Lucas CAV DP200 pump housing 7243-073F


This is the casing for some Lucas CAV DP200 pumps

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This is the casing for some Lucas Delphi DP200 pumps 7243-073F

Please note: This is a special order and there is an approximately 4 day lead time for this part

Fits the following pumps:

8920A730W, 8920A731W, 8920A732W, 8920A733W, 8920A740W, 8920A741W, 8920A742W, 8920A750W, 8920A751W, 8920A752W, 8920A755W, 8920A760W, 8920A761W, 8920A762W, 8920A763W, 8920A765W, 8920A770W, 8920A771W, 8920A772W, 8920A780W, 8920A781W, 8920A782W, 8920A783W, 8920A980W, 8920A981W, 8920A982W, 8920A983W, 8920A984W, 8920A990W, 8920A991W, 8920A992W, 8920A993W, 8920A994W, 8920A99AV, 8921A610W, 8921A611W, 8921A612W, 8921A620W, 8921A621W, 8921A622W, 8921A630W, 8921A633W, 8921A640W, 8921A643W, 8921A644W, 8921A650W, 8921A651W, 8921A652W, 8921A653W, 8921A660W, 8921A661W, 8921A670W, 8921A671W, 8921A680W, 8921A681W, 8923A000W, 8929A001W, 8929A002W, 8929A009W, 8923A010W, 8929A011W, 8923A012W, 8923A013W, 8929A014W, 8923A015W, 8923A020W, 8929A021W, 8923A022W, 8923A460W, 8923A461W, 8923A470W, 8923A471W, 8929A641W, 8923A643W, 8929A644W, 8929A651W, 8923A652W, 8923A653W, 8923A654W, 8923A690W, 8929A691W, 8923A693W, 8923A700W, 8923A701W, 8923A703W

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