Governor spring for Simms Minimec pumps 502108

Governor spring for Simms Minimec pumps

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Secondary governor spring for Simms Minimec pumps 502108


Item number 308 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

P5440, P5440-1, P5440-2, P5444, P5444-1, P5445, P5445-1, P5446, P5465, P5465-1, P5465-2, P5476, P5476-1, P5489, P5489-A, P5508, P5508-1, P5530, P5534, P5534-A, P5534-B, P5570, P5570-A, P5571, P5571-1, P5571-1A, P5571-A, P5571-B, P5572, P5573, P5574, P5574-1, P5482, P5482-1, P4883-1E, P4883-1F, P4883-2E, P4883-2F, P4883-4E, P4883-4F, P4883-5E, P4883-5F, P4883-6E, P4883-6F, P4883-7E, P4883-7F, P5061, P5061-1, P5062, P5062-4, P5101, P5101-1, P5101-2, P5101-3, P5201, P5201-1, P5201-2, P5218, P5218, P5218-1, P5218-2, P5218-3, P5218-3A, P5218-4A, P5647, P5647-1, P5647-1A, P5647-2, P5647-2A, P5647-2B, P5647-3, P5647-3A, P5647-4, P5647-4A, P5697-1GC, P5702, P5702-1, P4741, P4741-1, P4742, P4742-1, P4742-1A, P4775, P4775-A, P4776, P4776-A, P4816, P4816-A, P4816-B, P4817, P4817-A, P4821, P4821-1, P4821-1A, P4821-1B, P4821-2, P4821-A, P4821-B, P4852, P4888, P4888-1, P4892, P4894, P4894-1 A, P4894-A, P4899, P4899-1, P5012, P5012-1, P5012-1A, P5012-2, P5012-2A, P5012-3, P5012-3A, P5012-4, P5012-4D, P5012-A, P5015, P5021, P5021-1, P5021-2, P5021-3, P5021-4, P5021-4A, P5028, P5028-1, P5028-2, P5035, P5035-1, P5035-A, P5040, P5066, P5066-1, P5066-2, P5075, P5075-1, P5075-2, P5075-3, P5075-4, P5082-1, P5082-2, P5084-1A, P5084-2A, P5084-2B, P5084-3A, P5084-3B, P5084-4B, P5084-4C, P5084-4D, P5084-A, P5085-1B, P5085-1C, P5085-2B, P5085-2C, P5085-3B, P5085-3C, P5085-4C, P5085-5B, P5085-5C, P5085-5D, P5085-5E, P5085-B, P5085-C, P5087, P5087-1, P5087-2, P5087-3, P5037-3A, P5088, P5088-1, P5088-1A, P5088-2, P5088-2A, P5088-3, P5088-3A, P5088-3B, P5088-3C, P5088-A, P5100, P5100-1, P5100-2, P5100-3, P5100-4, P5100-5, P5115-2A, P5115-5A, P5115-5AA, P5117-1A, P5117-2A, P5117-4A, P5117-4AA, P5117-5A, P5117-5AA, P5117-A, P5119-A, P5127, P5127-1, P5127-2, P5127-3, P5127-3A, P5128, P5128-1, P5128-2, P5128-3, P5128-4, P5128-4A, P5123, P5129-1, P5123-2, P5129-3, P5129-3B P5130, P5130-1, P5130-2, P5130-3, P5130-4, P5130-4B, P5138-1E, P5138-B, P5138-C, P5133-A, P5133-B, P5133-E, P5142-2AA, P5142-2GA, P5142-4A, P5142-4AA, P5142-4GA, P5142-5A, P5142-5AA, P5142-5G, P5142-5GA, P5142-A, P5142-GA, P5142-G, P5149, P5149-5, P5186, P5186-1, P5186-2, P5186-3, P5186-3A, P5186-38, P5189-1A, P5189-1B, P5189-1C, P5190-1A, P5190-1B, P5190-1C, P5194, P5194-1, P5194-2, P5194-2A, P5194-2B, P5195-1, P5195-2, P5195-2A, P5195-2B, P5305, P5305-1, P5305-1A, P5305-2, P5305-2A, P5305-3, P5305-3A, P5305-3B, P5305-3C, P5305-5, P5305-5B, P5305-5C, P5305-5D, P5305-5E, P5305-5F, P5305-A, P5337, P5337-1, P5337-1A, P5337-A, P5363-1, P5371, P5371-1, P5371-2, P5377, P5377-2B, P5377-2D, P5377-2F, P5378, P5379-1, P5380-1, P5393, P5393-1, P5410-A, P5410-C, P5434, P5434-A, P5434-B, P5436, P5460, P5464, P5464-1, P5464-1A, P5464-2, P5464-2A, P5470, P5470-A, P5470-B, P5526, P5537-A, P5537-AX, P5538-A, P5539-A, P5540-A, P5541, P5547, P5556, P5556-1, P5564, P5564-1, P5569, P5612, P5613, P5614, P5614-A, P5614-B, P5614-BX, P5683-A, P5690, P5690-A, P5693, P5693-1, P5694, P5694-1, P5695-1A, P5695-A, P5705, P5705-1, P5731, P5731-1, P5733, P5733-1, P5735, P5735-1

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