*Serviceable Part*

CAV DPA clamping plate 7139-267 USED

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CAV DPA clamping plate

This is a serviceable USED part

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CAV DPA clamping plate

Item 26 in the exploded diagram

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

3042F030, 3042F031, 3042F032, 3042F033, 3042F040, 3042F041, 3042F042, 3042F050, 3042F051, 3042F052, 3042F060, 3042F061, 3042F062, 3042F070, 3042F071, 3042F080, 3042F090, 3042F100, 3042F101, 3042F102, 3042F103, 3042F104, 3042F105, 3042F110, 3042F120, 3042F121, 3042F122, 3042F130, 3042F131, 3042F132, 3042F140, 3042F150, 3042F151, 3042F152, 3042F160, 3042F170, 3042F171, 3042F172, 3042F173, 3042F174, 3042F180, 3042F181, 3042F181P, 3042F181R, 3042F182, 3042F183, 3042F184, 3042F190, 3042F200, 3042F210, 3042F211, 3042F212, 3042F213, 3042F214, 3042F220, 3042F220P, 3042F220R, 3042F221, 3042F222, 3042F223, 3042F224, 3042F230, 3Q42F231, 3042F240, 3042F241, 3042F250, 3042F251, 3042F260, 3042F261, 3042F270, 3042F271, 3042F272, 3042F273, 3042F274, 3042F280, 3042F281, 3042F290, 3042F291, 3042F300, 3042F310, 3042F311, 3042F312, 3042F320, 3042F330, 3042F331, 3042F332, 3042F333, 3042F334, 3042F335, 3042F340, 3042F350, 3042F360, 3Q42F360P, 3Q42F360R, 3Q42F361, 3042F362, 3042F370, 3042F371, 3042F380, 3042F381, 3042F382, 3042F383, 3042F384, 3042F390, 3042F390P, 3042F391P, 3042F392P, 3042F393P, 3042F394P, 3042F400, 3042F410, 3042F420, 3042F421, 3042F460, 3042F470, 3042F471, 3042F472, 3042F480, 3042F490, 3042F491, 3042F500, 3042F501, 3042F502, 3042F503, 3Q42F5Q4, 3042F510, 3042F511, 3042F512, 3042F520, 3042F521, 3042F522, 3042F523, 3042F524, 3042F530, 3042F531, 3042F532, 3042F540, 3042F541, 3042F542, 3042F550, 3042F551, 3042F552, 3042F560, 3Q42F561, 3042F570, 3042F571, 3042F572, 3042F573, 3042F574, 3042F580, 3Q42F581, 3042F582, 3042F590, 3042F591, 3042F600, 3042F610, 3042F620, 3042F670, 3042F671, 3042F672, 3042F673, 3042F674, 3042F680, 3042F680P, 3042F681, 3042F681P, 3042F682, 3042F700, 3042F701, 3Q42F710, 3042F720, 3042F730, 3042F740, 3042F750, 3042F760, 3042F770, 3042F771, 3042F772, 3042F773, 3042F774, 3042F780, 3042F781, 3042F782, 3042F800, 3042F810, 3042F811, 3042F812, 3042F840, 3042F841, 3042F842, 3042F843, 3042F844, 3142F000, 3240418, 3240428, 3240638, 3240698, 3240738, 3240768, 3240898, 3240938, 3240958, 3240968, 3240998, 3240F418, 3240F428, 3240F538, 3240F539, 3240F588, 3240F638, 3240F698, 3240F738, 3240F768, 3240F878, 3240F898, 3240F938, 3240F958, 3240F968, 3240F969, 3240F998, 3241030, 3241040, 3241250, 3241390, 3241F030, 3241F031, 3241F040, 3241F150, 3241F250, 3241F390, 3241F430, 3241F660, 3241F690, 3241F691, 3241F721, 3241F722, 3241F740, 3241F750, 3241F760, 3241F780, 3241F790, 3241F820, 3241F830, 3241F840, 3241F850, 3241F860, 3241F861, 3241F862, 3241F900, 3242297, 3242617, 3242618, 3242627, 3242636, 3242637, 3242777, 3242808, 3242858, 3242988, 3242F398, 3243000, 3243010, 3243021 A, 3243031 A, 3243090, 3243110, 3243380, 3243460A, 3243470A, 3243480A, 3243490A, 3243510A, 3243520A, 3243590A, 3243600A, 324361OA, 3243650A, 3243780A, 3243790, 324381 OA, 3243820A, 3243830A, 3243860, 3243930A, 3243960, 3243F021, 3243F031, 3243F090, 3243F110, 3243F380, 3243F470, 3243F480, 3243F590, 3243F600, 3243F610, 3243F650, 3243F770, 3243F810, 3243F830, 3243F930, 3246235В, 3246236В, 3246237, 3246506В, 3246556В, 3246557, 3246685В, 3246686В, 3246696В, 3246697, 3246706В, 3246726В, 3246727, 3246746В, 3246747, 3246765В, 3246837, 3246867, 3246907, 3246917, 3246927, 3246957, 3246959С, 3246967, 3246997, 3246D237, 3246D557, 3246D558, 3246D697, 3246D727, 3246D747, 3246D837, 3246D907, 3246D917, 3246D927, 3246D957, 3246D967, 3246D997, 3246Е237, 3246Е557, 3246Е697, 3246E727, 3246E747, 3246E837, 3246E907, 3246E917, 3246E927, 3246E957, 324GE959, 324GE967, 3246E997, 3246F237, 3246F556, 3246F557, 3246F558, 3246F697, 3246F706, 3246F727, 3246F747, 3246F837, 3246F907, 324GF917, 3246F927, 3246F957, 3246F967, 3246F997, 3247010, 3247020, 3247D010, 3247D040, 3247D060, 3247E010, 3247EQ40, 3247E060, 3247E080, 3247E110, 3247F010, 3247F040, 3247F060, 3247F080, 3247F110, 3247F170, 3247F190, 3247F210, 3247F280, 3247F290, 3247F340, 3247F350, 3248010, 3248050A, 3248260, 3248280A, 3248680, 3248740, 3248810, 3248820, 3248880A, 3248F010, 3248F050, 3248F260, 3248F280, 3248F642, 3248F660, 3248F680, 3248F740, 3248F741, 3248F810, 3248F820, 3248F880, 3248F910, 3248F970, 3248F990, 3249060, 3249090, 3249160, 3249190A, 3249410, 3249440, 3249450, 3249460, 3249470, 3249F000, 3249F001, 3249F002, 3249F010, 3249F011, 3249F020, 3249F021, 3249F022, 3249F030, 3249F031, 3249F032, 3249F060, 3249F080, 3249F081, 3249F082, 3249F090, 3249F091, 3249F092, 3249F160, 3249F180, 3249F190, 3249F200, 3249F210, 3249F440, 3249F450, 3249F460, 3249F470, 3249F500, 3249F520, 3249F532, 3249F533, 3249F540, 3249F590, 3249F591, 3249F592, 3249F640, 3249F650, 3249FG51, 3249F660, 3249F670, 3249F680, 3249F690, 3249F720, 3249F730, 3249F850, 3249F860, 3249F870, 3249F880, 3249F910, 3249F961, 3249F971, 3264002В, 3340F170T, 3340F171T, 3342F000, 3342F010, 3342F020, 3342F030, 3342F040, 3342F070, 3342F080, 3342F090, 3342F100, 3342F110, 3342F120, 3342F130, 3342F150, 3342F160, 3342F161, 3342F162, 3342F190, 3342F200, 3342F230, 3342F240, 3342F250, 3342F260, 3342F261, 3342F270, 3342F271, 3342F280, 3342F290, 3342F300, 3342F310, 3342F330, 3342F380, 3342F390, 3342F400, 3342F441, 3342F450, 3342F470, 3342F471, 3342F490, 3342F500, 3342F501, 3342F510, 3342F520, 3342F540, 3342F570, 3342F571, 3342F572, 3342F582, 3342F590, 3342F650, 3342F730, 3342F740, 3342F750, 3342F760, 3342F830, 3342F840, 3342F841, 3342F850, 3342F851, 3342F860, 3342F920, 3342F950, 3342F970, 3342F991, 3343F010, 3343F011, 3343F040, 3343F041, 3343F042, 3343F050, 3343F060, 3343F090, 3343F091, 3343F120, 3343F131, 3343F150, 3343F160, 3343F170, 3343F171, 3343F172, 3343F220, 3343F221, 3343F240, 3343F241, 3343F260, 3343F261, 3343F270, 3343F271, 3343F280, 3343F281, 3343F300, 3343F310, 3343F31OP, 3343F31ОТ, 3343F311P, 3343F311T, 3343F320, 3343F340, 3343F341, 3343F350, 3343F360, 3343F361, 3343F370, 3343F371, 3343F390, 3343F391, 3343F400, 3343F401, 3343F410, 3343F411, 3343F420, 3343F430, 3343F440, 3343F460, 3343F470, 3343F480, 3343F490, 3343F491, 3343F500, 3343F520, 3343F521, 3343F530, 3343F540, 3343F550, 3343F551, 3343F570, 3343F571, 3343F601, 3343F611, 3343F612, 3343F613, 3343F621, 3343F630, 3343F631, 3343F640, 3343F650, 3343F660, 3343F670, 3343F680, 3343F690, 3343F721, 3343F741, 3343F742, 3343F743, 3343F744, 3343F745, 3343F760, 3343F761, 3343F762, 3343F780, 3343F800, 3343F820, 3343F862, 3343F863, 3343F864, 3343F870, 3343F871, 3343F880, 3343F890, 3343F900, 3343F910, 3343F920, 3343F951, 3343F952, 3343F953, 3343F954, 3343F960, 3343F961, 3343F970, 3348F120, 3348F130, 3348F140, 3348F190, 3348F230, 3348F231, 3348F232, 3348F251, 3348F252, 3348F253, 3348F410, 3348F411, 3348F412, 3348F440, 3348F441, 3348F500, 3348F530, 3348F531, 3348F532, 3348F533, 3348F540, 3348F541, 3348F542, 3348F550, 3348F621, 3348F630, 3348FG31, 3348F632, 3348F633, 3348F634, 3348F700W, 3348F71OW, 3348F720W, 3348F730, 3348F880, 3348F881, 3348F900T, 3348F901G, 3348F901T, 3348F920T, 3348F930T, 3348F931T, 3348F932T, 3348F933T, 3348F980X, 3348F981X, 3348F982X, 3348F991X, 3348F992X, 3348F993W, 3348F994W, 3349F180T, 3349F181T, 3349F190T, 3349F200X, 3349F201W, 3349F201X, 3349F202W, 3349F210X, 3349F211X, 3349F212X, 3349F213W, 3349F213X, 3349F214W, 3349F220X, 3349F221W, 3349F221X, 3349F222W, 3349F230X, 3349F260, 3443F102, 3443F111, 3443F531, 3443F532, 3443F892, 3443F893, 3448F032, 3448F320, 3448F321, 3540F020, 3540F030, 3542F060, 3542F070, 3542F190, 3542F191, 3542F330, 3542F430, 3542F440, 3542F520, 3542F521, 3542F610, 3542FG11, 3542F613, 3542F700, 3542F840, 3542F841, 3542F842, 3542F890, 3542F900, 3542F901, 354GE080, 3546E091, 3546E130, 3546E131, 3546E190, 3546E192, 3640F171, 3640F190, 3640F210, 3640F211, 3640F220, 3640F221, 3640F290, 3642F132, 3642F133, 3642F140, 3642F230, 3642F250, 3642F341, 3642F350, 3642F351, 3642F360, 3642F370, 3642F380, 3642F390, 3642F391, 3642F410, 3642F422, 3642F450, 3642F470, 3642F480, 3642F720W, 3642F850W, 3642F950W, 3942F010, 3942F011, 3942F040, 3942FQ41, 3942F100, 3942F101, 3942F102, 3942F103, 3942F104, 3942F110, 3942F111, 3942F112, 3942F113, 3942F140, 3942F141, 3942F142, 3942F143, 3942F160, 3942F180, 3942F181, 3942F182, 3942F190, 3942F191, 3942F192, 3942F200, 3942F210, 3942F211, 3942F220, 3942F221, 3942F222, 3942F223, 3942F224, 3942F230, 3942F231, 3942F232, 3942F233, 3942F234, 3942F235, 3942F260, 3942F261, 3942F270, 3942F271, 3942F281, 3942F330, 3942F331, 3942F350, 3942F360, 3942F361, 3942F362, 3942F370, 3942F390, 3942F391, 3942F392, 3942F400, 3942F410, 3942F440, 3942F441, 3942F442, 3942F443, 3942F450, 3942F460, 3942F461, 3942F462, 3942F463, 3942F470, 3942F480, 3942F481, 3942F482, 3942F490, 3942F500, 3942F510, 3942F521, 3942F522, 3942F523, 3942F530, 3942F531, 3942F532, 3942F533, 3942F580, 3942F581, 3942F582, 3942F583, 3942F590, 3942F591, 3942F600, 3942FG01, 3942F610, 3942FG11, 3942F612, 3942F613, 3942F620, 3942F621, 3942F630, 3942F631, 3942F632, 3942F633, 3942F640, 3942F641, 3942F650, 3942F651, 3942F660, 3942F661, 3942F662, 3942F663, 3942F670, 3942F671, 3942F672, 3942F680, 3942F681, 3942F690, 3942F691, 3942F700, 3942F710, 3942F711, 3942F720, 3942F730, 3942F750, 3942F751, 3942F760, 3942F761, 3942F762, 3942F771, 3942F772, 3942F781, 3942F782, 3942F791, 3942F792, 3942F800, 3942F810, 3942F820, 3942F821, 3942F830, 3942F831, 3942F840, 3942F841, 3942F850, 3942F851, 3942F860, 3942F861, 3942F870, 3942F871, 3942F880, 3942F881, 3942F890, 3942F891, 3942F900, 3942F901, 3942F910, 3942F911, 3942F920, 3942F921, 3942F930, 3942F931, 3942F932, 3942F933, 3942F940, 3942F941, 3942F942, 3942F943, 3942F950, 3942F960, 3942F961, 3942F970, 3942F980N, 3942F990N, 3942F990X, 3942F991N, 3942F991X, 3942F992N, 3942F993N, 3942F993X, 3942F994N, 3943F000N, 3943F010N, 3943F020N, 3943F030N, 3943F040N, 3943F041N, 3943F060N, 3943F070N, 3943F080N, 3943F081N, 3943F090N, 3943F100N, 3943F121N, 3943F122N, 3943F130N, 3943F140N, 3943F160N, 3943F170N, 3943F180N, 3943F190N, 3943F191N, 3943F200N, 3943F210N, 3943F270N, 3943F290N, 3943F310N, 3943F320N, 3943F350N, C3243F021, C3243F810, C3243F830, C3246E697, C3246E907, C3246E927, C3246E997, C3248F880, C3249F520, C3249F680

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