Lucas CAV DPA, DPS and DP200 governor thrust sleeve 7185-718


Lucas CAV DPA governor thrust sleeve


This is the governor thrust sleeve fitted to some CAV DPA, DPS and DP200 pumps 7185-718

Item 44 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

8925A390W, 8925A400W, 8925A410W, 8925A420W, 9320A310T, 9320A311T, 9320A312T, 93220A320T, 9320A321T, 9320A322T, 93220A323T, 93220A330T, 9320A331T, 9320A332T, 93220A333T, 93220A570T, 9320A571T, 9320A.630T, 9320A631T, 93220A840T, 9320A641T, 9322A061T, 9322A.062T, 9322A063T, 9322A.080T, 9322A090T, 9322A091T, 9322A170T, 9322A150T, 9323A050T, 9323A210T, 9520A170T, 3230F560T, 3230F561T, 3230F562T, 3230F563T, 3230F564T, 3230F565T, 3230F570T, 3230F571T, 3230F572T, 3230F580T, 3230F581T, 3230F582T, 3239F590T, 3239F591T, 3239F592T, 3260F530T, 3260F531T, 3260F532T, 3260F533T, 3260F534T, 3340F260T, 3340F261T, 3340F262T, 3340F263T, 3340F264T, 3340F280T, 3340F281T, 3340F282T, 3340F283T, 3340F284T, 3340F320T, 3340F321T, 3340F322T, 3340F410T, 3340F411T, 3349F250T, 3349F251T, 3349F252T, 3349F253T, 3349F330T, 3349F331T, 3349F332T, 3349F333T, 3630F020T, 3630F021T, 3642F880W, 8860A410K, 8860A410W, 8860A411K, 8880A411W, 8880A420K, 8880A420W, 8860A421K, 8860A421W, 8861A210K, 8861A210W, 8861A211K, 8861A211W



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