CAV DPA cam ring 7123-308F


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-308F


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-308F

Equivalent to:


Item 32 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3222F040, 3222F050, 3222F060, 3240638, 3240338, 3240958, 3240968, 3240998, 3240F638, 3240F938, 3240F958, 3240F968, 3240F969, 3240F998, 3241030, 3241040, 3241F030, 3241F031, 3241F040, 3241 FI 50, 3241F430, 3241F750, 3241F820, 3241F830, 3241F840, 3241F850, 3241F900, 3343F600, 3343F601, 3343F610, 3343F611, 3343F612, 3343F613, 3343F620, 3343F621, 3343F720, 3343F721, 3343F860, 3343F861, 3343F862, 3343F863, 3343F864, 3348F250, 3348F251, 3348F252, 3348F253, 3440120, 3440F120, 3540F030, 3640F190, 3640F210, 3640F211, 3642F410, R3240958, R3240988, R3240F958, R3240F968, R3241040, R3241F040

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