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Lucas CAV DPA and DPS governor spring 7123-898M


Governor spring fitted to some Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps

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Governor spring fitted to Lucas CAV DPA and DPS pumps. 7123-898M

Part 272 in the exploded diagram

Fits the following pumps:

3222F030, 3230020, 3232308, 3233080, 3233100, 3233F090, 3233F100, 3233F860, 3233F980, 3238F341, 3238F342, 3238F590, 3238F600, 3238F790, 3238F791, 3238F800, 3238F801, 3238F810, 3238F811, 3238F831, 3238F860, 3238F861, 3238F862, 3238F870, 3238F871, 3238F872, 3238F880, 3238F880, 3238F881, 3238F882, 3238F890, 3238F891, 3238F892, 3238F900, 3238F901, 3238F902, 3238F910, 3238F911, 3238F912, 3238F920, 3238F921, 3238F922, 3239F080, 3239F081, 3239F082, 3239F090, 3239F091, 3239F092, 3239F100, 3239F101, 3239F102, 3239F250X, 3239F251X, 3239F252X, 3239F260X, 3239F261X, 3239F262W, 3239F262X, 3239F270X, 3239F271X, 3239F272X, 3239F290X, 3239F291X, 3239F292X, 3239F300W, 3239F301W, 3240578, 3240588, 3240778, 3240878, 3240F578, 3240F598, 3240F778, 3240F978, 3241180, 3241210, 3241220, 3241FI71, 3241F210, 3241F220, 3241F501, 3241F770, 3241F771, 3243370, 324376CA, 3243350, 3243F370, 3243F950, 3248030, 3248180, 3248430, 3248520, 3248580, 3248850, 3248780, 3248F090, 3248F180, 3248F430, 3248F580, 3248F650, 3248F760, 3249F540, 3249F600, 3249F730, 3249F750, 3249F751, 3260128, 3260F128, 3262618, 3262638, 3262678, 3262788, 3262F678, 3262F798, 3263010, 3263160, 3263161, 3263162, 3263240, 3263330, 3263331, 3263333, 3263334, 3263530, 3263750, 3263850, 3263F162, 3263F333, 3263F334, 3263F335, 3263F530, 3263F750, 3263F850, 3268F520, 3268F660, 3268F661, 3268F670, 3268F680, 3268F980, 3269F100, 3269F230, 3269F240, 3269F241, 3269F242, 3269F500, 3269F550, 3269F551, 3282020, 3282021, 3282F021, 3282F060, 3342F490, 3342F840, 3342F841, 3343F200, 3343F320, 3343F470, 3343F480, 3343F560, 3343F890, 3343F900, 3348F200, 3348F201, 3348F202, 3348F203, 3348F204, 3348F205, 3348F206, 3348F206G, 3348F600, 3348F601, 3348F602, 3348F603, 3348F604, 3348F604G, 3348F910T, 3348F911G, 3348F911T, 3362F010, 3362F012, 3362F013, 3362F014, 3362F180, 3362F181, 3362F162, 3362F240, 3362F241, 3362F242, 3362F243, 3362F370, 3362F371, 3362F372, 3362F390, 3362F391, 3362F440, 3362F441, 3362F442, 3362F510, 3362F511, 3362F770, 3362F771, 3382F890, 3382F891, 3362F910, 3362F911, 3362F990, 3362F991, 3383F080, 3383F081, 3363F120, 3363F121, 3363F140, 3363F141, 3363F142, 3363F180, 3363F181, 3363F182, 3363F230, 3363F231, 3363F450, 3363F451, 3363F930, 3440080, 3440F080, 3442430, 3442431, 3442F430, 3442F431, 3542F030, 3542F060, 3542F070, 3542F080, 3542F250, 3542F340, 3542F870, 3562F181, 3562F330, 3562F331, 3562F333, 3562F334, 3562F350, 3562F370, 3562F440, 3562F450, 3562F770, 3632F140, 3632F170, 3632F171, 3640F171, 3642F230, 3642F420, 3642F421, 3642F422, 3642F590, 3942F640, 3942F641, 3942F650, 3942F651, 886CA370W, C3240F578, C3243F370, C3248F090, C3248F780, C3249F750, C3362F010, R3248F190, R3248F430, V3233F980, V3632F140, S521A0SQA, 8521A081A, 8521A130A, 8521A131A, 8521A150A, 8521A151A, 8521A230A, 8521A231A, 8521A232A, 8521A250A, 8521A251A, 8521A280A, 8521A281A, 8521A400A, 8521A401A, 8521A410A, 8521A411A, 8521A430A, 8521A670A



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