CAV DPA hydraulic head 7180-772L


Hydraulic head fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

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Hydraulic head and rotor fitted to some CAV DPA pumps

Item 20 in the exploded diagram

Equivalent to: 7180-510L

Fits the following pumps:

3363F530, 3363F531, 3369F050, 3469F010, 3469F020, 3469F030, 3469F031, 3469F032, 3469F033, 3469F040, 3469F041, 3469F042, 3469F043, 3469F050, 3469F060, R3469F010, R3469F020, R3469F031, R3469F032, R3469F041, R3469F042, R3469F050, R3469F060

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