Lucas CAV DPA governor thrust sleeve 7167-89


Lucas CAV DPA governor thrust sleeve

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This is the governor thrust sleeve fitted to some CAV DPA pumps 7167-89

Equivalent to:

7139-725, 7123-951, 7123-658

Item 44 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following DPA pumps:

3220F000, 3222F020, 3230F030, 3230F050, 3230F060, 3230F070, 3230F080, 3230F100, 3230F110, 3230F120, 3230F130, 3230F140, 3230F160, 3230F170, 3230F180, 3230F180, 3230F200, 3230F210, 3230F220, 3230F230, 3230F231, 3230F240, 3230F241, 3230F242, 3230F250, 3230F260, 3230F261, 3230F270, 3230F280, 3230F281, 3230F280, 3230F300, 3230F310, 3230F320, 3230F331, 3230F332, 3230F340, 3230F350, 3230F351, 3230F352, 3230F360, 3230F361, 3230F380, 3230F381, 3230F380, 3230F381, 3230F400, 3230F410, 3230F420, 3230F421, 3230F430, 3230F431, 3230F440, 3230F450, 3230F451, 3230F452, 3230F460, 3230F461, 3230F480, 3230F520, 3230F530, 3230F540, 3230F541, 3230F542, 3230F542G, 3230F550, 3230F551, 3230F552, 3232F018, 3232F628, 3232F788, 3232F808, 3232F828, 3232F848, 3232F858, 3232F868, 3232F808, 3232F838, 3232F848, 3232F858, 3232F868, 3232F878, 3232F888, 3233370, 3233520, 3233530, 3233F000, 3233F002, 3233F020, 3233F030, 3233F060, 3233F120, 3233F150, 3233F151, 3233F161, 3233F170, 3233F171, 3233F200, 3233F210, 3233F211, 3233F220, 3233F221, 3233F222, 3233F223, 3233F230, 3233F231, 3233F240, 3233F241, 3233F242, 3233F243, 3233F250, 3233F251, 3233F260, 3233F261, 3233F262, 3233F263, 3233F280, 3233F280, 3233F300, 3233F310, 3233F320, 3233F370, 3233F380, 3233F380, 3233F381, 3233F440, 3233F450, 3233F451, 3233F460, 3233F510, 3233F511, 3233F512, 3233F520, 3233F521, 3233F522, 3233F523, 3233F524, 3233F530, 3233F531, 3233F610, 3233F611, 3233F620, 3233F630, 3233F631, 3233F632, 3233F640, 3233F641, 3233F650, 3233F651, 3233F652, 3233F660, 3233F661, 3233F670, 3233F671, 3233F672, 3233F673, 3233F740, 3233F760, 3233F770, 3233F780, 3233F780, 3233F800, 3233F850, 3233F860, 3233F880, 3233F880, 3233F800, 3233F920, 3233F950, 3233F990, 3238F000, 3238F010, 3238F070, 3238F071, 3238F072, 3238F072G, 3238F080, 3238F090, 3238F100, 3238F120, 3238F121, 3238F130, 3238F140, 3238F150, 3238F160, 3238F161, 3238F162, 3238F170, 3238F180, 3238F200, 3238F210, 3238F211, 3238F220, 3238F221, 3238F230, 3238F240, 3238F240G, 3238F241, 3238F241G, 3238F250, 3238F251, 3238F260, 3238F261, 3238F262, 3238F310, 3238F311, 3238F320, 3238F321, 3238F330, 3238F331, 3238F350, 3238F351, 3238F430, 3238F440, 3238F441, 3238F460, 3238F480, 3238F481, 3238F490, 3238F500, 3238F500G, 3238F501, 3238F501G, 3238F510, 3238F520, 3238F840, 3238F850, 3239F230W, 3239F240W, 3239F280, 3239F360, 3240F097, 3240F116, 3240F388, 3240F418, 3240F428, 3240F487, 3240F507, 3240F517, 3240F527, 3240F538, 3240F539, 3240F548, 3240F557, 3240F578, 3240F588, 3240F598, 3240F608, 3240F628, 3240F638, 3240F648, 3240F658, 3240F668 3240F698 3240F708 3240F738 3240F768 3240F778 3240F788 3240F798 3240F808 3240F838 3240F848 3240F858 3240F868 3240F878 3240F888 3240F898 3240F908 3240F918 3240F928 3240F938 3240F948 3240F958 3240F968 3240F969 3240F988 3240F998 3241F000 3241F001 3241F010, 3241F030, 3241F031, 3241F040, 3241F050, 3241F120, 324121, 324122, 324140, 324150, 3241F210, 3241F230, 3241F250, 3241F260, 3241F261, 3241F270, 3241F280, 3241F280, 3241F281, 3241F282, 3241F330, 3241F340, 3241F350, 3241F351, 3241F352, 3241F360, 3241F361, 3241F362, 3241F380, 3241F380, 3241F400, 3241F410, 3241F430, 3241F440, 3241F441, 3241F450, 3241F451, 3241F480, 3241F481, 3241F480, 3241F481, 3241F482, 3241F483, 3241F520, 3241F530, 3241F531, 3241F550, 3241F600, 3241F601, 3241F610, 3241F640, 3241F641, 3241F660, 3241F680, 3241F681, 3241F700, 3241F701, 3241F710, 3241F721, 3241F722, 3241F730, 3241F740, 3241F750, 3241F760, 3241F810, 3241F820, 3241F870, 3241F871, 3241F872, 3241F873, 3241F880, 3241F881, 3241F882, 3241F800, 3241F840, 3241F841, 3241F842, 3241F843, 3241F850, 3241F851, 3241F860, 3242F318, 3242F388, 3242F398, 3242F408, 3242F798, 3242F918, 3243F021, 3243F031, 3243F090, 3243F110, 3243F160, 3243F370, 3243F380, 3243F390, 3243F400, 3243F470, 3243F480, 3243F500, 3243F590, 3243F600, 3243F610, 3243F650, 3243F770, 3243F810, 3243F830, 3243F880, 3243F890, 3243F910, 3243F920, 3243F930, 3243F940, 3243F950, 3243F970, 3248190, 3248F000, 3248F010, 3248F050, 3248F090, 3248F100, 3248F110, 3248F150, 3243F151, 3248F190, 3248F200, 3248F260, 3248F270, 3248F280, 3248F300, 3248F310, 3248F350, 3248F360, 3248F370, 3248F371, 3248F390, 3248F391, 3248F392, 3248F393, 3248F400, 3248F420, 3248F430, 3248F431, 3248F440, 3248F441, 3248F442, 3248F443, 3248F450, 3248F451, 3248F452, 3248F453, 3248F460, 3248F470, 3248F530, 3248F540, 3248F550, 3248F560, 3248F570, 3248F590, 3248F591, 3248F650, 3248F660, 3248F670, 3248F680, 3248F690, 3248F700, 3248F720, 3248F730, 3248F740, 3248F741, 3248F760, 3248F780, 3248F790, 3248F800, 3248F820, 3248F830, 3248F840, 3248F860, 3248F870, 3248F880, 3248F890, 3248F910, 3248F920, 3248F950, 3248F980, 3248F990, 3248350, 3249F000, 3249F001, 3249F002, 3249F010, 3249F011, 3249F020, 3249F021, 3249F022, 3249F030, 3249F031, 3249F032, 3249F040, 3249F050, 3249F140, 3249F160, 3249F170, 3249F180, 3249F190, 3249F200, 3249F210, 3249F220, 3249F230, 3249F260, 3249F261, 3249F270, 3249F350, 3249F370, 3249F430, 3249F480, 3249F490, 3249F500, 3249F520, 3249F590, 3249F591, 3249F592, 3249F640, 3249F700, 3249F710, 3249F711, 3249F720, 3249F740, 3249F750, 3249F751, 3249F770, 3249F771, 3249F780, 3249F810, 3249F820, 3249F821, 3249F880, 3249F890, 3249F910, 3249F920, 3249F921, 3249F940, 3249F950, 3249F951, 3260128, 3260138, 3260148, 3260168, 3260178, 3260F128, 3260F138, 3260F148, 3260F168, 3260F178, 3260F368, 3260F388, 3260F398, 3260F408, 3260F418, 3268F830, 3340F000, 3340F001, 3340F002, 3340F020, 3340F021, 3340F030, 3340F031, 3340F032, 3340F040, 3340F041, 3340F042, 3340F043, 3340F160, 3340F161, 3340F180, 3340F181, 3340F182, 3340F190T, 3340F181T, 3340F200T, 3340F201T, 3340F202T, 3340F21OT, 3340F211T, 3340F220, 3340F221, 3340F250, 3342F000, 3342F010, 3342F040, 3342F110, 3342F120, 3342F130, 3342F140, 3342F160, 3342F161, 3342F162, 3342F170, 3342F171, 3342F230, 3342F240, 3342F310, 3342F330, 3342F360, 3342F370, 3342F430, 3342F460, 3342F490, 3342F510, 3342F520, 3342F540, 3342F590, 3342F650, 3342F660, 3342F670, 3342F680, 3342F690, 3342F740, 3342F750, 3342F790, 3342F810, 3342F820, 3342F830, 3342F840, 3342F841, 3342F850, 3342F851, 3342F860, 3342F920, 3342F930, 3342F940, 3342F960, 3342F961, 3342F980, 3342F981, 3342F990, 3342F991, 3343F000, 3343F001, 3343F040, 3343F041, 3343F042, 3343F060, 3343F090, 3343F091, 3343F120, 3343F170, 3343F171, 3343F172, 3343F200, 3343F240, 3343F241, 3343F260, 3343F261, 3343F270, 3343F271, 3343F280, 3343F281, 3343F320, 3343F330, 3343F420, 3343F430, 3343F440, 3343F470, 3343F480, 3343F490, 3343F491, 3343F500, 3343F510, 3343F530, 3343F540, 3343F560, 3343F580, 3343F730, 3343F780, 3343F870, 3343F871, 3343F880, 3343F890, 3343F900, 3343F910, 3343F920, 3343F960, 3343F961, 3343F970, 3348F000, 3348F001, 3348F002, 3348F010, 3348F011, 3348F012, 3348F020, 3348F030, 3348F040, 3348F050, 3348F060, 3348F070, 3348F080, 3348F090, 3348F100, 3348F101, 3348F102, 3348F110, 3348F111, 3348F112, 3348F160, 3348F161, 3348F162, 3348F163, 3348F560, 3348F561, 3348F660, 3348F720W, 3348F950T, 3348F951T, 3420010, 3420020, 3420030, 3420F010, 3420F020, 3420F030, 3422040, 3422F040, 3430020, 3430030, 3430040, 3430060, 3430070, 3430130, 3430140, 3430160, 3430170, 3430180, 3430160, 3430161, 3430F020, 3430F030, 3430F040, 3430F060, 3430F070, 3430F100, 3430F130, 3430F140, 3430F160, 3430F170, 3430F180, 3430F181, 3430F180, 3430F191, 3432010, 3432020, 3432030, 3432230, 3432231, 3432240, 3432230, 3432231, 3432310, 3432320, 3432350, 3432360, 3432410, 3432420, 3432440, 3432460, 3432470, 3432480, 3432460, 3432500, 3432510, 3432520, 3432540, 3432550, 3432560, 3432570, 3432580, 3432590, 3432600, 3432630, 3432660, 3432670, 3432680, 3432F010, 3432F020, 3432F030, 3432F230, 3432F231, 3432F240, 3432F241, 3432F291, 3432F310, 3432F320, 3432F350, 3432F360, 3432F410, 3432F420, 3432F421, 3432F422, 3432F440, 3432F460, 3432F470, 3432F480, 3432F510, 3432F520, 3432F540, 3432F550, 3432F560, 3432F570, 3432F590, 3432F600, 3432F630, 3432F660, 3432F670, 3432F671, 3432F672, 3432F680, 3432F690, 3432F700, 3432F710, 3432F720, 3432F750, 3432F760, 3432F780, 3432F840, 3432F850, 3432F980, 3433F020, 3440120, 3440130, 3440F090, 3440F120, 3440F130, 3442060, 3442070, 3442430, 3442431, 3442440, 3442450, 3442680, 3442770, 3442810, 3442830, 3442F060, 3442F430, 3442F431, 3442F440, 3442F450, 3442F680, 3442F689, 3442F759, 3442F789, 3442F799, 3442F830, 3442F889, 3443040, 3443050, 3443070, 3443100, 3443130, 3443200, 3443210, 3443530, 3443F040, 3443F041, 3443F050, 3443F070, 3443F071, 3443F100, 3443F101, 3443F102, 3443F130, 3443F200, 3443F210, 3443F530, 3443F531, 3443F532, 3448F320, 3448F321, 3480010, 3460F010, 3482180, 3462F180, 3632F280W, 3640F260, 3640F261, 3640F262, 3640F430W, 3942F010, 3942F011, 3942F020, 3942F081, 3942F150, 3942F151, 3942F170, 3942F171, 3942F290, 3942F291, 3942F292, 3942F293, 3942F294, 3962F030, C3230F030, C3230F070, C3230F140, C3230F270, C3230F280, C3230F290, C3230F350, C3233F260, C3233F261, C3240F578, C3240F668, C3241F350, C3243F021, C3243F370, C3243F810, C3243F830, C3248F090, C3248F370, C3248F390, C3248F420, C3248F440, C3248F441, C3248F760, C3248F880, C3249F000, C3249F030, C3249F520, C3249F750, C3432F720, R3230220, R3230F220, R3233F520, R3233F530, R3240608, R3240648, R3240668, R3240F608, R3240F648, R3240F668, R3241040, R3241050, R3241260, R3241F040, R3241F050, R3241F260, R3243160, R3243F160, R3248200, R3248370, R3248390, R3248440, R3248830, R3248F180, R3248F200, R3248F350, R3248F370, R3248F390, R3248F440, R3248F830, R3430100, R3430F060, R3430F181, R3432F241, R3432F290, R3432F420, R3432F490, R3432F500, R3432F580, R3432F671, R3432F672, R3432F980, R3433F020, R3442F770, R3442F810, R3443F102, R3443F531, R3448F320, V3241F101, 3233F390

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Weight 0.25 kg

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