*Serviceable Part*

CAV DPA and DPS piston and sleeve 7135-74BR USED


Piston and sleeve fitted to DPA and DPS pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

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Piston and sleeve fitted to DPA and DPS pumps

This is a serviceable USED part

Item 190 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA and DPS pumps:

3247F300, 3247F301, 3342F351, 3342F352, 3342F610, 3342F890, 3342F891, 3432230, 3432231, 3432F230, 3432F231, 3442950, 3442950A, 3442951, 3442951A, 3442952, 3442F950, 3442F951, 3442F952, 3443090, 3443220, 3443221, 3443221 A, 3443221 В, 3443222, 3443222A, 3443320, 3443321, 3443322, 3443322A, 3443380, 3443380A, 3443390, 3443390A, 3443430, 3443430В, 3443450, 3443460, 3443460А, 3443462, 3443470, 3443471, 3443480, 3443481, 3443540, 3443541, 3443560, 3443610, 3443620, 3443F090, 3443F221, 3443F221A, 3443F221B, 3443F222, 3443F222A, 3443F320, 3443F321, 3443F322, 3443F322A, 3443F380, 3443F380A, 3443F390, 3443F391, 3443F430, 3443F430B, 3443F431, 3443F432, 3443F433, 3443F450, 3443F460, 3443F462, 3443F470, 3443F471, 3443F480, 3443F481, 3443F540, 3443F541, 3443F542, 3443F543, 3443F544, 3443F545, 3443F560, 3443F569, 3443F600, 3443FG01, 3443FG10, 3443F611, 3443F611C, 3443FG14, 3443F620, 3443F621, 3443F780, 3443F780A, 3443F781, 3443F781A, 3443F783, 3443F784, 3443F784A, 3443F785, 3443F786, 3443F787, 3443F790, 3443F790A, 3443F790B, 3443F791, 3443F792, 3443F792A, 3443F793, 3443F794, 3443F795, 3443F797, 3443F798, 3443F799, 3443F810, 3443F810A, 3443F811, 3443F811A, 3443F818, 3443F819, 3443F900, 3443F901, 3443F940, 3443F941, 3443F942, 3443F943, 3443F944, 3443F945, 3448F180, 3448F181, 3448F183, 3448F184, 3448F240, 3448F241, 3448F250, 3448F251, 3448F290, 3448F291, 3449F010, 3449F011, 3449F012, 3462F051, 3942F240, 3942F241, 3942F242, 3942F250, 3942F251, 3942F252, 3942F420, 3942F430, 3942F560, 3942F570, C3443F433, C3443F786, C3443F795, C3443F945, C3448F184, C3448F241, C3448F291, R3462051, 8520A013A, 8520A020A, 8520A021A, 8520A023A, 8520A024A, 8520A030A, 8520A031A, 8520A060A, 8520A061A, 8520A080A, 8520A081A, 8520A082A, 8520A083A, 8520A084A, 8520A085A, 8520A120A, 8520A121A, 8520A122A, 8520A123A, 8520A124A, 8520A130A, 8520A131 A, 8520A150A, 8520A160A, 8520A220A, 8520A230A, 8520A2G0A, 8520A290A, 8520A291A, 8520A300A, 8520A301A, 8520A302A, 8520A303A, 8520A310A, 8520A370A, 8520A371A, 8520A480A, 8520A481A, 8520A482A, 8520A490A, 8520A491A, 8520A500A, 8520A501A, 8523A320A, 8523A321A, 8523A322A, 8523A330A, 8523A340A, 8523A341A, 8523A342A, 8550A000A, 8550A001A, 8550A002A, 8550A003A, 8550A020A, 8550A021A, 8550A030A, 8550A031A, 8550A061A, 8550A062A, 8550A063A, 8550A070A, 8550A071A, 8550A072A, 8550A073A, 8550A074A, 8550A075A, 8550A080A, 8550A081A, 8550A082A, 8550A083A, 8550A084A, 8550A085A, 8550A100A, 8550A101A, 8550A150A, 8550A151 A, 8550A154A, 8550A155A, 8550A156A, 8550A157A, 8550A160A, 8550A190A, 8550A200A, 8550A201A, 8550A202A, 8550A203A, 8550A220A, 8550A221A, 8550A222A, 8550A223A, 8550A224A, 8550A230A, 8550A232A, 8550A233A, 8550A240A, 8550A251A, 8550A252A, 8550A253A, 8550A271A, 8550A281A, 8550A282A, 8550A290A, 8550A291A, 8550A292A, 8550A300A, 8550A301A, 8550A330A, 8550A339A, 8550A340A, 8550A348A, 8550A349A, 8550A380A, 8550A390A, 8550A400A, 8550A410A, 8550A420A, 8550A440A, 8550A470A, 8550A490A, 8550A499A, 8550A500A, 8550A509A, 8550A510A, 8550A520A, 8550A530A, 8550A550A, 8550A560A, 8550A610A, C8550A000A/A, C8550A000A/B

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