Top housing gasket for 4 cylinder Minimec pumps


Top housing gasket for 4 cylinder Minimec pumps

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Top housing gasket for 4 cylinder Minimec pumps commonly fitted to Ford engines

Equivalent to: E6NN9A543FB

Fits the following pumps:

P4862-7, P4862-7A, P4862-8A, P4862-9A, P4862-9B, P4862-9C, P4862-9D, P5024-6, P5024-7, P5024-7A, P5052-3B, P5052-3C, P5052-3E, P5052-3F, P5084-4B, P5084-4C, P5084-4D, P5086-4, P5087-3, P5087-3A, P5127-3, P5127-3A, P5128-4, P5128-4A, P5305-3, P5305-3A, P5305-3B, P5305-3C, P5305-5, P5305-5B, P5305-5C, P5305-5D, P5305-5E, P5305-5F, P5319-3A, P5319-3B, P5319-3C, P5319-4B, P5319-4C, P5319-5B, P5319-5C, P5319-5D, P5319-5E, P5319-5F, P5319-5G, P5319-5H, P5319-5J, P5363-1, P5368, P5368-B, P5368-C, P5368-D, P5368-E, P5368-F, P5368-G, P5393, P5393-1, P5431, P5432, P5433, P5433-A, P5434, P5434-A, P5434-B, P5438-1, P5438-2, P5438-2A, P5438-2B, P5438-3A, P5438-3C, P5438-3D, P5438-4C, P5438-4D, P5438-5C, P5438-5D, P5464, P5464-1, P5464-1A, P5464-2, P5464-2A, Р5469, Р5469-А, Р5469-В, Р5469-С, P5470, P5470-A, P5470-B, P5471, P5485-3, Р5494, Р5494-А, Р5494-В, Р5498-А, Р5498-В, Р5498-С, P5510-2, P5513-2, P5526, P5537-A, P5537-AX, P5541, P5547, P5556, P5556-1, P5564, P5564-1, P5596, P5596-1D, P5596-1E, P5596-A, P5596-C, P5596-D, P5597, P5597-1D, P5597-1E, P5597-2D, P5597-2E, P5597-2G, P5597-2H, P5597-A, P5597-D, P5598-1, P5598-1 С, P5598-1D, Р5598-2С, Р5598-2Е, P5598-2F, P5598-2G, Р5598-В, Р5598-С, Р5609, Р5609-1, P5648, P5648-1, P5648-1A, Р5649, Р5649-1, Р5649-1А, P5675, P5675-A, P5675-B, P5675-C, P5680, P5680-A, P5681, P5681-A, P5681-B, P5687, P5688, Р5689, Р5690, Р5690-А, P5708, P5708-A, Р5709, Р5709-А, Р5719, P5718-1, P5720, P5721, P5722, P5722-A, P5723, P5723-A, P5727, P5728, P5730, P5730-1, P5731, P5731-1, P5732, P5732-1 P5733, P5733-1, P5735, P5735-1, P5736, P5736-1, P5742

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