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Lucas/CAV diesel pump throttle shaft seals – uprated DPA


These are the uprated throttle spindle shaft outer seals for Lucas/CAV DPA diesel pumps. These also fit the fuel shut-off shaft and are sold in pairs.


These are the throttle spindle shaft seals for the Lucas/CAV DPA diesel pumps with the uprated seals fitted to certain later type pumps. These also fit the fuel shut-off shaft and are sold in pairs.

If you require the standard shaft seals these are also available HERE

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3222018, 3222F018, 3233090, 3233100, 3233F090, 3233F100, 3233F470, 3233F480, 3233F490, 3233F500, 3233F540, 3233F550, 3233F560, 3233F570, 3238F360, 3238F370, 3238F380, 3248900, 3248F641, 3248F642, 3248F900, 3249130, 3249260, 3249F130, 3249F260, 3249F261, 3260F448, 3260F449, 3263062, 3263081, 3263111, 3263112, 3263113, 3263151, 3263152, 3263153, 3263161, 3263162, 3263252, 3263303, 3263333, 3263334, 3263351, 3263352, 3263410, 3263411, 3263431, 3263451, 3263452, 3263490, 3263491, 3263500, 3263501, 3263511, 3263541, 3263560, 3263561, 3263590, 3263591, 3263660, 3263740, 3263750, 3263761, 3263771, 3263820, 3263830, 3263840, 3263850, 3263910, 3263980, 3263F062, 3263F081, 3263F113, 3263F121, 3263F122, 3263F152, 3263F153, 3263F162, 3263F252, 3263F303, 3263F333, 3263F334, 3263F335, 3263F351, 3263F352, 3263F411, 3263F431, 3263F451, 3263F452, 3263F491, 3263F501, 3263F511, 3263F541, 3263F560, 3263F561, 3263F590, 3263F591, 3263F660, 3263F740, 3263F750, 3263F761, 3263F762, 3263F763, 3263F771, 3263F820, 3263F830, 3263F840, 3263F850, 3263F910, 3263F980, 3263F981, 3268000, 3268070, 3268200, 3268220, 3268250, 3268270, 3268350, 3268370, 3268380, 3268420, 3268430, 3268431, 3268610, 3268710, 3268F000, 3268F070, 3268F160, 3268F200, 3268F220, 3268F250, 3268F270, 3268F271, 3268F350, 3268F380, 3268F390, 3268F391, 3268F420, 3268F430, 3268F431, 3268F432, 3268F520, 3268F530, 3268F600, 3268F601, 3268F610, 3268F620, 3268F640, 3268F670, 3268F680, 3268F710, 3268F770, 3268F910, 3268F920, 3268F930, 3268F980, 3269F000, 3269F001, 3269F010, 3269F011, 3269F020, 3269F060, 3269F061, 3269F070, 3269F080, 3269F090, 3269F100, 3269F130, 3269F131, 3269F190, 3269F191, 3269F192, 3269F200, 3269F210, 3269F211, 3269F212, 3269F220, 3269F230, 3269F240, 3269F241, 3269F242, 3269F250, 3269F260, 3269F270, 3269F280, 3269F281, 3269F282, 3269F290, 32G9F291, 3269F292, 3269F380, 3269F381, 3269F420, 32G9F421, 3269F490, 3269F491, 3269F500, 3269F510, 3269F520, 3269F530, 3269F531, 3269F540, 3269F560, 32G9FG10, 3269F760, 3269F780, 3269F800, 32G9F810, 32G9F811, 3269F880, 3282020, 3282021, 3282030, 3282F021, 3282F030, 3282F040, 3282F050, 3282F060, 3282F070, 3282F080, 3282F090, 3282F100, 3342F581, 3342F582, 3343F050, 3348F020, 3362F080, 3362F081, 3362F090, 3362F100, 3362F101, 3362F110, 3362F111, 3362F120, 3362F181, 3362F182, 3362F470, 3362F471, 33G2F770, 3362F771, 3362F790, 3362F910, 3362F911, 3362F990, 3362F991, 3363F110, 3363F120, 3363F121, 3363F130, 3363F131, 3363F180, 3363F181, 3363F182, 3363F450, 3363F451, 3369F110, 3462F501-MODY


Additional information

Weight0.005 kg
Seal Material

Nitile Buna (NBR), Viton

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