CAV DPA hydraulic head 7139-709W


Hydraulic head fitted to some CAV DPA pumps


Hydraulic head and rotor fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 3 day lead time for this part

Rotor code: 708W

Head code: 706

Item 20 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 7139-439W

Fits the following pumps:

3232848, 3232858, 3232888, 3232858, 3232888, 3232878, 3232F848 3232F858 3232F868 3232F958 3232F968 3232F978 3233020, 3233030, 3233050, 3233060, 3233070, 3233080, 3233150, 3233151, 3233161, 3233170, 3233171, 3233210, 3233290, 3233300, 3233320, 3233380, 3233380, 3233440, 3233F020, 3233F030, 3233F060, 3233F150, 3233F151, 3233F181, 3233F170, 3233F171, 3233F210, 3233F211, 3233F290, 3233F300, 3233F320, 3233F380, 3233F390, 3233F391, 3233F440, 3233F630, 3233F631, 3233F632, 3233F640, 3233F641, 3233F650, 3233F651, 3233F652, 3233F660, 3233F661, 3233F740, 3233F770, 3233F800, 3233F870, 3238F120, 3238F121, 3238F130, 3238F140, 3238F150, 3238F350, 3238F351, V3233F651

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Weight2 kg

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