Delivery valve holder for Simms Minimec pumps FORD CARGO


Delivery valve holder for some Simms Minimec pumps

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Delivery valve holder for some Simms Minimec pumps approximately 19mm spline diameter

Equivalent to:

6212073-8, D8NN9D512AA

We will need your pump number at checkout to confirm this is the correct fitment

Item number 13 in the exploded diagram

The removal tool for these is also available HERE

Fits the following pumps:

P5277, P5277-A, P5462, P5462-1, P5462-2, P5484, P5484-1, P5484-1 A, P5484-2, P5484-2A, P5484-3, P5484-3A, P5484-A, P5560, P5560-1, P5678, P5419, P5419-A, P5428, P5450, P5451, P5452, P5464, P5464-1, P5464-1A, P5464-2, P5464-2A, P5477, P5477-A, P5485-3, P5486-2, P5487-3, P5487-3A, P5487-3B, P5487-3E, P5487-4, P5487-4B, P5488-2A, P5488-2E, P5488-2F, P5488-3, P5488-3A, P5488-3B, P5488-3F, P5488-3G, P5488-3H, P5488-4, P5488-4A, Р5436, P5510-2, P5513-2, P5515-2, P5519-2, P5520-2, P5523-2, P5525-2, P5525-2A, P5525-3A, P5564, P5564-1, P5569, P5569-1, P5577, P5577-1, P5578, P5578-1, P5579, P5579-1A, P5579-1 В, Р5579-2А, Р5579-2В, Р5579-2С, Р5579-ЗС, Р5579-А, Р5580, Р5580-1, Р5581, Р5581-1, Р5582, Р5582-1А, Р5582-1 В, Р5582-2А, Р5582-2С, P5582-2D, Р5582-ЗС, P5582-3D, Р5582-А, Р5582-В, Р5611, P5512, P5513, Р5636, P563G-1, P5636-1A, P5636-2A, P5637, P5637-1A, P5637-1 В, Р5637-2В, Р5637-А, Р5638, Р5638-1, Р5638-1А, Р5638-2А, Р5638-2В, Р5638-2С, Р5639, Р5640, Р5640-1, Р5640-1 В, Р5640-2В, Р5640-А, Р5641, Р5641-1А, Р5641-2А, Р5643, Р5643-1А, Р5644, Р5644-1 А, Р5645, Р5645-1А, Р5682-А, Р5683, Р5683-А, P5684, P5684-A, P5687, P5688, P5689, P5690, P5690-A, P5691, P5691-A, P5692, P5693, P5693-1, P5694, P5694-1, P5695, P5695-1, P5695-1A, P5695-A, P5705, P5705-1, P5710, P5717, P5718, P5741, P5741-1, P5748, P5748-1, P5748-1A, P5748-2, P5748-2A, P5751, P5752, P5753, P5753-1, P5753-1A

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