CAV DPA hydraulic head 7123-909T


Hydraulic head fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Hydraulic head and rotor fitted to some CAV DPA pumps.

Head code: 347B

Rotor code: 908T

Item 20 in the exploded diagram

Fits pump numbers:

Perkins 6.354

3268F010, V3268F010, 3268F011, 3268F220, 3268F270 -3268F271, 3268F571, 3268F572, 3269F570, C3269F570, V3269F570, 3269F571, 3269F790, 3269F791, 3269F860, 3269F940, 3269F941, 3269F941, 3269F950, C3269F950, V3269F950, P3269F951, 3269F952, 3269F953, 3269F960, C3269F960, 3269F961, 3269F962, 3269F963, 3269F970, V3269F970, 3269F971, P3269F971, 3269F972, 3269F980, V3269F980, 3269F981, 3269F982, 3362F040, 3362F042, 3362F043, 3362F131, 3362F141, 3362F142, 3362F302, 3362F380, 3362F381, 3362F411, 3362F480, 3362F481, 3362F482, 3362F500, 3362F501, 3362F502, 3362F570, 3362F590, 3362F780, 3362F781, 3362F830, 3362F831, 3362F832, 3362F880, 3362F881, 3362F890, 3362F891, C3562F340, V3662F480, V3662F481, V3662F490, V3662F491, V3662F500, V3662F501, V3662F610, V3662F620, V3662F630, V3662F810

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