CAV DPA cam ring shoe and roller kit


Camring shoe and roller kit fitted to CAV DPA pumps


Camring shoe and roller kit fitted to CAV DPA pumps

Item 64 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3042F000, 3042F001, 3042F002, 3042F010, 3042F011, 3042F012, 3042F020, 3042F021, 3042F030, 3042F031, 3042F032, 3042F033, 3042F040, 3042F041, 3042F042, 3042F050, 3042F051, 3042F052, 3042F060, 3042F061, 3042F062, 3042F070, 3042F071, 3042F080, 3042F090, 3042F100, 3042F101, 3042F102, 3042F103, 3042F104, 3042F105, 3042F110, 3042F120, 3042F121, 3042F122, 3042F130, 3042F131, 3042F132, 3042F140, 3042F150, 3042F151, 3042F152, 3042F160, 3042F170, 3042F171, 3042F172, 3042F173, 3042F174, 3042F180, 3042F181, 3042F181P, 3042F181R, 3042F182, 3042F183, 3042F184, 3042F180, 3042F200, 3042F210, 3042F211, 3042F212, 3042F213, 3042F214, 3042F220, 3042F220P, 3042F220R, 3042F221, 3042F222, 3042F223, 3042F224, 3042F230, 3042F231, 3042F240, 3042F241, 3042F250, 3042F251, 3042F260, 3042F261, 3042F280, 3042F281, 3042F330, 3042F331, 3042F332, 3042F333, 3042F334, 3042F335, 3042F340, 3042F350, 3042F370, 3042F371, 3042F420, 3042F421, 3042F460, 3042F480, 3042F500, 3042F501, 3042F502, 3042F503, 3042F504, 3042F510, 3042F511, 3042F512, 3042F520, 3042F521, 3042F522, 3042F523, 3042F524, 3042F530, 3042F531, 3042F532, 3042F560, 3042F561, 3042F590, 3042F591, 3042F610, 3042F620, 3042F720, 3042F730, 3042F740, 3042F750, 3042F760, 3042F770, 3042F771, 3042F772, 3042F773, 3042F774, 3042F780, 3042F781, 3042F782, 3042F800, 3042F810, 3042F811, 3042F812, 3062F010, 3062F011, 3062F012, 3062F013, 3062F014, 3062F020, 3062F021, 3062F022, 3062F023, 3062F024, 3062F050, 3062F051, 3062F060, 3062F061, 3062F061P, 3062F061R, 3062F062, 3062F063, 3062F064, 3062F070, 3062F071, 3062F072, 3062F073, 3062F074, 3062F075, 3062F080, 3062F081, 3062F081P, 3062F081R, 3062F082, 3062F083, 3062F083P, 3062F084P, 3062F085P, 3062F090, 3062F091, 3062F092, 3062F110, 3082F111, 3082F120, 3082F121, 3062F130, 3062F131, 3062F132, 3062F133, 3062F134, 3062F140, 3062F141, 3062F142, 3062F143, 3062F150, 3062F151, 3062F152, 3062F153, 3062F154, 3062F180, 3062F181, 3062F162, 3062F163, 3062F164, 3062F280, 3062F290, 3062F340, 3062F341, 3062F342, 3062F343, 3062F344, 3062F350, 3062F351, 3062F352, 3062F353, 3062F354, 3062F450, 3062F530, 3062F600, 3062F610, 3062F611, 3142F000, 3220000, 3220F000, 3222018, 3222020, 3222F018, 3222F020, 3222F030, 3222F040, 3222F050, 3222F060, 3222F070, 3222F071, 3230000, 3230010, 3230020, 3230030, 3230050, 3230060, 3230070, 3230080, 3230120, 3230130, 3230140, 3230160, 3230170, 3230180, 3230180, 3230200, 3230210, 3230220, 3230230, 3230240, 3230250, 3230260, 3230270, 3230280, 3230280, 3230300, 3230310, 3230320, 3230330, 3230331, 3230340, 3230350, 3230360, 3230380, 3230F030, 3230F050, 3230F060, 3230F070, 3230F080, 3230F100, 3230F110, 3230F120, 3230F130, 3230F140, 3230F160, 3230F170, 3230F180, 3230F180, 3230F200, 3230F210, 3230F220, 3230F230, 3230F231, 3230F240, 3230F241, 3230F242, 3230F250, 3230F260, 3230F261, 3230F270, 3230F280, 3230F281, 3230F280, 3230F300, 3230F310, 3230F320, 3230F331, 3230F332, 3230F340, 3230F350, 3230F351, 3230F352, 3230F360, 3230F361, 3230F380, 3230F381, 3230F380, 3230F381, 3230F400, 3230F410, 3230F420, 3230F421, 3230F430, 3230F431, 3230F440, 3230F450, 3230F451, 3230F452, 3230F460, 3230F461, 3230F480, 3230F520, 3230F530, 3230F540, 3230F541, 3230F542, 3230F542G, 3230F550, 3230F551, 3230F552, 3230F560T, 3230F561T, 3230F562T, 3230F563T, 3230F564T, 3230F565T, 3230F570T, 3230F571T, 3230F572T, 3232027, 3232038, 3232048, 3232078, 3232148, 3232158, 3232188, 3232178, 3232188, 3232208, 3232218, 3232378, 3232408, 3232478, 3232488, 3232508, 3232518, 323262SA, 3232888, 3232708, 3232718, 3232728, 3232748, 3232788, 3232778, 3232788A, 3232798A, 3232808A, 3232818A, 3232828A, 3232838A, 3232848, 3232858, 3232868, 3232878, 3232888, 3232808, 3232838, 3232848, 3232858, 3232888, 3232878, 3232888, 3232F018, 3232F028, 3232F628, 3232F768, 3232F788, 3232F808, 3232F828, 3232F848, 3232F858, 3232F868, 3232F878, 3232F808, 3232F838, 3232F848, 3232F858 3232F868 3232F878 3232F808 3232F838 3232F848 3232F858 3232F88832 32F87832 32F888 3233000, 3233001, 3233010, 3233020, 3233030, 3233040, 3233050, 3233080, 3233070, 3233080, 3233080, 3233100, 3233110, 3233120, 3233130, 3233140, 3233150, 3233151, 3233161, 3233170, 3233171, 3233180, 3233180, 3233210, 3233211, 3233220, 3233230, 3233240, 3233250, 3233260, 3233270, 3233280, 3233300, 3233310, 3233320, 3233330, 3233340, 3233360, 3233380, 3233380, 3233400, 3233410, 3233420, 3233430, 3233440, 3233F000, 3233F560, 3233F570, 3233F580, 3233F590, 3233F591, 3233F600, 3233F610, 3233F611, 3233F620, 3233F630, 3233F631, 3233F632, 3233F640, 3233F641, 3233F650, 3233F651, 3233F652, 3233F660, 3233F661, 3233F670, 3233F671, 3233F672, 3233F673, 3233F700, 3233F701, 3233F702, 3233F710, 3233F711, 3233F720, 3233F721, 3233F730, 3233F731, 3233F740, 3233F750, 3233F751, 3233F760, 3233F770, 3233F780, 3233F790, 3233F800, 3233F810, 3233F820, 3233F850, 3233F860, 3233F870, 3233F880, 3233F890, 3233F900, 3233F910, 3233F911, 3233F912, 3233F920, 3233F930, 3233F931, 3233F840, 3233F950, 3233F980, 3233F990, 3238F000, 3238F010, 3238F020, 3238F030, 3238F040, 3238F050, 3238F070, 3238F071, 3238F072, 3238F072G, 3238F080, 3238F090, 3238F100, 3238F120, 3238F121, 3238F130, 3238F140, 3238F150, 3238F160, 3238F161, 3238F162, 3238F170, 3238F180, 3238F200, 3238F210, 3238F211, 3238F220, 3238F221, 3238F230, 3238F240, 3238F240G, 3238F241, 3238F241G, 3238F250, 3238F251, 3238F260, 3238F261, 3238F262, 3238F270, 3238F271, 3238F280, 3238F281, 3238F290, 3238F291, 3238F300, 3238F301, 3238F310, 3238F311, 3238F320, 3238F321, 3238F330, 3238F331, 3238F350, 3238F351, 3238F360, 3238F370, 3238F380, 3238F390, 3238F391, 3238F400, 3238F401, 3238F410, 3238F411, 3238F420, 3238F421, 3238F430, 3238F440, 3238F441, 3238F460, 3238F470, 3238F471, 3238F472, 3238F473, 3238F480, 3238F481, 3238F490, 3238F500, 3238F500G, 3238F501, 3238F501G, 3238F510, 3238F520, 3238F690, 3238F691, 3238F700, 3238F710, 3238F711, 3238F720, 3238F730, 3238F731, 3238F740, 3238F741, 3238F750, 3238F760, 3238F761, 3238F770, 3238F771, 3238F780, 3238F781, 3238F840, 3238F850, 3238F930, 3238F940, 3238F941, 3238F960, 3238F961, 3238F970, 3239F050, 3239F051, 3239F060, 3239F061, 3239F070, 3239F071, 3239F200W, 3239F201W, 3239F202W, 3239F210W, 3239F211W, 3239F212W, 3239F220W, 3239F221W, 3239F222W, 3239F223W, 3239F230W, 3239F240W, 3239F280, 3239F310, 3239F320, 3239F321, 3239F330T, 3239F331T, 3239F340T, 3239F341T, 3239F350, 3239F360, 3240010, 3240011, 3240116, 3240198, 3240208, 3240258, 3240357, 3240387, 3240377, 3240388, 3240397, 3240418, 3240428, 3240438, 3240448, 3240458, 3240478, 3240497, 3240507, 3240517, 3240527, 3240538, 3240548, 3240557, 3240578, 3240588, 3240598, 3240808, 3240818, 3240828, 3240638, 3240648, 3240658, 3240668, 3240688, 3240708, 3240738, 3240748, 3240758, 3240768, 3240778, 3240788, 3240788, 3240808, 3240818, 3240838, 3240848, 3240858, 3240868, 3240888, 3240808, 3240818, 3240828, 3240838, 3240848, 3240858, 3240868, 3240878, 3240988, 3240998, 3240F097, 3240F116, 3240F388, 3240F418, 3240F428, 3240F497, 3240F507, 3240F517, 3240F527, 3240F538, 3240F539, 3240F548, 3240F557, 3240F578, 3240F588, 3240F598, 3240F608, 3240F628, 3240F638, 3240F648, 3240F658, 3240F668, 3240F698, 3240F708, 3240F738, 3240F768, 3240F778, 3240F788, 3240F7983240F808, 3240F838, 3240F848, 3240F8583240F868, 3240F878, 3240F8883240F898, 3240F908, 3240F918, 3240F928, 3240F938, 3240F948, 3240F958, 3240F968, 3240F969, 3240F978, 3240F988, 3240F998, 3241000, 3241010, 3241030, 3241040, 3241050, 3241080, 3241070, 3241080, 3241080, 3241100, 3241110, 3241130, 3241140, 3241160, 3241170, 3241180, 3241180, 3241210, 3241220, 3241230, 3241240, 3241250, 3241260, 3241270, 3241280, 3241280, 3241300, 3241350, 3241360, 3241380, 3241F000, 3241F001, 3241F010, 3241F030, 3241F031, 3241F040, 3241F050, 3241F060, 3241F070, 3241F071, 3241F072, 3241F073, 3241F080, 3241F081, 3241F082, 3241F080, 3241F100, 3241F101, 3241F102, 3241F103, 3241F104, 3241 F110, 3241 Fill, 3241F120, 3241F121, 3241F122, 3241F130, 3241F131, 3241F140, 3241F150, 3241F160, 3241F161, 3241F162, 3241F170, 3241F171, 3241F130, 3241F210, 3241F220, 3241F230, 3241F240, 3241F250, 3241F260, 3241F261, 3241F270, 3241F280, 3241F280, 3241F281, 3241F282, 3241F300, 3241F301, 3241F320, 3241F330, 3241F340, 3241F350, 3241F351, 3241F352, 3241F380, 3241F381, 3241F382, 3241F380, 3241F390, 3241F400, 3241F410, 3241F420, 3241F430, 3241F440, 3241F441, 3241F450, 3241F451, 3241F460, 3241F461, 3241F462, 3241F470, 3241F471, 3241F480, 3241F481, 3241F480, 3241F481, 3241F482, 3241F483, 3241F500, 3241F501, 3241F510, 3241F511, 3241F512, 3241F520, 3241F530, 3241F531, 3241F540, 3241F541, 3241F550, 3241F560, 3241F561, 3241F570, 3241F571, 3241F572, 3241F580, 3241F581, 3241F580, 3241F581, 3241F800, 3241F801, 3241F810, 3241F840, 3241F841, 3241F850, 3241F851, 3241F660, 3241F690, 3241F691, 3241F700, 3241F701, 3241F710, 3241F721, 3241F722, 3241F730, 3241F740, 3241F750, 3241F760, 3241F770, 3241F771, 3241F780, 3241F780, 3241F800, 3241F801, 3241F802, 3241F810, 3241F820, 3241F830, 3241F840, 3241F850, 3241F880, 3241F881, 3241F882, 3241F870, 3241F871, 3241F872, 3241F873, 3241F880, 3241F881, 3241F882, 3241F800, 3241F810, 3241F911, 3241F920, 3241F930, 3241F940, 3241F941, 3241F942, 3241F943, 3241F950, 3241F951, 3241F960, 3241F970, 3241F971, 3241F980, 3241F981, 3241F982, 3242001, 3242051, 3242071, 3242107, 3242108, 3242111, 3242121, 3242131, 3242133, 3242135, 3242138, 3242137, 3242151, 3242181, 3242221, 3242237, 3242243, 3242245, 3242246, 3242247, 3242263, 3242265, 3242266, 3242267, 3242283, 3242286, 3242287, 3242303, 3242308, 3242313, 3242315, 3242316, 3242317, 3242318, 3242323, 3242325, 3242326, 3242327, 3242328, 3242347, 3242368, 3242388, 3242398, 3242408, 3242418, 3242428, 3242817, 3242818, 3242827, 3242633, 3242635, 3242636, 3242637, 3242645, 3242646, 3242655, 3242656, 3242667, 3242677, 3242687, 3242707, 3242777, 3242787, 3242788, 3242808, 3242847, 3242858, 3242878, 3242818, 3242828, 3242938, 3242958, 3242888, 3242F318, 3242F388, 3242F398, 3242F408, 3242F798, 3242F918, 3243000, 3243010, 3243021A, 3243031A, 3243080, 3243110, 3243120, 3243121, 3243140, 3243150, 3243151, 3243180, 3243170, 3243180, 3243180, 3243200, 3243220, 3243230, 3243240, 3243370, 3243380, 3243380, 3243400, 3243410, 3243420, 3243440, 3243480A, 3243470A, 3243480A, 3243490A, 3243500A, 3243510A, 3243520A, 3243590A, 3243800A, 3243610A, 3243850A, 3243710, 3243720, 3243730, 3243740, 3243750, 3243780A, 3243770, 3243780A, 3243780, 3243800, 3243810A, 3243820A, 3243830A, 3243840, 3243880, 3243870, 3243880, 3243880, 3243810A, 3243820, 3243830A, 3243840, 3243850, 3243880, 3243870, 3243880, 3243880, 3243F021, 3243F031, 3243F080, 3243F110, 3243F160, 3243F180, 3243F180, 3243F230, 3243F370, 3243F380, 3243F380, 3243F400, 3243F410, 3243F440, 3243F470, 3243F480, 3243F500, 3243F580, 3243F600, 3243F610, 3243F650, 3243F710, 3243F730, 3243F740, 3243F750, 3243F770, 3243F800, 3243F810, 3243F830, 3243F840, 3243F870, 3243F880, 3243F880, 3243F810, 3243F820, 3243F830, 3243F840, 3243F850, 3243F870, 3244E010, 3246020B, 3246070B, 3246071B, 3246072B, 3246073B, 3246031B, 3246092B, 3246102B, 3246103B, 3246112B, 3246113B, 3246133B, 3246135B, 3246166B, 3246195B, 3246196B, 3246197, 3246198C, 3246205B, 3246206B, 3246255B, 3246296B, 3246298B, 3246306B, 3246316B, 3246325B, 3246335B, 3246336B, 3246345B, 3246346B, 3246355B, 3246365B, 3246375B, 3246376B, 3246385B, 3246395B, 3246396B, 3246405B, 3246406B, 3246425B, 3246426B, 3246436B, 324644GB, 3246466B, 3246485B, 3246496B, 3246516B, 3246576B, 3246666B, 3246676B, 3246726B, 3248727, 3246736B, 3246776B, 3246786B, 3246807, 3246817, 3246837, 3246847, 3246857, 3246867, 3246877, 3246887, 3246889C, 32468868, 3246807, 3246817, 3246827, 3246837, 3246939C, 3246857, 3246959C, 3246867, 3246877, 3246887, 3246887, 3246D187, 3246D188, 3246D727, 3246D738, 3246D807, 3246D837, 3246D847, 3246D857, 3246D887, 3246D807, 3246D817, 3248D827, 3248D857, 3248D887, 3248D877, 3248D887, 3248D887, 3248E187, 3246E727, 3246E807, 3246E817, 3246E837, 3246E847, 3246E857, 3246E877, 3246E887, 3246E888, 3246E807, 3246E8173248E827, 3248E8373248E8383248E857, 3248E858, 3248E8873246E9773246E987, 3246E997, 3246F188, 3246F188, 3246F188, 3246F206, 3246F296, 3246F518, 3246F576, 3246F727, 3246F736, 3246F738, 3246F776, 3246F786, 3246F807, 3246F837, 3246F847, 3246F857, 3246F889, 3246F907, 3246F917, 3246F927, 3246F957, 3246F967, 3246F977, 3246F987, 3246F997, 3247010, 3247020, 3247030C, 3247D010, 3247D030, 3247D040, 3247D050, 3247D060, 3247D070, 3247E010, 3247E030, 3247E031, 3247E040, 3247E050, 3247E060, 3247E070, 3247E071, 3247E080, 3247E090, 3247E100, 3247E110, 3247F010, 3247F031, 3247F040, 3247F060, 3247F071, 3247F080, 3247F090, 3247F110, 3247F160, 3247F161, 3247F162, 3247F170, 3247F180, 3247F181, 3247F180, 3247F210, 3247F250, 3247F260, 3247F261, 3247F270, 3247F271, 3247F272, 3247F310, 3247F311, 3247F320, 3247F321, 3247F330, 3247F331, 3247F340, 3247F371, 3247F390, 3247F400, 3247F401, 3247F410, 3247F411, 3247F412, 3248000, 3248010, 3248030, 3248040, 3248050A, 3248070, 3248080, 32481O0A, 3248110A, 3248120, 3248130, 3248140, 3248150A, 3248170, 3248200, 3248280, 3248270, 3248280A, 3248280, 3248300, 3248310, 3248340, 3248380, 3248370, 3248380, 3248400, 3248410, 3248420, 3248440, 3248450, 3248460, 3248470, 3248520, 3248530, 3248540, 3248550, 3248570, 3248580, 3248580, 3248820, 3248640, 3248650, 3248660, 3248670, 3248680, 3248680, 3248720, 3248730, 3248740, 3248760, 3248770, 3248780, 3248780, 3248800, 3248810, 3248820, 3248830, 3248840, 3248850, 3248880, 3248880A, 3248880, 3248800, 3248810, 3248820, 3248850, 3248870, 3248880, 3248880, 3248F000, 3248F010, 3248F050, 3248F070, 3248F080, 3248F100, 3248F110, 3248F150, 3248F151, 3248F180, 3248F200, 3248F260, 3248F270, 3248F280, 3248F300, 3248F310, 3248F340, 3248F350, 3248F360, 3248F370, 3248F371, 3248F380, 3248F381, 3248F382, 3248F383, 3248F400, 3248F420, 3248F430, 3248F431, 3248F440, 3248F441, 3248F442, 3248F443, 3248F450, 3248F451, 3248F452, 3248F453, 3248F460, 3248F470, 3248F530, 3248F540, 3248F550, 3248F560, 3248F570, 3248F580, 3248F580, 3248F581, 3248F620, 3248F640, 3248F641, 3248F642, 3248F650, 3248F660, 3248F670, 3248F680, 3248F680, 3248F700, 3248F720, 3248F730, 3248F740, 3248F741, 3248F760, 3248F770, 3248F780, 3248F780, 3248F800, 3248F810, 3248F820, 3248F830, 3248F840, 3248F850, 3248F851, 3248F860, 3248F870, 3248F880, 3248F880, 3248F800, 3248F810, 3248F820, 3248F850, 3248F870, 3248F880, 3248F880, 3248000, 3248010, 3248020, 3248030, 3248040, 3248050, 3248060, 3248070, 3248080, 3248080, 3248130, 3248150, 3248160, 3248170, 3248180, 3248180A, 3249230, 3249240, 3249250, 3249260, 3249270, 3249271, 3249300, 3249330, 3249360, 3249370, 3249380, 3249390, 3249400, 3249410, 3249420, 3249440, 3249450, 3249460, 3249470, 3249F000, 3249190A, 3249F000, 3249F001, 3249F002, 3249F010, 3249F011, 3249F020, 3249F021, 3249F022, 3249F030, 3249F031, 3249F032, 3249F040, 3249F050, 3249F060, 3249F070, 3249F071, 3249F072, 3249F080, 3249F081, 3249F082, 3249F090, 3249F091, 3249F092, 3249F130, 3249F140, 3249F150, 3249F160, 3249F170, 3249F180, 3249F190, 3249F200, 3249F210, 3249F220, 3249F230, 3249F240, 3249F242, 3249F243, 3249F250, 3249F260, 3249F261, 3249F270, 3249F280, 3249F281, 3249F300, 3249F301, 3249F330, 3249F331, 3249F360, 3249F370, 3249F380, 3249F390, 3249F391, 3249F400, 3249F420, 3249F430, 3249F440, 3249F450, 3249F460, 3249F470, 3249F480, 3249F490, 3249F500, 3249F510, 3249F512, 3249F520, 3249F530, 3249F531, 3249F532, 3249F533, 3249F540, 3249F551, 3249F552, 3249F553, 3249F562, 3249F572, 3249F573, 3249F581, 3249F582, 3249F590, 3249F591, 3249F592, 3249F600, 3249F610, 3249F620, 3249F630, 3249F640, 3249F650, 3249F651, 3249F660, 3249F670, 3249F680, 3249F690, 3249F700, 3249F710, 3249F711, 3249F720, 3249F730, 3249F740, 3249F750, 3249F751, 3249F760, 3249F761, 3249F770, 3249F771, 3249F780, 3249F790, 3249F791, 3249F792, 3249F810, 3249F820, 3249F821, 3249F830, 3249F840, 3249F850, 3249F860, 3249F870, 3249F880, 3249F890, 3249F900, 3249F901, 3249F902, 3249F910, 3249F920, 3249F921, 3249F930, 3249F940, 3249F950, 3249F951, 3249F960, 3249F961, 3249F970, 3249F971, 3249F980, 3249F990, 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3632F171, 3632F190, 3632F200, 3632F210, 3632F220, 3632F270W, 3632F280W, 3632F290W, 3640F010, 3640F171, 3640F190, 3640F210, 3640F211, 3640F220, 3640F221, 3640F230, 3640F240, 3640F260, 3640F261, 3640F262, 3640F270, 3640F271, 3640F272, 3640F280, 3640F290, 3640F300, 3640F301, 3640F310, 3640F311, 3640F350, 3640F360, 3640F370, 3640F380W, 3640F390W, 3640F400G, 3640F400T, 3640F410G, 3640F410T, 3640F420G, 3640F420T, 3640F430W, 3242136

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