CAV DPA advance housing and piston 7139-16. Genuine Delphi


Advance housing and piston fitted to CAV DPA pumps

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Advance housing and piston fitted to CAV DPA pumps, Commonly Perkins engines

Item number 256 in the exploded diagram

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 3 day lead time for this part

Fits the following pumps:

3042F440, 3042F441, 3042F442, 3042F443, 3042F450, 3042F451, 3042F452, 3042F820, 3042F830, 3042F840, 3042F841, 3042F842, 3042F843, 3042F844, 3062F250, 3062F260, 3062F320, 3062F321, 3062F322, 3062F323, 3062F324, 3062F330, 3062F331, 3062F380, 3062F381, 3062F380, 3062F381, 3062F510, 3062F511, 3062F512, 3222018, 3222F018, 3222F030, 3222F040, 3222F050, 3222F060, 3232748, 3232768, 3232778, 3232878, 3232F768, 3232F878, 3233010, 3233040, 3233080, 3233100, 3233110, 3233130, 3233140, 3233340, 3233360, 3233400, 3233F010, 3233F040, 3233F080, 3233F100, 3233F110, 3233F111, 3233F130, 3233F131, 3233F140, 3233F141, 3233F340, 3233F341, 3233F360, 3233F361, 3233F400, 3233F401, 3233F470, 3233F480, 3233F480, 3233F500, 3233F540, 3233F550, 3233F560, 3233F570, 3233F830, 3233F831, 3238F360, 3238F370, 3238F380, 3238F470, 3238F471, 3238F472, 3238F473, 3238F280, 3239F300W, 3238F301W, 3238F310, 3238F320, 3238F321, 3238F330T, 3238F331T, 3238F340T, 3238F341T, 3243710, 3243F710, 3246837, 3246939C, 3246E937, 3246E939, 3247E110, 3247F110, 3248580, 3248620, 3248640, 3248770, 3248F580, 3248F620, 3248F640, 3248F641, 3248F642, 3248F770, 3248F970, 3248230, 3249F230, 3249F540, 3249F600, 3249F610, 3249F620, 3249F630, 3249F680, 3249F730, 3249F830, 3249F840, 3249F850, 3249F860, 3249F900, 3249F901, 3249F902, 3262088, 3262128, 3262138, 3262188, 3262218, 32623181 3262338, 3262348, 3262378, 3262388, 3262388, 3262408, 3262418, 3262428, 3262518, 3262528, 3262568, 3262578, 3262588, 3262608, 3262618, 3262628, 3262638, 3262658, 3262668, 3262678, 3262688, 3262708, 3262748, 3262778, 3262788, 3262788, 3262808, 3262838, 3262848, 3262858, 3262888, 3262F348, 3262F388, 3262F428, 3262F518, 3262F568, 3262F578, 3262F588, 3262F678, 3262F688, 3262F708, 3262F778, 3262F788, 3262F788, 3262F838, 3283000, 3283010, 3263060, 3263062, 3263070, 3263080, 3263081, 3263100, 3263120, 3263150, 3263151, 3263152, 3263153, 3263160, 3263161, 3263162, 3263220, 3263230, 3263240, 3263250, 3263252, 3263260, 3263300, 3263301, 3263302, 3263303, 3263320, 3263321, 3263330, 3263331, 3263333, 3263334, 3263351, 3263352, 3263410, 3263411, 3263431, 3263451, 3263452, 3263460, 3263470, 3263430, 3263431, 3263500, 3263501, 3263511, 3263530, 3263540, 3263541, 3263560, 3263561, 3263580, 3263580, 3263581, 3263740, 3263750, 3263771, 3263F062, 3263F081, 3263F100, 3263F120, 3263F121, 3263F122, 3263F152, 3263F153, 3263F182, 3263F220, 3263F230, 3263F252, 3263F280, 3263F303, 3263F333, 3263F334, 3263F335, 3263F351, 3263F352, 3263F411, 3263F431, 3263F451, 3263F452, 3263F481, 3263F501, 3263F511, 3263F530, 3263F541, 3263F560, 3263F561, 3263F580, 3263F581, 3263F740, 3263F750, 3263F771, 3266437, 3266D589, 3266E437, 3266E589, 3266F589, 3268000, 3268250, 3268350, 3268420, 3268430, 3268431, 3268610, 3268710, 3268F000, 3268F160, 3268F250, 3268F350, 3268F420, 3268F430, 3268F431, 3268F432, 3268F610, 3268F660, 3268F661, 3268F710, 3268F780, 3268F781, 3268F782, 3268F790, 3268F791, 3268F800, 3268F801, 3268F802, 3268F980, 3269F000, 3269F001, 3269F030, 3269F040, 3269F050, 3269F110, 3269F200, 3269F210, 3269F211, 3288F212, 3288F310, 3269F320, 3269F340, 3269F350, 3269F400, 3269F410, 3269F440, 3269F450, 3269F540, 3269F550, 3269F551, 3269F740, 3269F741, 3269F770, 3269F771, 3342F020, 3342F030, 3342F080, 3342F090, 3342F100, 3342F180, 3342F200, 3342F220, 3342F221, 3342F222, 3342F260, 3342F261, 3342F270, 3342F271, 3342F280, 3342F290, 3342F300, 3342F380, 3342F390, 3342F400, 3342F450, 3342F760, 3342F950, 3343F390, 3343F391, 3343F400, 3343F401, 3343F410, 3343F411, 3348F630, 3348F631, 3348F632, 3348F633, 3348F634, 3362F170, 3362F340, 3362F341, 3362F640, 3362F641, 3362F660, 3362F770, 3362F771, 3362F810, 3362F811, 3382F850, 3382F851, 3362F900, 3362F901, 3362F940, 3362F950, 3362F960, 3362F970, 3363F180, 3363F300, 3363F310, 3363F450, 3363F451, 3542F350, 3642F410, 3642F470, 3642F480, 3642F730W, 3662F310, 3662F311, 3662F320, 3662F321, 3662F330, 3662F340, 3662F341, 3662F342, 3662F350, 3662F351, 3662F352, 3662F370, 3662F371, 3662F400,3662F410, 3662F440, 3662F441, 3662F530, 3662F531, 3662F600, 3662F601, 3932F010, 3932F011, 3932F012, 3932F020, 3932F030, 3932F031, 3932F032, 3932F033, 3932F060, 3932F070, 3932F071, 3932F072, 3932F110, 3932F111, 3932F112, 3942F040, 3942F041, 3942F160, 3942F200, 3942F210, 3942F211, 8860A350W, 8860A380W, 8861A000, 8861A190W, C3246E837, C3249F680, 8520A180A, 8520A181 A, 8520A182A, 8520A240A, 8520A241A, 8520A242A, 8520A520A, 8520A530A, 8520A540A, 8520A580A, 8520A580A, 8520A800A, 8520A810A, 8520A820A, 8520A830A, 8520A840A, 8520A850A, 8520A880A, 8520A870A, 8520A880A, 8521A880A, 8521A881A, 8521A870A, 8521A871A, 8521A880A, 8521A881A, 8523A000A, 8523A010A, 8523A020A, 8523A030A, 8523A040A, 8523A050A, 8523A080A, 8523A070A, 8523A071A, 8523A080A, 8523A080A, 8523A081A, 8523A1O0A, 8523A110A, 8523A120A, 8523A121A, 8523A130A, 8523A160A, 8523A181 A, 8523A182A, 8523A230A, 8523A231A, 8523A240A, 8523A241A, 8523A250A, 8523A280A, 8523A281A, 8523A270A, 8523A271A, 8523A280A, 8523A281A, 8523A280A, 8523A291A, 8523A310A, 8523A370A, 8523A380A, 8523A410A, 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