CAV DPA cam ring 7123-308N


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-308N


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7123-308N

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 4 day lead time for this part

Eqiuvalent to:

PERKINS 26430516, VOLVO 6642486-2, FIAT 9917992

Item 32 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3240618, 3240748, 3240758, 3240838, 3240848, 3240858, 3240808, 3240818, 3240888, 3240F838, 3240F848, 3240F858, 3240F888, 3240F808, 3240F818, 3240F888, 3241000, 3241050, 3241140, 3241260, 3241270, 3241280, 3241280, 3241350, 3241360, 3241F000, 3241F001, 3241F050, 3241F120, 3241F121, 3241F122, 3241F140, 3241F260, 3241F261, 3241F270, 3241F280, 3241F280, 3241F291, 3241F282, 3241F330, 3241F340, 3241F350, 3241F351, 3241F352, 3241F380, 3241F381, 3241F382, 3241F380, 3241F400, 3241F410, 3241F440, 3241F441, 3241F450, 3241F451, 3241F480, 3241F481, 3241F480, 3241F491, 3241F482, 3241F483, 3241F520, 3241F530, 3241F531, 3241F550, 3241F800, 3241F801, 3241F810, 3241F640, 3241F641, 3241F700, 3241F701, 3241F710, 3241F730, 3241F870, 3241F871, 3241F872, 3241F873, 3241F880, 3241F881, 3241F882, 3241F840, 3241F941, 3241F842, 3241F843, 3241F880, 3244E010, 3248810, 3248F810, 3248080, 3248450, 3248480, 3248470, 3248F060, 3248F450, 3248F460, 3248F470, 3248F650, 3248F651, 3248F660, 3248F670, 3340F000, 3340F001, 3340F002, 3340F020, 3340F021, 3340F030, 3340F031, 3340F032, 3340F040, 3340F041, 3340F042, 3340F043, 3340F160, 3340F161, 3340F180, 3340F181, 3340F182, 3340F180T, 3340F181T, 3340F200T, 3340F201T, 3340F202T, 3340F210T, 3340F211T, 3340F220, 3340F221, 3340F250, 3342F070, 3342F080, 3342F470, 3342F471, 3342F640, 3343F760, 3343F761, 3343F762, 3348F730, 3348F880, 3348F881, 3348F260, 3422020, 3422F020, 3440080, 3440130, 3440F130, 3442300, 3442F300, 3442F301, 3640F010, 3640F240, 3640F260, 3640F261, 3640F262, 3640F270, 3640F271, 3640F272, 3640F300, 3640F301, 3640F350, 3640F430W, 3642F560, 3642F580, 3642F581, C3241F350, R3240838, R3240F838, R3241050, R3241280, R3241F050, R3241F260, R3440F090, V3241F350, V3241F360

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