CAV DPA non return fuel return connection valve 9007-988D


Non return connection non return valve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps. Genuine Delphi

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Non return connection non return valve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps. Genuine Delphi 9007-988D

Please note: this is a special order and there is an approx 4 day lead time for this part

Item 1 in the exploded diagram

If you require the standard drain connection please see HERE

The long non return drain connection is HERE

Fits the following pumps:

3222F040, 3222F050, 3222F060, 3238F690, 3238F691, 3238F700, 3238F710, 3238F711, 3238F720, 3238F730, 3238F731, 3238F740, 3238F741, 3238F750, 3238F760, 3238F761, 3238F770, 3238F771, 3238F780, 3238F781, 3238F930, 3238F940, 3238F941, 3239F000, 3239F010, 3239F020, 3239F030, 3239F031, 3239F040, 3239F041, 3239F050, 3239F051, 3239F060, 3239F061, 3239F070, 3239F071, 3239F200W, 3239F201W, 3239F202W, 3239F21OW, 3239F211W, 3239F212W, 3239F220W, 3239F221W, 3239F222W, 3239F223W, 3343F740, 3343F741, 3343F742, 3343F743, 3343F744, 3343F745, 3343F950, 3343F951, 3343F952, 3343F953, 3343F954, 3348F240, 3348F260, 3348F261, 3348F270, 3348F271, 3348F280, 3348F281, 3348F290, 3348F291, 3348F300, 3348F301, 3348F310, 3348F311, 3348F320, 3348F321, 3348F330, 3348F331, 3348F340, 3348F341, 3348F360, 3348F370, 3348F371, 3348F380, 3348F381, 3348F382, 3348F390, 3348F400, 3348F520, 3348F570, 3348F571, 3348F930T, 3348F931T, 3348F932T, 3348F933T, 3349F010, 3349F011, 3349F020, 3349F021, 3349F030, 3349F031, 3349F040, 3349F041, 3349F050, 3349F051, 3349F060, 3349F061, 3349F070, 3349F080X, 3349F090X, 3349F100X, 3349F110X, 3349F120X, 3349F130X, 3383F810, 3383F811, 3363F612, 3363F620, 3363F621, 3363F622, 3363F660, 3363F661, 3363F662, 3363F680, 3363F681, 3363F682, 3363F690, 3363F691, 3363F692, 3363F790, 3363F791, 3422040, 3422F040, 3432480, 3432490, 3432500, 3432510, 3432520, 3432530, 3432540, 3432550, 3432560, 3432570, 3432580, 3432590, 3432600, 3432620, 3432630, 3432640, 3432650, 3432660, 3432F480, 3432F490, 3432F500, 3432F510, 3432F520, 3432F530, 3432F540, 3432F550, 3432F560, 3432F570, 3432F580, 3432F590, 3432F600, 3432F620, 3432F630, 3432F640, 3432F650, 3432F660, 3432F690, 3432F700, 3432F710, 3432F720, 3432F730, 3432F740, 3432F750, 3432F760, 3432F780, 3432F790, 3432F800, 3432F810, 3432F820, 3432F830, 3432F840, 3432F850, 3432F860, 3432F870, 3432F880, 3432F890, 3432F900, 3432F910, 3432F920, 3432F940, 3432F960, 3432F970, 3432F990, 3433F010, 3439F010, 3439F020, 3439F030, 3439F040, 3439F050, 3442734, 3442870, 3442870A, 3442871, 3442940, 3442941, 3442950, 3442950A, 3442951, 3442951A, 3442952, 3442F734, 3442F870, 3442F870A, 3442F871, 3442F940, 3442F941, 3442F942, 3442F943, 3442F949, 3442F950, 3442F951, 3442F952, 3442F959, 3443090, 3443120, 3443121, 3443140, 3443150, 3443160, 3443170, 3443180, 3443190, 3443220, 3443221, 3443221A, 3443221B, 3443222, 3443222A, 3443270, 3443280, 3443230, 3443300, 3443310, 3443320, 3443321, 3443322, 3443322A, 3443330, 3443340, 3443350, 3443380, 3443380A, 3443390, 3443390A, 3443400, 3443410, 3443430, 3443430B, 3443450, 3443480, 3443460A, 3443462, 3443470, 3443471, 3443480, 3443481, 3443430, 3443491, 3443500, 3443501, 3443510, 3443520, 3443540, 3443541, 3443550, 3443552, 3443560, 3443570, 3443620, 3443660, 3443F090, 3443F120, 3443F121, 3443F140, 3443F140A, 3443F150, 3443F150A, 3443F160, 3443F160A, 3443F170, 3443F180, 3443F130, 3443F221, 3443F221A, 3443F221B, 3443F222, 3443F222A, 3443F270, 3443F280, 3443F290, 3443F300, 3443F310, 3443F320, 3443F321, 3443F322, 3443F322A, 3443F330, 3443F340, 3443F350, 3443F380, 3443F380A, 3443F390, 3443F391, 3443F400, 3443F401, 3443F402, 3443F412, 3443F430, 3443F430B, 3443F431, 3443F432, 3443F433, 3443F450, 3443F460, 3443F462, 3443F470, 3443F471, 3443F480, 3443F481, 3443F490, 3443F491, 3443F492, 3443F500, 3443F503, 3443F510, 3443F520, 3443F540, 3443F541, 3443F542, 3443F543, 3443F544, 3443F545, 3443F550, 3443F551, 3443F552, 3443F560, 3443F569, 3443F570, 3443F580, 3443F588, 3443F600, 3443F601, 3443F611, 3443F611C, 3443F614, 3443F620, 3443F621, 3443F630, 3443F640, 3443F650, 3443F660, 3443F661, 3443F662, 3443F665, 3443F669, 3443F680, 3443F690, 3443F700, 3443F710, 3443F750, 3443F751, 3443F760, 3443F761, 3443F761A, 3443F770, 3443F771, 3443F772, 3443F772A, 3443F773, 3443F774, 3443F780, 3443F780A, 3443F781, 3443F781A, 3443F783, 3443F784, 3443F784A, 3443F785, 3443F786, 3443F787, 3443F790, 3443F790A, 3443F790B, 3443F791, 3443F792, 3443F792A, 3443F793, 3443F794, 3443F795, 3443F797, 3443F798, 3443F799, 3443F800, 3443F810, 3443FS10A, 3443F811, 3443F811A, 3443F818, 3443F819, 3443F820, 3443F821, 3443F824, 3443F825, 3443F826, 3443F827, 3443F828, 3443F900, 3443F901, 3443F910, 3443F940, 3443F941, 3443F942, 3443F943, 3443F944, 3443F945, 3443F950, 3443F960, 3443F970, 3443F980, 3443F990, 3448F010, 3448F020, 3448F040, 3448F050, 3448F070, 3448F080, 3448F090, 3448F100, 3448F110, 3448F140, 3448F160, 3448F170, 3448F180, 3448F181, 3448F183, 3448F184, 3448F130, 3448F210, 3448F220, 3448F230, 3448F240, 3448F241, 3448F250, 3448F251, 3448F260, 3448F270, 3448F280, 3448F290, 3448F291, 3448F310, 3448F330, 3448F340, 3448F350, 3448F360, 3448F361, 3448F370, 3448F371, 3448F380, 3448F390, 3449F020, 3449F030, 3449F040, 3449F050, 3449F060, 3449F070, 3480040, 3460F040, 3482010, 3462011, 3462030, 3462031Z, 3462040, 3462041Z, 3462050, 3462090, 3462091, 3462100, 3462330, 3462340, 3462350, 3462370, 3462380, 3462390, 3462400, 3462410, 3462420, 3462430, 3462440, 3462450, 3462460, 3462470, 3462480, 3462430, 3462510, 3462520, 3462530, 3462540, 3462550, 3462560, 3462570, 3462F010, 3462F011, 3462F030, 3462F031Z, 3462F040, 3462F041Z, 3462F050, 3462F051, 3462F052, 3462F053, 3462F090, 3462F091, 3462F092, 3462F093, 3462F100, 3462F103, 3462F330, 3462F340, 3462F350, 3462F370, 3462F380, 3462F390, 3462F400, 3462F410, 3462F420, 3462F430, 3462F440, 3462F450, 3462F460, 3462F470, 3462F480, 3462F490, 3462F510, 3462F520, 3462F530, 3462F540, 3462F550, 3462F560, 3462F570, 3462F590, 3462F610, 3462F620, 3462F630, 3462F640, 3462F650, 3462F660, 3462F670, 3462F680, 3462F690, 3462F710, 3462F730, 3462F770, 3462F780, 3462F810, 3462F820, 3462F830, 3462F840, 3462F850, 3462F860, 3462F870, 3462F890, 3462F900, 3462F910, 3462F920, 3462F930, 3462F940, 3462F950, 3462F960, 3462F970, 3462F980, 3462F990, 3532F060, 3532F150, 3532F160, 3542F520, 3542F521, 3542F610, 3542F611, 3542F613, 3542F700, 3542F840, 3542F841, 3542F842, 3542F900, 3542F901, 3542F910, 3542F920, 3543F070, 3543F080, 3543F090, 3562F430, 3562F460, 3562F500, 3742F100, 3742F101, 3742F102, 3742F140, 8880A050V7, 8860A060, C3432F480, C3432F530, C3432F690, C3432F700, C3432F710, C3432F720, C3432F730, C3432F790, C3432F810, C3432F830, C3442F943, C3443F140, C3443F150, C3443F433, C3443F630, C3443F640, C3443F669, C3443F680, C3443F751, C3443F761, C3443F774, C3443F786, C3443F795, C3443F828, C3443F910, C3443F945, C3443F950, C3443F970, C3443F980, C3448F040, C3448F172, C3448F184, C3448F220, C3448F241, C3448F291, C3448F330, C3448F340, C3448F350, C3448F360, C3448F370, C3448F371, C3462F340, C3462F400, C3462F510, C3462F630, C3462F650, C3462F690, C3462F730, C3462F900, R3432F490, R3432F500, R3432F580, R3432F730, R3432F790, R3432F800, R3432F810, R3432F820, R3432F830, R3432F900, R3432F920, R3432F960, R3432F970, R3432F990, R3433F010, R3439F010, R3439F020, R3439F030, R3439F040, R3439F050, R3443140-MODA, R3443150-MODA, R3443160-MODA, R3443170-MODA, R3443180-MODA, R3443190-MODA, R3443F570, R3443F640, R3443F910, R3443F950, R3443F970, R3443F980, R3448F040, R3448F160, R3448F210, R3448F220, R3448F230, R3448F260, R3448F280, R3448F310, R3448F380, R3448F390, R3449F020, R3449F030, R3449F050, R3449F060, R3449F070, R3462051, R3462F350, R3462F630, R3462F640, R3462F690, R3462F840, R3462F920, R3462F940, R3462F970, R3462F980, R3462F990, 3448F17

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