Delivery valve for CAV AA, and BPE-B and BPF-B pumps 7118-229


Delivery valve for some CAV AA, BPE-B and BPF-B pumps

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Delivery valve for some CAV AAL2, AAR2, AAL3, AAR3, AAL4, AAR4, AAL6, AAR6, BPE1B, BPE2B, BPE3B, BPE4B, BPE5B, BPF1B, BPF2B, BPF3B and BPE4B pumps with 5mm to 8mm elements

Size: 5mm

Fits the following:

Lister CS

Equivalent to:

7010-188, 7010-585, 7010-586D, 7097-182, 7118-116

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Weight0.025 kg
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