Stop solenoid for Lucas Delphi DPC pumps. Genuine Delphi


Stop solenoid 12v used in DPC pumps with fly leads

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Stop solenoid 12v used in DPC pumps with fly leads. Genuine Delphi

If you prefer a cheaper non OEM solenoid please see HERE

Citroen,  Fiat,  Ford,  Peugeot,  Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen

Fits the following DPC pumps:

8444B620A, 8444B621B, 8444B622B, 8444B623B, 8444B630A, 8444B631B, 8444B632B, 8444B640A, 8444B641B, 8444B660A, 8444B661B, 8444B662C, 8444B671A, 8444B672B, 8444B674B, 8444B682B, 8444B683B, 8444B690A, 8444B691A, 8444B692A, 8444B693B, 8444B694B, 8444B712C, 8444B712D, 8444B713D, 8444B720A, 8444B720B, 8444B721B, 8444B730A, 8444B731A, 8444B960A, 8444B962B, 8444B963B, 8444B970A, 8444B972B, 8444B973B, 8445B081A, 8445B110A, 8445B111B, 8448B041B, 8448B042C, 8448B043C, 8448B060A, 8448B061B, 8448B100A, 8448B101A, 8444B541B, 8444B542C, 8444B600A, 8444B601A, 8444B610A, 8444B611B, 8444B881B, 8444B891B, 8444B920A, 8444B942C, 8444B950A, 8444B952B, 8444B953B, 8444B955C, 8444B956C, 8445B030A, 8445B031B, 8445B034C, 8445B035C, 8445B041B, 8445B050A, 8445B051C, 8448B020A, 8448B021A, 8448B022A, 8448B023A, 8448B031A, 8448B032A, 8448B033A, 8448B034A, 8448B092A, 8448B093B, 8448B094B, 8448B094C, 8448B095C, 8448B096C, 8448B120A, 8448B121A, 8448B152B, 8448B171A

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