CAV DPA cam ring 9003-723


Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 9003-723

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Cam ring fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 9003-723 commonly fitted to John Deere applications

Item 32 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3348F240, 3348F260, 3348F261, 3348F270, 3348F271, 3348F280, 3348F281, 3348F290, 3348F291, 3348F300, 3348F301, 3348F310, 3348F311, 3348F320, 3348F321, 3348F330, 3348F331, 3348F340, 3348F341, 3348F360, 3348F370, 3348F371, 3348F380, 3348F381, 3348F382, 3348F390, 3348F400, 3348F520, 3348F570, 3348F571, 3349F070, 3349F080X, 3349F081X, 3349F082X, 3443270, 3443F270, 3443F630, 3443F640, 3443F650, 3443F680, 3443F690, 3443F700, 3443F710, 3443F910, 3443F950, 3443F960, 3443F970, 3443F980, 3448F010, 3448F020, 3448F040, 3448F050, 3448F070, 3448F080, 3448F090, 3448F100, 3448F110, 3448F140, 3448F160, 3448F130, 3448F210, 3448F220, 3448F230, 3448F260, 3448F280, 3448F310, 3448F380, 3448F390, 3449F020, 3449F030, 3449F040, 3449F050, 3449F060, 3449F070, 3542F920, 3543F070, 3543F080, 3543F090, 8860A050W, C3443F630, C3443F640, C3443F680, C3443F910, C3443F950, C3443F970, C3443F980, C3448F040, C3448F220, R3443F640, R3443F910, R3443F950, R3443F970, R3443F990, R3449F040, R3448F160, R3448F210, R3448F220, R3448F230, R3448F260, R3448F280, R3448F310, R3448F380, R3448F390, R3449F020, R3449F030, R3449F040, R3449F050, R3449F060, R3449F070,

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