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CAV DPA hydraulically governed pump governor cover pillar bolt USED

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CAV DPA hydraulically governed pump governor cover pillar bolt

This is a serviceable USED part

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This is the governor housing pillar bolt fitted to the early four hole mounted hydraulically governed pumps commonly fitted to some Perkins and BMC marine engines

This is a serviceable USED part

Fits the following pumps:

324G020B, 3246070B, 3246071B, 3246072B, 3246073B, 3246080B, 3246081B, 3246082B, 3246083B, 3246091B, 3246092B, 3246102B, 3246103B, 324G112B, 3246113B, 3246123B, 3246133B, 3246135B, 324G136B, 324G143B, 3246144B, 324G145B, 324G166B, 3246175B, 324G195B, 3246196B, 3246198C, 3246205B, 3246206B, 3246214, 3246226B, 3246235B, 3246236B, 3246243B, 3246255B, 3246256B, 3246266B, 3246283B, 3246285B, 3246296B, 3246298B, 3246306B, 3246316B, 3246325B, 3246326B, 3246335B, 3246336B, 3246345B, 3246346B, 3246355B, 3246356B, 3246365B, 3246366B, 3246375B, 3246376B, 3246385B, 3246386B, 3246395B, 3246396B, 3246405B, 3246406B, 3246425B, 3246426B, 3246436B, 3246446B, 3246466B, 3246476B, 3246485B, 3246496B, 3246506B, 3246516B, 3246556B, 3246566B, 3246576B, 3246586B, 3246596B, 3246606B, 3246616B, 3246626B, 3246636B, 3246646B, 3246656B, 3246666B, 3246676B, 3246685B, 3246686B, 3246696B, 3246706B, 3246726B, 3246736B, 3246745B, 3246746B, 3246756B, 3246765B, 3246776B, 3246786B, 3246896B, 3246D198, 3246D558, 3246D738, 3246F196, 324GF198, 3246F206, 3246F296, 3246F516, 3246F556, 3246F558, 3246F576, 3246F706, 3246F736, 3246F738, 3246F756, 3246F776, 3246F786, 3264001B, 3264002B, 3264013B, 3264015B, 3264035B, 3264045B, 3264065B, 3264075B, 3264076B, 3264078C, 3264106B, 3264116B, 3264122B, 3264D148, 3266033B, 3266035B, 3266076B, 3266086B, 3266088C, 3266106B, 3266116B, 3266126B, 3266136B, 3266146B, 3266156B, 3266166B, 3266176B, 3266196B, 3266206B, 3266208C, 3266216B, 3266226B, 3266236B, 3266238C, 3266246B, 3266256B, 3266286B, 3266296B, 3266306B, 3266326B, 3266366B, 3266368C, 3266386B, 3266396B, 3266416B, 3266418C, 3266426B, 3266428C, 3266446B, 3266448C, 3266516B, 3266518C, 3266528C, 3266D098, 3266D108, 3266D138, 3266D148, 3266D208, 3266D218, 3266D238, 3266D288, 3266D368, 3266D388, 3266D398, 3266D418, 3266D428, 3266D448, 3266D508, 3266D518, 3266D528, 3266D538, 3266D598, 3266D608 32G6D618 3266D628 3266D638 32G6DG58 32G6DG68 3266D678 32G6D688 3266F098 32G6F108 32G6F138 32G6F148 3266F208 3266F218 3266F226, 3266F238 3266F288 3266F368 3266F388 3266F398 32G6F418 3266F428 32G6F448 3266F508 3266F518 3266F528 3266F538 3266F608 32G6FG18 3266F628 3266F638 3266F658, 3266F668, 3266F678, 3266F688, 3266F728, 3266F758, 3266F768, 3266F778, 3266F788, 3266F798, 3267F020, R3246266B, R3246336B, R3246346B, R3246376B, R3246406B, R3246466B, R3246576B, R3246666B, R3246676B, R3246756B, R3264116B

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