CAV DPA and DPS advance housing and piston 7123-819DR Genuine CAV Delphi


Advance housing and piston fitted to some CAV DPA and DPS pumps


Advance housing and piston fitted to some CAV DPA and DPS pumps, commonly Perkins applications

Item number 256 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to:

PERKINS 26431751

Fits the following pumps:

3343F080, 3343F081, 3343F082, 3343F100, 3343F110, 3343F111, 3343F112, 3343F210, 3343F211, 3343F212, 3343F830, 3343F831, 3343F832, 3343F930, 3343F931, 3343F932, 3348F890T, 8860A420K, 8860A420W, 8860A421K, 8860A421W, 8861A170W, 8861A180W, 8861A280W, 8520A890A, 8520A891A, 8520A900A, 8521A100A, 8521A101A, 8521A102A, 8521A110A, 8521A111A, 8521A112A, 8521A113A, 8521A130A, 8521A131A, 8521A132A, 8521A133A, 8521A150A, 8521A151A, 8521A152A, 8521A153A, 8521A154A, 8521A200A, 8521A201A, 8521A202A, 8521A210A, 8521A211A, 8521A212A, 8521A220A, 8521A221A, 8521A222A, 8521A223A, 8521A250A, 8521A251A, 8521A252A, 8521A253A, 8521A270A, 8521A271A, 8521A272A, 8521A273A, 8521A280A, 8521A281A, 8521A282A, 8521A283A, 8521A310A, 8521A311A, 8521A312A, 8521A320A, 8521A321A, 8521A322A, 8521A323A, 8521A400A, 8521A401A, 8521A402A, 8521A430A, 8521A431A, 8521A432A, 8521A610A, 8521A830A, 8521A300A, 8521A301A, 8523A190A, 8523A191A

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