584-2, P4584-2A, P4584-3, P4584-3A, P4584-3B, P4584-3C, P4584-3D, P4586-1, P4586-2, P4586-3, P4586-3A, P4586-4, P4586-4A, P4586-4B, P4586-4D, Р4534, Р4534-А, Р4534-В, Р4534-С, P4594-D, Р4535, Р4535-А, Р4535-В, Р4535-С, Р4536, Р4536-А, P4610, P4610-1, P4610-1B, P4610-1C, P4610-1D, P4584, P4584-1, P4584-2, P4584-2A, P4584-3, P4584-3A, P4584-3B, P4584-3C, P4584-3D, P4586-1, P4586-2, P4586-3, P4586-3A, P4586-4, P4586-4A, P4586-4B, P4586-4D, Р4594, Р4594-А, Р4594-В, Р4594-С, P4594-D, Р4595, Р4595-А, Р4595-В, Р4595-С, Р4596, Р4596-А, P4610, P4610-1, P4610-1B, P4610-1C, P4610-1D, P4619-C, P4624, P4624-1, P4624-10, P4624-10A, P4624-2, P4624-3, P4624-4, P4624-4A, P4624-5, P4624-5A, P4624-6, P4624-EA, P4624-7A, P4624-8, P4624-9, P4624-9A, P4630, P4631, P4632, P4633, P4634, P4635, P4636, P4636-A, P4651, P4651-1, P4658, P4658-1, P4658-2, P4658-3, P4658-4, P4658-4A, P4658-5, P4658-5A, P4658-6, P4658-7, P4658-SA, P4662, P4662-1, P4662-2, P4662-3, P4662-4, P4662-5, P4663, P4664, P4664-A, P4665, P4665-1, P4665-1A, P4665-2, P4665-3, P4665-3A, P4665-3B, P4665-4, P4665-4A, P4665-4B, P4665-5, P4665-5A, P4665-5B, P4665-6, P4665-EA, P4665-6B, P4666, P4666-1, P4666-1T, P4674, P4674-A, P4679, P4679-A, P4680, P4680-A, P4681-1, P4682, P4682-1, P4684, P4684-A, P4684-B, P4685, P4685-A, P4685-B, P4686, P4687, P4693, P4693-1, P4693-2, P4693-3, P4693-4, P4699, P4699-1, P4699-1A, P4699-A, P4708, P4708-1, P4708-1A, P4708-A, P4709, P4709-1, P4709-1A, Р4703-2, Р4703-2А, P4709-3, P4709-4, P4709-A, P4710, P4710-1, P4710-1A, P4710-2, P4710-2A, P4710-3, P4710-4, P4710-A, P4717, P4717-1, P4721, P4721-W, P4722, P4722-W, P4723, P4723-W, P4724, P4724-W, P4725, P4725-W, P4728-1, P4730, P4730-A, P4736, P4748-1, P4748-1A, P4748-1B, P4748-1С, P4748-1D, P4748-1E, P4748-1F, P4748-1G, P4748-1H, P4748-2, P4748-2A, P4748-2B, P4748-2C, P4748-2D, P4748-2E, P4748-2F, P4748-2G, P4748-2H, P4748-3, P4748-3A, P4748-3B, P4748-3C, P4748-3D, P4748-3E, P4748-3F, P4748-3G, P4748-3H, P4748-4, P4748-4A, P4748-4B, P4748-4C, P4748-4D, P4748-4E, P4748-4F, P4748-4G, P4748-4H, P4749, P4755-1, P4755-1B, P4755-1 С, P4755-1D, Р4755-1Е, Р4755-1F, Р4756-1, Р4756-1В, Р4756-1 С, P4756-1D, Р4756-1Е, Р4756-1F, Р4757-1, Р4757-1В, Р4757-1 С, P4757-1D, Р4757-1Е, Р4757-1F, Р4758, Р4758-1, Р4758-1 С, Р4758-С, Р4759, Р4759-1, Р4759-1 С, Р4759-С, Р4760, Р4760-1, Р4760-1 С, Р4760-С, Р4761, Р4761-1, Р4761-1С, P4761-C, P4762, P4762-1, P4762-1 С, Р4762-С, Р4777, Р4777-1, Р4784, Р4784-1, Р4784-2, Р4784-2А, Р4784-3, Р4784-ЗА, Р4784-4, Р4784-4А, Р4784-5, Р4784-5А, Р4784-6, P4784-6A, P4784-6D, Р4784-6Е, P4784-6F, Р4738, Р4738-1, Р4801, Р4801-1, Р4801-2, Р4801-3, Р4801-4, Р4801-5, Р4801-ЕА, Р4812, Р4813, P4824, P4824-1, P4824-2, P4824-3, P4824-4, P4841, P4842, P4843, P4850, P4856, P4856-1, P4857, P4857-1, P4857-2, P4857-3, Р4859, Р4859-1, Р4859-2, Р4859-3, P4862, P4862-1, P4862-2, P4862-3, P4862-4, P4862-5, P4862-6, P4875, P4875-1, P4875-1A, P4875-1B, P4875-1 С, P4875-1D, Р4875-1Е, P4875-2, P4876, P4876-1, P4876-1A, P4876-1B, P4876-1 С, P4876-1D, Р4876-1Е, Р4876-2, Р4877, Р4877-1, Р4877-1А, Р4877-1В, Р4877-1 С, P4877-1D, Р4877-1Е, Р4877-2, Р4878, Р4878-1, Р4878-1А, Р4878-1В, Р4878-1 С, P4878-1D, Р4878-1Е, Р4878-2, Р4879, Р4879-1, Р4879-1А, Р4879-1В, Р4873-1 С, P4879-1D, Р4879-1Е, Р4879-2 P4898, P5000, P5000-1, P5000-2, P5000-3, P5009-1, P5009-2, P5009-3, P5009-4, P5014, P5014-1, P5014-2, P5014-3, P5014-A, P5014-B, P5024, P5024-1, P5024-1A, P5024-2, P5024-2A, P5024-3, P5024-3A, P5024-4, P5024-4A, P5024-5, P5024-5A, P5025, P5026, P5027, P5029, P5029-1, P5050, P5050-1, P5051, P5051-1, P5069, P5074, P5074-1, P5074-2, P5074-3, P5074-4, P5074-5, P5074-5J, P5074-6, P5074-7, P5074-7X, P5102-1, P5102-2, P5102-3, P5102-4, P5110, P5110-1, P5110-2, P5123, P5144, P5144-1, P5144-2, P5144-3, P5144-4, P5147, P5147-1, P5147-2, P5147-3, P5147-4, P5168, P5168-1, P5169, P5169-1, P5169-1A, P5169-2, P5169-2A, P5169-A, P5226, P5226-1, P5226-2, P5319, P5319-1, P5319-1A, P5319-A, P5326, P5461, P5463, P5463-1, P5562-1, P5646, P5646-1, P5646-1A, P5646-A, P5674, P5674-1

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