CAV DPA hydraulic head 7139-764T


Hydraulic head fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Hydraulic head and rotor fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

Rotor code: 708T

Head code: 766

Item 20 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 9003-175T

Fits the following pumps:

3233180, 3233270, 3233330, 3233410, 3233420, 3233430, 3233F180, 3233F270, 3233F330, 3233F331, 3233F410, 3233F411, 3233F420, 3233F421, 3233F422, 3233F430, 3233F431, 3233F580, 3233F580, 3233F581, 3233F800, 3233F810, 3233F611, 3233F700, 3233F701, 3233F702, 3233F810, 3233F820, 3238F860, 3238F861, 3238F870, 3238F350, 3832F000, 3832F001, 3832F002, 3832F003, 3832F004, 3832F005, 3832F008, 3832F050, 3832F051, 3832F052, 3832F053, 3832F054, 3832F055, 3832F080, 3832F081, 3832F082, 3932F083, 3932F090, 3932F091, 3932F092, 3932F093

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